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Shoe HUDs


(Lots of shoe HUDs! from various brands in SL)

My lil’ shoe review where I commented that a HUD was challenging to use, caused some rage yesterday, so I thought I would try to to skin-match the easy way. A reader suggested that I should use the preset notecard, that came with the PixelMode Fae Wedge shoes, and get a “perfect match in less than 2 mins” so let’s see!


Left: Preset C: 22, 27, 87 | Right: My own (it took a lot more than 2 minutes, but I like the match better)

The skin I’m wearing is Laqroki in Fair tone. So I checked out the suggested Skin Tones Code for this skin, it was LAQ Fair Glow: C: 22, 27, 87. This is the reason why I don’t like suggested preset info. It comes close, and it is definitely helpful, but how one person sees color in SL depends on a number of factors (their Windlight settings, monitor, or own eyes?). But the preset didn’t work for me, and so I used the HUD, like I normally do for most shoes and work out my own setting.

My comment that the Pixel Mode was challenging caused the creator to accuse me of picking apart every product, which isn’t true. CHALLENGING does not mean IMPOSSIBLE. Obviously, I know how to use the HUD, I just personally found it challenging.

chal·leng·ing (chln-jng)
1. Calling for full use of one’s abilities or resources in a difficult but stimulating effort: a challenging course of study; a challenging role for an inexperienced performer.
2. Absorbing; intriguing: a challenging idea.

Translation: it took effort, which I put into, to try and get a better match, and present your product in a way that’s flattering/doing it some justice. I really could have worn it with the suggested preset, and have gray feet, but I don’t like gray feet. 🙁

P.S. I think the Pixel Mode HUD is beautifully designed, but beauty does not always translate to easy.

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  1. Terri Zhangsun

    I find them all challenging and time consuming…is it just me…probably! I suck at that stuff. I am still just wearing your standard old feet and shoes. I usually buy GFields because they don’t have the feet in the shoes and the shoes are just darn cute!

    • Tori

      OMG me too, plus prim feet look off in my windlight setting anyway. I want meshes, I’ve tossed almost all of my prim feet shoes. Expect my maitreya ones with socks. Socks always match!

  2. Clementine

    My friend and I both purchased the Fae Wedges just yesterday. I wear a Belleza skin in a Pale tone. My friend is African-American and I don’t remember what skin she wears specifically. So we’re on opposite ends of the tone spectrum, and we BOTH had major issues matching our skin tones with the HUD. We both tried the notecard from the Help button (after reading the instruction card included). My skins settings were listed, my friend’s were not. My listed settings didn’t match my skin, in fact they were a LOT darker than my skin. We actually both ended up walking away with our feet not completely matching because we got so frustrated. I have a couple of pairs of PM shoes, and I love the way these wedges look. Both my friend and I agreed that if the feet matched better, we’d be in love with these shoes. We’re both still wearing them (at least she was as of yesterday), but they don’t completely match.
    The only HUD I’ve had more trouble with matching my skin was the Narcotix HUD.

  3. Lourdes Denimore

    I have yet to use one of those skin matching notecard things and had them work without some tweaking.

    The easiest and best skin matching HUD’s are one that allow you to put in the RBG.

    At the same time I think it has to be accepted that a perfect match will not always happen.

  4. Sedge Weyland

    I tend to steer clear of HUD shoes for that reason – I have so many different skins in so many different tones, and I’m kind of loathe to have to skin match again when I want to wear them with something else.

    Also, having just read the comments in that post…yeesh.

  5. Tya Fallingbridge

    The way i see sl and they way you see SL is different. everyone’s card and monitor is different. the skin presets are a guide. I have had this hud out for almost a year.

    If people are having problems matching,contact me. Its not that hard.I cant help those that don’t say anything.

    Apparently clicking a few buttons is a challenge for some or even reading a notecard, i am sending out a picture diagram to people and also for those that want RGB, i have included easy tips for converting to HSL. RGB is not the best, its based on per pixel.

    • Blaise Glendevon

      Treating your customers like they’re impositions or idiots is not exactly the best way to build brand loyalty — no matter how cute your product is.

      I don’t know. My avatar has paws, and rarely ever wears shoes.

      • Violet Matterhorn

        I wish this was Facebook and I could *like* the above reply.

