I fangirl’d Asa‘s work from afar for a long, so when I had the opportunity to model for one of the Kimono pics, I immediately jumped at the chance. Everyone wore dark hair, which I probably should have, cos it looks so striking, but well, Gogo is a Blonde girl. I don’t typically model for pics cos people usually take a long time, but I was delighted when this snap (above) took 2 seconds, seriously, and the rest is PS magic 🙂

Check out his Flickr to see all the Kimono pics!

A lot of people wore Kimonos from Bare Rose, which is a fantastic choice, but I went with something less typical, an outfit from Sweetest Goodbye.

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  1. It`s beautiful, and unique! He did a fabulous job and it’s a great look. Nice collaboration.

  2. Hey, Gogo! I’d like to get myself a new blog (forgotten password and other crap) – which platform do you recommend? I guess you started out on some blogplatform in the beginning before moving on to your own domain – still using some blog layout, but anyway 🙂
    Which one is the bes, you think?

    • I use WordPress. If you’re just starting out, you can get a free account on or buy a domain and host your own wordpress installation.

      • Thank you! 🙂

        Uhm, may I also ask which computer do you run? or graphic card 🙂 I’m getting an update kind of soon and I’m lost on which computer/card will handle SL the best (in need of a new one for the graphic design programs I run and work with lol.. might as well get one good enough for SL)

  3. It’s a gorgeous shot – the kimono you chose is uniquely lovely, and the blonde always looks good on you.
    (BTW I still wear that hair from LeLutka quite often – I wish it had that ‘individual strand-y’ goodness going on in SL, but then my graphics card would probably explode if it did.)

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