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Hawaiian Girl


Aranel Ah of BOOM created this fully sculpted Hibiscus Halter top, which fits me like a glove cos I made her fit it to my shape. If you’re wearing the “Medium” version of this top, that’s my size! The top also comes with x-Small, Small, Large, and X-Large too, which is sure to cover a wide range of shapes & sizes. I don’t really like modding sculpted tops myself, so I am glad this top has several sizes to choose from.

I’m pairing this Hibiscus Halter top with the Volume Skirt from couverture. I love this skirt, even though it is much longer than what I would normally wear, it reminds me of a Hawaiian grass skirt, so it’s perfect for this look.

Pixel Mode

Pixel Mode has a new pair of Fae Wedge Shoes out at Shoe Fair. I love the textures and wedge style, this is just perfect for Summer.

The PM HUD is so challenging, even for me, who is probably better at tinting my feet than most people simply cos I own a range of sculpted shoes and have to use HUDs from different brands. This HUD didn’t let me use the RGB color picker to click around until I got the perfect match, so I had to use the sliders and that took 30 minutes instead 2 minutes if the HUD worked properly. If you have these shoes, you’ll know what I’m talking about. And if you can match your skin in less than 2 minutes with this HUD, props to you 🙂

What I’m Wearing:

Laqroki – Linnea (Peach) Dark Brows – 01
Aitui Tattoo – Vintage Hawaii (Faded)
Maitreya – Lara II (Chestnut)
artilleri – Hibi hair flower (Blue)
BOOM – Hibiscus Halter (Hot Pink)
Couverture – Volume Skirt (White)
Pixel Mode – Fae Wedge [B] (White)

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  1. Livia

    If you click help on the hud it gives you a notecard with a load of skin listings and tells you if you should use a or b or c etc and the numbers for H S L = perfect match in less than 2 mins 😛

    • Gogo

      thanks for the tip!

  2. Tya Fallingbridge

    Well. Sorry you are having issues with my hud. I am sure if you have used Maitreya’s HUD on her Gold Line then you know how my HUD works. We have the same scripts and same scripter.

    I just found out something here. Apparently you sent me a notecard for a Baby T upgrade? I never received it. I was out of SL for almost 6 months. So to attack my customer service due to my real obligations being more important is uncalled for in my eyes. If you still want your Baby T’s with the 2.0 then please feel free to drop me a notecard. I upgraded the Baby T’s because I wanted to, I didn’t have to nor was I obligated.

    If you feel the need to pick apart every product or release I have. Go ahead, if you are just that unhappy, then don’t buy from me.

    • Gogo

      Hi Tya,

      I gave a fair and honest opinion about your HUD. I praised the quality of your latest Fae Wedge shoes, but apparently you only zoom in on the perceived “negative” comment. It’s not negative, if it’s true? Your HUD is hard to use compared to others, like, SLink, Nardcotix. I find it interesting that you use the same scripter as Maitreya, cos I think their HUD is not that easy to use either.

      And BABY T? This is 2011 — I haven’t worn those shoes since 2010, when I sent you that note card. I am on your subscribo, and already went to your store, used your update kiosk, and updated my shoes a long time ago. I bear you no grudges, and my critique of your shoes, in 2011, is not based on an event that happened in 2010. I find it insulting you’d think I’m that petty, to be honest.

      I haven’t “picked apart” any of your products, and if you think that this is “picking it apart”, then obviously you’ve never received any good feedback.

      In the past…..

      I’ve griped about your lack of customer service (to my friends, apparently someone felt the need to share LOL)
      I don’t care/know that you were out of SL for personal reasons, as your store was opened the whole time.
      I once purchased a pair of your nails, and when you release the same version with a “size 10” available, I wrote you and asked for an upgrade with “size 10” included, you didn’t respond.
      I wrote you about the Baby T, at the time I really liked them, but they’ve since been replaced by better pumps (see: G-field shoes)
      I praised your build at Shoe Fair 2011, and wrote an honest review of your Fae Wedge shoes. They’re fantastic, the HUD is not.

      If you searched for “PIXEL MODE” on this blog, you’ll see that I was nothing but fair to your brand, even when I once blogged about your force landing point putting me in the middle of a wheat field on your sim (as a joke).

      So whatever.

    • Melanie

      :/ I just… I am kind of facepalming, especially because I like your store and in all my dealings with you, I’ve found you to be a nice and pleasant person.

      Gogo’s actually had some really nice things to say about several of your products. She’s apparently been pleased enough with her purchases from your store to become a repeat customer who has bought items ranging from shoes to prefabs.

      Relating her *one* experience with your shoe’s HUD hardly qualifies as “picking apart every product or release”.

    • Ai V

      Some picante salsa might be good for that chip on your shoulder, Tya.

    • Elle Couerblanc

      I’m sorry but where in this post did Gogo even reference anything about your Baby T’s and your customer service. I am so confused!!