        • Anahata

          oh wow. i usually have no problems matching my skin tone to shoes (at least with the maitreya hud) i’ve even simulated stockings in them too. but this.. “Apparently clicking a few buttons is a challenge for some or even reading a notecard” guarantees i won’t be buying anything from this store, or these shoes, and it’s too bad, they are nice. but i don’t want to support someone who sounds so arrogant and rather cranky over a post that praised the shoes and pointed out the hud was difficult. the hud isn’t even the ‘product’. i’m sorry you have to put up with this gogo… lol.

          i guess some people can’t take constructive criticism. they would rather live in their lala world of perfectness and never try to improve on things.

    • Reilee Sabra

      Wow! I have been in SL for almost six years now and sometimes I still run across people that baffle me.

      Tya….your response here to the pending challenges of YOUR product is exactly why I would NOT ever purchase another product from you again. To suggest or insinuate the intelligence of your customers is somehow lacking due to the fact that they voiced concerns over your hud is less than flattering and downright insulting.

      Might I suggest that you put as much effort into your customer service skills as you do your products? You might find yourself a bit more successful.

      • Harlow Heslop

        I don’t think she was insinuating anyone was an idiot. I think she was offering to help as well as explain that reading an NC or using a HUD isn’t that challenging when the appropriate instructions are given…which they were. I didn’t see anywhere above that she called her customers idiots. From all the experiences I’ve had with Pixel Mode i’ve had nothing but amazing service and respect. I really don’t think Tya would be as successful as she is if that were not the case. People are being so defensive.

        • Lourdes Denimore

          Did you read this part: “Apparently clicking a few buttons is a challenge for some or even reading a notecard”.

          She implies that matching her shoes is as easy as clicking a few buttons and obviously we’re challenged if we can’t match her shoes in a few button clicks.

          99.9% of the time time matching prim feet or toes is not a matter of a few clicks.

          Perhaps with all your skins and all your prim feet you can match in a matter of a few clicks. But please recognize that you are not the norm by far.

    • Chantelle

      I just think people need to get over themselves. I understand that the original fuss was uncalled for, but when people threaten to never buy this person’s things again, it’s just like, b!tch please.

      I didn’t know that when I wore a shoe I bore the designer’s ‘rotton’ attitude. I don’t know, I am generally a cold person, but I’d rather be that than pseudo-morally rich.

      • Chantelle

        That was not meant to be a reply at first (doh)!

  6. theshadow99

    Matching prim textures to ‘clothing textures’ is a royal pain at all times in SL. Their is a good reason for it, since the way SL treats them is different within the rendering path. We have ways to fudge things, which get ‘better’ every year.

  7. Aradia Jameson

    I find Maitreya and PM to be easy, but sLink and others to be nearly impossible…

    • Vicky

      for me totally opposite … Slink is the best and quickest and simplest for me (in all the huds) … Maitreya is too tiny, needs endless clicking, never gives me a good result …
      so apparently there is no good solution to satisfy everyone

  8. Clementine

    I don’t understand why you’re basically calling your customers who have a problem with your HUD stupid by saying they can’t manage to work a few buttons. That’s not necessarily the best way to get new customers or make repeat customers of those you already have. I followed the instructions included with the hud, and used the “Help” button, and followed the directions included in that hud. I gave up on matching the skin (as did my friend) after having worked with the hud for probably half an hour to 45 minutes. The fact is that your hud didn’t match my skin easily. That’s me. Am I going to bother you with an IM about it? Not likely unless I can’t even get the skin close. Especially not after seeing the way you reacted to someone criticizing your customer service in even the most minute way.
    Seeing the way you’ve reacted to some small criticism is more likely to keep me from purchasing additional shoes from your store than having a bit of trouble with the hud.
    I’m just sayin’.

  9. Alina

    God, people pick YOU to death.

    i have the Jolie Pied prim hands and feet, and a few pairs of shoes with prim feet (but i tend to avoid them BECAUSE of color matching).

    Coloring your hands and feet to match your skin IS difficult – i usually take a billion screen shots and end up in photoshop with the eyedropper tool to get the rgb and its back and forth for me for a long, long time. And it’s NOT that i don’t KNOW HOW to use a HUD. I don’t have that great of a graphics card, so getting my lighting right and the color picked correctly IS difficult for me.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but i personally LIKE to hear about the challenges and downsides of a product BEFORE i buy it.

