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Tuli – Sara

Wheeeeeeeee! COFFEE!

Tuli has just released the new Sara skins and in my opinion, these are my the best Tuli skins to date. I love the skin tones and textures now, and the options available are amazing.

Sara comes in two series of skin tones, according to the release notecard, these new tones – Pearl, Powder, Petal and Peach have “enhanced Pink hues” and they look amazing. I love skin tones with Pinker hues, they work better on Blondes and lighter hair colors.

Tuli - Sara

Tuli - Sara

Each skin tone includes: 6 Skins (with different eye-makeup)

Tuli - Sara

4 Different Brows color: Light Blonde (on tattoo) | Dark Blonde (on tattoo) | Medium Brown (on tattoo) | and Dark brows (on the skin)

Tuli - Sara

And 12 lipstick tattoos!! Pretty much everything natural lipstick color option is covered here. I would love to see some more “fantasy” colors too.

Tuli - Sara

My only “issue” with this skin is the highlights are a bit too strong. I’m wearing this in Powder tone, and I thought they were too shiny on the legs, but overall the body is nice.

Annnnnnd, last but not least! Elikatira released 3 new hairstyles. I’m wearing them all in this post:


Elikatira – Paper | Rythm | Theory

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What I’m Wearing:

to one lounge – Godetia (rose) kinariiro
Reek – Patteson Flip Flop (Girls)

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  1. Hito

    I love this skin… but the ears look a little nasty, so I’ll just wear my hear down. HAHAHA

    Speaking of hair- I still cannot bring myself to buy any of Elika’s new hair… I loved and collected ETD but the new stuff all reminds me of cake fondant or play-doh.

    • Anahata

      wow never really looked at ears before, must be hard to make them no?

      i much prefer the stiff sculpted hair over the messy freaky shiny hair circa 2007 that some people still wear. although it looks silly when it goes thru my chest and stuff when i move. looks good when you do a lot of posing.

    • Lisanna

      Thought I was the only one who noticed the ears! LOL

  2. Lisanna

    I tried the skin earlier today and it didn’t look as amazing on me… it’s gorgeous on you! I’ll have to try it again, I guess. The make up is fantastic.

  3. Cherry

    i tp’d in to get the demo and then back out again. i really really like this skin and to my surprise the lips actually suited my avi …BIG SWAYING YAY… i however do not have a problem with the highligts (that is also one of the things i like best in the LAQ skins) i guess i am a fan of highlights. the one thing i did not find flattering is the cleavage option, i cant put my word on what it is but something it is.. the subtle option i did not try because i just don’t roll that way, ever! hah…
    the new skin tones was love at first sight

  4. Tori

    I demo-ed the skin cause it looked so pale on you (I wear only pale skins cause I’m so ghostly irl and I like it!) but when I put it on, its still really tan/dark for my taste. I was disappointed. And I dont get why the vendor says its for group only but the skins aren’t discounted or anything. I call foul on charging full price for the skin you have to join a group to buy.

    • Lil

      The group vendor is upstairs and it’s set to 2300L per pack instead of the regular 2500L, while the group join fee is 250L, as far as I know. If it’s a good deal or not … well, each to their own.

      What does turn me off, though, is a rather weird blueish highlight/touch-up right next to the nostrils that appears under default lightning settings. With an optimizing preset, it turns into a nice highlight as seen in Gogo’s pics.
      If you use custom lightning presets all the time and you don’t mind others seeing you with such “imperfection”, it’s no big deal. But something to consider.

  5. Ninna Dazy

    Tuli’s skins always look amazing on you. On my avi not so much – I look old. Must be the shape, or lightning.

  6. Julie

    It’s weird.. I tried my own windlight, the one that ones provided with the skin and Belleza but I looks really tan compared to your picture..Can you tell me which your using? Thanks

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