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Hello, Sailor!

Hello, Sailor!

BOOM recently released the most adorable Sailor girl inspired outfit, and I instantly knew I wanted to create a sexy and retro look with it. This A Day on the Yacht dress also has a matching Ahoy Sailor cap (sold separately).

Hello, Sailor!

The dress is a wee bit short on the back side, but I actually love that! For people who are more conservative, you can wear leggings underneath πŸ˜€

Hello, Sailor!

SLink has these gorgeous new Echo Heels out at Shoe Fair. These are the cutest strappy shoes ever! The sculpted lock is such a great touch, and I love the curved shape on the heel. You can wear these shoes with anything (orΒ everything).

What I’m Wearing:

69 – MOA 01 (Light Platinum Blonde)
BOOM – A Day on the Yacht (Cotton Candy)
BOOM – Ahoy Sailor Cap
BOOM – Lynx (Skinny Belt) Cotton Candy
SLink – Echo Heels (White)

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  1. Jennifer Corbeau

    Fabulous!! Love the shoes, ahoy matey!!

  2. Harlow Heslop

    Gogo you look DARLING. This outfit is entirely too cute. <3 Great post!

  3. Shandi Faith

    Can we exchange Links? Thanks πŸ™‚

  4. Gyorgyna Larnia

    so so so pretty!! def your color…and the hair πŸ˜€ lovely, I can finally buy them, cause they made the greyscale XD

  5. Cooper Clarity

    In an outfit where you can say Hello Sailor the skirt is never too short πŸ˜‰

    • Gogo

      Hahah you’re right πŸ™‚

  6. Noodleqt Exonar

    Indeed. Very cute.

  7. stasey oller

    Hi there! I love your blog! Where did you get the hair from? I can’t find “69” or “moa” anywhere in any SL search engine? Do you have an LM or more information on the hair? Thanks so much! <3

    -Stasey Oller

    • stasey oller

      oops. never mind. found it πŸ˜‰

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