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Rainy Days

Rainy Days

Is it just me or is the grid extra crashy today? I spent this weekend upgrading my graphics card from the Nvidia GTX 260 to GTX 570. I had shadows before, and pretty stellar graphics but I guess, I wanted flawless shadows, and even better graphics? Can’t say I notice a huge difference, so I guess I’m just a sucky photographer, LOL!

I guess I’ll keep working on my in-world photography, but for now… *pulls hair out* my patience is extremely tested when I try to do photos anywhere other than on a platform in the sky.

For example, today I went to “the laggiest sim in SL” — aka LULA (Sorry Lula, you are beautiful, but people on Plurk all say you’re laggy) and within minutes of being there, someone begged for money, and also I crashed a thousand times.

So, I went to the Malt sim, to snap the pictures above.

G-Field released so many new pieces this weekend as well, I’ve been dying to try them on! I bought this Baby Pink Maxi skirt and matching PuffSleeve top — so sexy. I don’t normally wear long skirts, but this one is amazing on, and it also matches my new Sissy Crown from Donna Flora.

What I’m Wearing:

Elikatira – Me (Blonde 05)
G-Field – Puff Sleeve Top (Baby Pink/Flower)
G-Field – Maxi Skirt (Baby Pink/Flower)
G-Field – Flower Pumps “Eve” White
Donna Flora – Sissy Crown (Pink)
NODe – Umbrella_v2_NO8

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  1. Skye

    Well you know upgrading actually can hurt you depending on ur system when playing. Newer isn’t always better in this case. Speaking as a girl who loves taking good SL photo’s…I have updated before but unfortunately I had to redo my entire system because after I updated SL was buggy slow and I wasn’t able to use shadows. It’s got an old card but I can go through sl with shadows on AND it takes steller photos…haha so who knows. They’re like people sometimes…computers…they tend to throw hissy fits!

  2. Aula

    Hey Gogo, I don’t know which viewer you’re using, but I’ve heard a *lot* of people say they use Kirsten’s Viewer for taking photos. Supposedly it’s the best for shadows. I’ve yet to actually try it myself. I use the regular 2.0 viewer and as soon as I turn on FBO and shadows my FPS drops significantly.

    One thing I do that gives me better performance/graphics is to set up the nVidia control panel to override the in-world settings for anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering.

    • Gogo

      I’m using SL 2.0! When I tried Kirstens before, there was something irritating about that viewer. Plus, I can get the Pink Starlight skin on 2.0 šŸ™‚

  3. Shuri

    Lula is lagtastic I always freeze up there…but I LOVE the sim, it has such a cozy athmosphere.
    I heart your crown although it’s pink šŸ˜€ (G*field also send out a groupgift maxiskirt with matching puffsleevetop via subscribe-o-matic)

  4. Priscila Olrich

    wow you made a great jump for gtx 570. I have a gtx 470 and i’m pretty happy, although there is many factors that help have a good performance with shadows, my internet isn’t good, then I suffer with lag a lot, specially when SL doesn’t cooperates.
    and btw I loved this crown

  5. Vicky

    It’s not only Lula, the body co. shop (although the sim has only like 2000 prims) lags as (unusually and unprecedented) bad as Lula. Therefor i start to suspect Emma’s sales-management-script system to be the source of this lag-inferno.

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