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Project Let’s Hug it Out!

Project Let's Hug it Out!

Project Let’s Hug it Out!

Sorry I blogged you.
I mean, Tinypasted you..
I mean, Plurked you…
I mean…
All of the above?
Let’s hug it out

SL is like a small town, or a very large school. Everybody knows everybody, and unless you are completely saintly, you’ve probably Blogged, Plurked, or Tinypasted something that you shouldn’t have. We would add more social networks to that list, but our chests are not that large.. so (insert the site and/or social network of your choice there).

We’re starting a t-shirt campaign to promote happiness & forgiveness in SL.

Letting go, of whatever it is that you need to let go, is good for the soul. Try it?

<3 Gogo and Sophia

What: Project Let’s Hug it Out!
When: Every moment, every day
Why: To promote Happiness & Forgiveness in SL
Who: All of us
How: Pick up the Project Let’s Hug it Out! t-shirt pack at BOOM. Send a message or IM to the person you may have had a spat with and talk. Work it out. Snap a pic of both of you wearing it and BLOG about it!

T-shirts provided by Aranel Ah of BOOM. You can pick up a t-shirt in all colors available for at BOOM Mainstore or BOOM on Marketplace.

***** PURPLE ****** is free on Marketplace and in-store. Everything else is $50L, but heyyyyyy cheap and cute!

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  1. Ruby Velaystar

    I find this a very nice campaign ,happyness & forgiveness are 2 beautiful feelings , i think we should all try that!:)

  2. KawaiiNicole Piers

    Lovely idea. Life is too short.

    • Gogo

      Thank you miss Kawaii 🙂

  3. Digi

    I’m so glad I stumbled on this post you did. I did a flickr entry and I must say the feedback is just amazing let alone confronting whatever wrong you did in a positive manner just makes a makes a person feel a lot lighter.

  4. Asenath

    I’m kind of sad that I don’t have a SL nemesis to talk smack about now. Maybe I should try to be more SL-important? XD

  5. maleja0213 andretti

    like !! ♥

  6. ~W

    If anyone is wondering if this was put into practise; Gogo absolutely did what she said she was going to and followed through with her words in this post for at LEAST one person. That was very big of you and took a lot of guts.

    Bravo, Gogolita.

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