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Kawaii Pocky


Shoe Fair 2011 starts today, May 14th and runs through May 27th. I’ve been going to shoe fair every year, some years with more enthusiasm than others. From what I’ve seen so far, the build is amazing and also, the shoes are the best they’ve ever been. I’m so happy some brands have totally new styles available exclusively at the fair.

Shoe Fair

Bloggers were given early access to the fair to check out the build & shop, so I tried to snap a couple of pictures of the build. Isn’t it stunning? This is my favorite shoe fair build, it’s so posh and clean.

Visit the Shoe Fair!


These new LeLutka K.I.A shoes are so swoonalicious!!!!! These are the first LeLutka shoes with feet, although it is not entirely uncovered, I think this is a sign that LeLutka may have some more styles in the future that comes with sculpted feet. The textures & sculpts on these shoes are realistic and beautiful, and also comes with an easy to use HUD to tint skin texture and change toe nail colors.


I really appreciate the lil’ details like the slightly worn soles, nice zippers & sitching. A lot of people may never notice some of these this details, but I did and I love LeLutka so much for doing it.


My look is inspired by Pocky! I borrowed the look from Miss Shibuya Sugar (or more well-known as Iris Ophelia), I hope she doesn’t mind sharing some of her Pocky with me. They were $25L and they look exactly like the real Pocky, only it didn’t come with a Pocky box! 🙁

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – SJ Hair (Marilyn)
LeeZu – Paradii Dress (Snow)
Atypical Mouthies – Strawberry Pocky Stick
LeLutka – K.I.A
The Secret Store – Girly Briefcase (Mint)

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  1. Cooper Clarity

    I was going to say yummy pocky but actually, it all looks yummy. You sure are tempting my shoe craving demoness by posting those shoes, I’m really weak for such well-made textures.

  2. Anahata

    i’ve been looking for the lelutka store for an hour. nothing is rezzing and i can hardly move! aaargh i hate that. and why is amacci and a few other stores NOT selling shoes?

  3. Skye

    Nope I’m just as excited about this fair myself. *Swoons* Love me some shoes! For me the more detailed it is the more I want them. that is if I can get them to fit me correctly. Especially the skin tone changes. Hehe I will spend like half an hour adjusting but it’s totally worth it when someone says, “Lurve ur shoes bish”. Haha.

    Oh btw I am in love with that outfit. Makes me think of that song…”all white everything”…lol.

  4. Anahata

    i tried on the shoe, does it come with an alpha layer? the shoe sample does not have one and my foot is sticking out the back lol. if anyone buys these please report back! (i cant imagine a shoe like this WITHOUT an alpha layer… having a built in invisaprim would be awful)

    • Anahata

      i actually emailed them cuz the alpha wasn’t in the sample and they wrote me back and told me that there was one.

  5. Alina

    Anahata: i had the same problem with the lulutka store at first, but i finally got the teleporter rezzed and it was SO worth it.. i bought like, every hair they had.

  6. Leilani

    Love. Love. Want those shoessssssssss! 😀
    The dress is freaking cute too 😮

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