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Al Vulo – Elena Skin

Al Vulo - Elena (Sunkissed)

I first stumbled upon Al Vulo last year, when I saw their skins on the SL Marketplace, but it didn’t impress me enough to want to blog them. Recently, I gave Al Vulo another try, and I’m blown away by the progress, and the adorable face. Here’s a secret for SL skin designers – as a customer, if I’m in love with your skin’s face, I will buy it.  Having both a fantastic body and a gorgeous face is a winning combination, but many SL residents will simply “love” a skin for its face.

Al Vulo - Elena (Sunkissed)

With DoF | Without DoF

I photographed this skin with Depth of Field turned on, but I made sure to focus on the face so you guys can see it nice and clear.  As you can see from the image above, the difference is very subtle and the only area that is blurred is the hair, and some of the neck area.

I confess, I’m addicted to DoF now, so if there’s any ‘blur’ it’s probably due to my using DoF and not the skin itself.

Al Vulo - Elena (Sunkissed)

Al Vulo - Elena (Sunkissed)

Al Vulo - Elena (Sunkissed)

I’m wearing the Elena skin, in Sunkissed tone. I tried both Pale and Sunkissed, and decided that Sunkissed was much warmer and better for photographing. I thought the Pale tone was too pale, though it is lovely, I am not usually that pale in SL, so I went for the darker Sunkissed tone instead. I do think this skin needs a “Light” tone option, something that’s between Pale and Sunkissed, cos that’s typically “my” tone of choice as it works with both light and dark hair colors.

Like I said at the beginning of my post, a gorgeous face sells. This skin is gorgeous, the body could use some improvements — but it’s not bad! Each skin pack comes with 6 makeups (2 versions of each, so really, 12 total), hair base, natural and cleavage versions too.

Visit Al Vulo

What I’m Wearing:

Not much!

LeLutka – Amanda 3 hair (Bournville)
Kungler’s Extra – Perolas (Golden & Abalone)

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  1. Enja luv

    You are so right Gogo 🙂

    I myself wear one of their skins and the face is so delicate and pretty,and so very refreshing! and i love my boobies hihihihihhiihihii…

  2. Skye

    It’s funny you say that because I will buy just for that reason too. I am always telling my friends how much I just wanna buy heads and bodies seperately. Lol! I use to say the same about shapes, but now I make my own shapes, so…no need to worry about that anymore hehe.

  3. Natasha

    I ca not belive you blasted lara skins , found seams on other quality bodys but still find enough beer or dope to blog this piece of crap instead … your a real piece of art and you are a messed up human being !

    • Gogo

      Dear Natasha, I respect my readers and don’t treat them like idiots. That means, I write about my opinions honestly, and it is up to you, to demo/try/buy and decide what level of quality is acceptable for YOU.

      And oh, do you mean this blog post, where I praised Lara skins for her improvements and spent my hard earned money? Yeah… I’m so terrible LOL.

      I hate gutless readers, and especially ones that comes through here stomping and being rude. If I’m so terrible, don’t read me… oh, but you must like something that I do 🙂 Thanks for the hits, girl.

      • Elriva Engineer

        I thought in the past you posted that you would no longer accept purely abusive comments. I guess it is a look for the rest of us to see what you deal with everytime you post a fair review. Of course you can let through whatever you want, but it does make me a bit sad to see such things.

        • Gogo

          That is my policy, but sometimes I just feel like responding to people who are WRONG.

      • Brez

        wow, who’s been on the beer or dope?

    • Melanie


  4. Lisanna

    “Here’s a secret for SL skin designers – as a customer, if I’m in love with your skin’s face, I will buy it.”

    Agreed 100%.

    P.S. 1 I love how Natasha says you’re horrible to blast Lara Skin, but we should be fine with her calling Al Vulo a piece of crap. /irony

    P.S. 2 Random but am I the only one who always read Al Vulvo? O___o (ok I’m out)

  5. Vixen Thibedeau

    I’m really happy to see you blog an Al Vulo skin. I just discovered them recently and love the faces – and as Enja luv said, “the boobies”! hehe But skins are just as much of a preference as clothing. Some may think that skins with a more “grainy” look are more realistic while those that are too “perfect” and “glossy” don’t look realistic.

    The point is, when you read anyone’s blog, you should go into it knowing that you are reading THEIR OPINION, and if you don’t like that person’s opinion, then don’t read their blog! Spend your time instead on finding a blog you DO like and every one comes out happy. : )

  6. Mystic

    I love your fair approach and honesty of the skins and all the things you review. Its good to see someone not afraid to say what they feel about anything.. Be it a Hud. Or Skin! I would love to be added to your blog roll as well.
    Go Gogo!

    Mysti @

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