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LeLutka released some amazing new hairstyles yesterday, one of them was this short Inverted style that inspired me to put together a Black and White look today. This hair is so realistic, and awesome, I don’t even mind some of the bangs covering the eyes and face.


Check out my adorable MSMonroe tank top from R.icielli! This top comes with a sculpted bow and sculpted bottom attachment. I am pairing it with the most amazing Alloy necklace from LaGyo, simple Wei Shorts from BOOM, and a pair of Tennessee Slip Ons from Reek.

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Inverted hair (AlmostGoth)
R.icielli – MSMONROE Longshirt /White
BOOM – Wei Shorts (Black)
Reek – Tennessee Slip Ons (Girls)
LaGyo – Alloy Necklace

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  1. Lupe Pelous

    Gogo, you look GREAT with this black hair… otherwise I like you better blonde :))

  2. Gyorgyna Larnia

    Yesss black haired Gogo, I love you with this color!! Even tough blond Gogo is great, but this one makes u look “savage” πŸ˜€

  3. Skye

    Ah, LeLutka is totally one of my fave hair stores…I usually buy in one color…BUT…I’ve been skin/shape changing a lot for my pictures…anywoo. Totally love the cut, can’t wait to get inworld and try it out! I’m just thankful they continue to make great (*ahem* youthful) hair!

  4. Jennifer Corbeau

    Love the color of the skin ur wearing, are you gonna spill the beans on what it is. The pink lips against that dark hair is like wow! Super pretty.

    • Gogo

      Linnea from Laqroki w/ a lipstick tattoo and other tats for blush, eyes.

      • Marcia

        Pleaaaase Gogo, I NEED to know where this lipstick is from. It looks like the Moscato Kisses lips. I just love it!

        • Gogo

          Fishy Strawberry

  5. Sally

    I think you’re very pretty in this, it gives a bit more mature (lol, ok, max 28 ;)) touch to Gogo and the colour and the great design of the hair is just.. yum! πŸ™‚

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