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Petals (in the wind)


I’ve not always been a big fan of Mynerva, but I decided to join the group ($50L join fee) to grab the birthday gifts free in-store. The gifts are hidden inside 5 cupcakes, and I only found 3 of them –…

This Little Beckie skin is one of the skins that I found, and it is adorable!  I just love the face, although I think that Mynerva skin is more suited for kids or teens cos of the (too) youthful faces. This skin has some seams on the body, but hey, it’s FREE! Or almost free, if you’re not already a group member.


I’ve been meaning to blog these Petals in the Wind sculpted petals & poses from Adorkable Poses for awhile, and finally I’ve found a look that sorta works! Plus, my head band matches 🙂


What I’m Wearing:

Mynerva – BDay Gift (Little Beckie) hunt gift
Maitreya – Lara II (Almond)
Friday – Basic Cami (White)
Ingenue – Katherine Trousers (Aqua)
Kunglers – Crisalida jewelry set (Silver)
G-Field – Flower Pumps “Eve” White

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  1. Sally

    I LOVE Mynerva skins <3 So cute, right? :} I guess I might change my mind about wearing them when I get older but hey, another non-creepy reason to make a child av lol 😛

    Thanks for showing the petals, adorable! 🙂

  2. Gyorgyna Larnia

    OMG Gogo, look at your eyes in the first pic *___* Simply beautiful!!
    I love your close up pics!! 😀

  3. Claire Soderstrom

    Hi Gogo *smiles* I love your blog, as you know, but I love Mynerva skins and their Rhapzody Wilde even more… Just a comment on your post… I can NOT see the seams on the skin, I changed the windlight settings… still can’t see them… could you please show them to me inworld? I also think Rhapzody would be mortified to read this and would want to know where the ‘seams’ are… thanks Gogo. Claire 🙂

    • sylvan

      I am curious as well.

    • Gogo

      It’s there. Just look harder.

      • Vicky

        so we can summarize: if one has to look ‘harder’ there are de facto no seams, or?

        • Gogo

          Vicky, there are seams on this skin, and since I am not a paid employee of Mynerva, nor do I like this skin enough to review it TWICE, I will leave it at that. I won’t be re-reviewing this with pictures and arrows pointing to the seams, as I have done in the past for other skins, because I simply don’t care enough in this case. It was 50L, I said it was cute, but it has seams. I think that pursuing this issue further, is a waste of time, more specifically a waste of (my) time.

          And also, the biggest issue for me, on this skin, was not the seams. I won’t be wearing it often because the chest lacks proper shading to give it nice curves, which is exactly why I said it was more suited for as a kid skin.

          • Vicky

            so much for the ‘hug’ part, lol

          • Gogo

            Honestly stating my opinion about a skin, has nothing to do the Let’s Hug it Out project. Let’s Hug it Out is to apologize to people that I were friends, that I may have perhaps offended or parted ways on bad terms.

            This blog is a personal project. I blog honestly, and accurately, what I see with my own eyes. If you wanted to dispute, you’re welcome to make your own blog.

      • sylvan

        *giggles* This feels like a hunt. I don’t know if it’s the viewer I’m using, my systems or both but I’m not seeing them. Care to give a hint? 🙂

        • Gogo

          Seams going up and down the legs, seams across tummy, seams going up and down arms, seams across ankles/leg

          • sylvan

            Thanks. OK. I got on our fastest machine and right now I’m looking at the skin. The ones I can detect start about the crease of the elbow and run downwards but I don’t see the others.

  4. Rhapzody

    Thanks for joining the group and reviewing the skin
    Shame you couldnt find all the B’day Hunt Gifts.
    No offense taken at all by your review as I find it helpful to hear such opinions. Seams are the nemesis of skin creators and if you look closely like you did you can spot that I still havent won the war on this.
    So glad to hear you like the face and yes she is youthful as shes a child skin.

    • Gogo

      Thank you for your comment Rhapz. I really admire a designer who can take critique well, and I have tried to be gentle in my post, although I mentioned the seams I don’t think they’re something that should/would prevent people from wearing this skin.

      I guess I was just irritated from all the comments that kept asking me where where where… the seams are.

    • Claire Soderstrom

      Big hug, Rhapzody, I only wear your skins, as I hate make up in both lives. Claire x

  5. Kittynes

    I tp’d over to get skins as a result of reading your blog, and the store has closed for at least a month due to a ripped of template, according to the owner.

  6. Adorkable Peapod

    Thank you Gogo for blogging my petals! Glad you had a matching headband 😛

  7. morgana hilra

    hey there!
    i was wondering where you shop for eyes?
    i love the glossiness of them!

    btw, great photos!!

  8. JamieLynn

    EYEs yes please! 😀 stunning just stunning, please share?

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