My outfit today is totally respectable, and matchy… and to be honest, this outfit is perfectly fine without the floral headband, but you’ll have to pry it out of my cold dead fingers, cos I love it too much to not wear it. As I mentioned last week, LaGyo released a pretty large collection of floral hair accessories for their Mademoiselle line, and I’ve been trying to create looks that will work with some of ’em. I haven’t even shown you the huge floral Napoleon hat/headband thing yet, but maybe next time! It’s similar to this, but with more flowers and includes a hat.


I don’t wear Purple often, but I think it’s a classy color. I’m pairing this new Niti Skirt from Zaara with the Prudence Cardigan from mon tissu, and a new pair of Open Boots from G-Field (available at Shoe Fair).

What I’m Wearing:

Blowpop – Jolene (Nude) Suspender Basque
mon tissu – Prudence Cardigan (Cream)
Zaara – Niti Skirt (Plum)
Donna Flora – MARIA Jewelry set
LaGyo – Flower Mix Headband
G-Field – Open Boots (Ivory)

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  1. After your post from the other day, I ran at LaGyo and fell in love with the Floral Napoleon!! It’s so gorgeous, I’m finding plenty of excuses to wear it! 🙂

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