  3. Tya Fallingbridge

    I am not here to get into a blogging/comment war with anyone. What I don’t like is people attacking my customer service skills. I do this alone. I don’t have anyone but me. I will bend over back wards to help someone. I will go out of my way, download different viewers to see what issues they are having, I will do anything above and beyond to help people. So for someone to snark at my customer service? when you have no idea what I do.

    Sometimes i don’t respond if its something simple, instead, I drop the product into their profile. So you tell me if my customer service skills are that bad when I have made custom skin textures for people because their skin color was way off the chart of normal. Or have spent hours in different viewers helping someone because they are seeing something completely different only to find out its a graphic driver issue. that’s how far i will go to help someone. And i have bad customer service skills? You tell me how many vendors would bend so far back their spine snaps. You tell me.

    • Gogo

      You brought up your customer service in your comment, not me. I didn’t bring it up in the blog post, at all. Your customer service isn’t bad, it’s just non-existent, most of the time, TO ME. I’m not a high maintenance customer. Sometimes I lose purchases, sometimes I ask about product upgrades. In your case, I always ask about product upgrades (example: when are you making alpha? can I get size 10 nails? after you had released ’em in size 10). I would not go out of my way and ask for a custom, nor “demand” any special attention.

      But anyways, your CS isn’t even the point of my post. I just don’t like your HUD gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhagljasfkdjsfew9r5tr#$#*((!11…..

    • Tori

      O.o this is making me having a serious what the heck face…Idk, she doesn’t like your hud and you freak out. It’s ok to have feedback that isn’t 100% positive, it will make you fix or improve the product. I’ve bought your shoes before and this makes me frowny face. I’m not a big or famous whatever creator but if someone had a problem with my product other then “I don’t like it” I’d try to at least look into fixing it then start defending myself and making a mountain out of a mole hill. Idk, your attitude wasn’t so hot. I might think twice before I purchase something from you again.

  4. Electra Baxton

    I love the Boom Hibiscus halter! (Even if I failed to make the cut in their model-search contest :p.)
    I only had to adjust the halter slightly; it was more efficient to adjust “that” area of my shape. The shape is stored in the folder with the halter:).

  5. Leilani

    I can’t wait to check out these new shoes from PM. The detail on shoe is gorgeous!.
    I have deal with Tya in the past for CS regarding a house I purchased and she was nothing but wonderful (the scripts stopped working and she replaced the item).
    I do own a pair of PM shoes and while tinting is a bit harder than some other huds…to ME it isn’t an issue. Everyone is different.
    I think Gogo has very fair in reviewing PM products (I’ve been reading this blog since at least 2008)…I don’t think she deliberately said anything spiteful or vicious in this case. I think it could have been viewed at constructive feedback.

    Anyway at the end of the day…I still love this blog and I will still go back to PM to buy stuffs ^^

    • Gogo

      I love you for reading since ’08 and putting up with a lot of bad skin choices! 😀

      • Leilani

        I love you too! 😮
        Compared to what skins are now…some then were bad but I find it kind of fun to look back and what were the “best” for that moment.

        LOL I’ve been an SL resident since 2005 and it is amazing how much skin has evolved! I only wish I had I saved some of them for laughs.

  6. Medow

    I’d like to add that Stiletto Moody’s skin matching HUD is just awful to use. I don’t think I am the only one, but it seems that Moody only wants to skin match her skin line. Then again, it could just be me. Which it probably is. Good Luck with whatever choice you make Tya. I do enjoy your shoes. I got my first pair last week.

  7. PM Newb

    I just bought PM heels for the first time at the Shoe Fair and I’ll say this:
    1. they are now my favorite shoes
    2. you are correct in saying the HUD is a bit of a pain BUT I got it to match great.
    I’ll say that N-Core and SLink are a bit easier to use, imho, but I don’t expect ever HUD to be easy… I know some will be difficult (I dislike Maitreya’s but still buy their shoes because they’re wonderful) and I know some will be easier to use. Its like anything in life.
    I don’t feel Gogo was picking on the brand, and I love the honesty in these posts, its why I come back and read.

    I’m quite disappointed that PM has chosen to close its doors, considering I just fell in love with their products, but hey… it happens. Its SL. Gotta move on to bigger and better things, like RL. : )

  8. Su

    Oh my! I am totally appalled by how the owner/creator or whatever of Pixel Mode reacted to your post. She doesn’t seem all there. Anyways I purchased these shoes because I saw your post on them and love your style. But I am sad I purchased them before reading the comments. Because honestly if PM costumer service wasn’t bad she sure made it way worse right now. I probably will never purchase another thing from PM again. And the HUD is hard!!! Yes yes.

  9. First Time DD

    How come I can’t seem to find that top at BOOM? Anyone got a direct LM to where it is in the store I’d really appreciate it 🙂

  10. Natalie

    I ran right out to buy these shoes. I always appreciate Gogo’s opinions but this critic did not deter me in any way. I didn’t have any trouble with the tinting. Maybe 5 min spent creating my own custom. Love the shoes and love you Gogo you have the best blog ever! Props to both 😀

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