    And I agree with Clementine… Pixel Mode shoes are one of my absolute favorites (i always fall back on the Baby T’s when i can’t find shoes i want to wear, they’re like my defaults) but the creator’s comment here kind of bothers me.

  10. Electre dallagio

    These shoes ARE AMAZING! I have them and i don’t thing the HUD is hard at all. It’s just another kind of hud. I did not had any difficults to match my skin tone at all…

    Furthermore, for those who still have difficulties, you can get from the subscribo 06 in Pixel Mode store a simple picture diagram for color matching your feet to your avatar.

    ♥If your skin is in the presets list rez :
    [PM] Skin Help – Presets

    ♥If your skin is not listed in the preset list rez:
    [PM] Skin Help – No Presets

    ♥If you are only used to RGB input HUDS, rez
    [PM] Skin Help – But What About My RGB

    I must say I NEVER had to use this diagramm and finding the good preset did’nt take me more that the famous 2 minutes …. I don’t know, i don’t understand…. Everyone should remember that the skin presets provided are from someone using different windlight settings, antoher GC on another screen…

  11. Ai Velde

    Quoth Clementine “Tya,
    I don’t understand why you’re basically calling your customers who have a problem with your HUD stupid by saying they can’t manage to work a few buttons.”
    I agree. I was astonished at the posts here I’ve seen by Pixel Mode creator.

    On another note, Gogo, do you own anything by N-Core? I have their ESSENCE “Noir Intense” stilettos, and N-Core makes some of the most beautiful shoes I’ve seen in SL, but I just can’t match my skin tone with their HUD. But maybe it’s just me.

  12. Electre dallagio

    Tya never said people are stupid, but she’s true saying she can’t help ppl who don’t ask for help….I have these heels and well, it’s a easy hud, i don’t know what is hard ….

  13. Lucie Bluebird

    I guess I’m just lucky because I find the PM hud really easy to use, and the preset with the suggested tweaks works for my Curio skin. My friend – who despises prim feet and has never had luck matching them – bought a pair and she loves them.

    I am NOT gonna get into a blog comment war, but… I do want to say that I had issues with a pair of PM shoes and Tya was nothing but extremely helpful with the issue. It took some back and forth, but she was patient and we figured out the problem.

    As a business owner in SL, I know firsthand that notecards get eaten. They’re not supposed to cap (or so I’ve been told), but it happens to me on a far-too-regular basis.

    I just thought I’d share a personal, positive story about PM because I really do love the shoes, and the Fae wedges are as nice as Gogo says they are. They are really well textured and very cute. Perfect “summer” shoes.

    Everyone is different, and the point about monitors differing is a very valid one. I’ve seen the difference on my monitor versus my husband’s. What works easily and well for one person may be challenging and frustrating for another. It doesn’t mean the HUD is “bad,” per se… but I also think it’s fair that if a blogger has spent money on a product that they find challenging to adjust, they mention it. I think it’s fair even with a preview item!

    • Harlow Heslop

      Lucie this was so well said. 🙂 I love your positivity.

      • Lucie Bluebird

        I try. 😉

  14. Rosalie

    Ai Velde I do agree with you and Clementine, Customer Service is a huge part of running a business.

    I actually just went to the N-core Store right after I saw your post, I found N-Core to be the easiest for me at least in my opinion I matched mine relatively quickly. FAR easier than Stiletto Moody!

    • Ai Velde

      It’s probably just my monitor/windlight then, combined with my OCD. haha! I spend hours at it trying to get it close and put in the RGB values, but to no avail. So I went with wearing the socked options. I’ll get it someday, and may contact the creator for a little assistance.
      N-Core shoes and huds are really amazing though, it’s probably just me. 🙂

  15. Enja luv

    Ncore has the best shoe hud ever! so easy wooohaooo!!

  16. janet

    I’m so damn vain that I work at matching the skin until I get it right! LOL.

    Thank you to all of the shoe creators for working your asses off to provide us with the absolutely awesome footwear.

    Thank you bloggers for the work you put in to review SL fashion items.
    It’s ALL good.

    peace out

  17. Delusional Grantham

    Out of all of the shoe HUDs I own, the PM HUD is the easiest one I have ever used. With the recent release I had the shoes resized and the skintone matched to the 3 skins I typically wear in 10 minutes tops. As unique individuals we will always have a personal preference in what HUDs are easiest to use in addition to other things. While I love N-Core and SLink I’ve always had a difficult time matching my skintone but I just chalked it up to user error and not a flaw in the design of the HUD. All in all I think it’s best to leave it up to each individual to decide which HUDs are the easiest to use.

  18. Aemeth

    Sometimes when I wear a shoe with prim feet, depending on my windlight settings, the shoe/foot changes color. It’s really annoying.

  19. Harlow Heslop

    You know I really hate to get involved in this dispute/comment battle but I’d like to just express that every single thing i’ve owned from Pixel Mode that Tya has created has been beautifully made. I haven’t yet purchased the new wedges but still plan to once I can combat the lag over to the shoe fair. Every single one of her items has always come to me flawless. I’ve also never had issues with any of the color matching for HUDs. I guess I just don’t understand why everyone is jumping on Tya’s back. For one, the girl worked her ass off to not only get the shoe fair build put together but she still was able to put out a beautifully made shoe as well. For someone who worked that hard to create a product and help set up a fair, and STILL offer to help ANYONE who comes to her, I think she has every right to become a little bit defensive over her product. Tya has some of the best customer service within the Second Life community and for some reason I think so many people are forgetting that. Just my two cents. Carry on. 🙂

    • Electre dallagio

      I totally agree with you.If people jumped me on the back in this way while I do my best to propose them the most realistic shoes of the grid, while being as well available as possible (NOT, Tya is not a program, she is as us, she has a real life, which quite as us, takes us many of our time, between the work, the family and our real concerns); it is necessary to make with the losses of inventory: do not think that because a creator does not answer your / your notecard ( s ), it is because he does not want it; when you connect and when while you were offline you received several tens of notecards, it is normal that a part of it is lost. Furthermore as regards Gogo, I remember having wanted to test one of the shapes she sells; no demo in store, I thus contacted her, but have never obtained any answer from her at the very moment when she was online, not the best customer service 🙂


      • Anahata

        people aren’t ‘jumping on tya’s back’, they are responding to her over reaction to gogo’s post about the hud and comments on people who get confused with the hud.

        no one said anything about her shoes. and besides even if she made the most beautiful shoes on the grid, if people don’t like her customer service, or huds they can say it wherever they want okay? just like you can defend the ease of the huds and say you recieved great CS from her. or bad from Gogo. i can’t see gogo responding to you with ‘so you are ripping apart everything i selll!!!’…

  20. Magnolia Fashionista

    Gogo, I wear the same skin tone from LAQ…and have the same problem with nearly every HUD. I thought these PM shoes were adorable but have not yet bought them because I was weary of the HUD. How did you get the tone to match so perfectly? Do you mind sharing the setting so the rest of us hue-challenged folks can walk around with matching feet?

    • Magnolia Fashionista

      Tap, tap, tap, is this thing on? Did the internet eat my post…? Really hoping that you are willing to help your readers out…

      • Melanie

        Step 1: Turn on your favorite radio station.

        Step 2: Click around on the color picker lots of times.

        Step 3: Adjust your selection via the HSL sliders, lots of times.

        (I’m not joking.)

  21. Layne

    Its as easy of getting a hold of her and asking and she will bend over backwards to help. IF you can get a hold of her! Sounds like Gogo has a few times and hasn’t had the “bend over backwards” treatment. (well it sounds like she did get the bend over treatment lol)

    “I was out of SL for almost 6 months. So to attack my customer service due to my real obligations being more important is uncalled for in my eyes.” You should have some forwarding message or something then. If your store was important enough to leave open and collect money from it is your fault for not having some kind of csr. Your emergency didnt stop you from selling.

  22. lili

    I had no trouble matching them. It took me 2 min and the skin I use is al vulo cocoa, isn’t even in the note card. And I have logged in to 2 other viewers I have and even asked my friends to take pics of my feet from their viewers just to b sure and everything looked perfectttt! lol So I guess it can help if u contact the creator, who better to help you out if you don’t understand what your doing or something isn’t working for you. I hope you guys get to enjoy them as much as I am, second day with them and I cant stop looking at them. <3

  23. Eclectic Wingtips


    Im afriad mesh will do nothing to change how prims are affected by windlight. Mesh is still a prim and is in fact basically a sculpt with less parametiers put on the shapes.

    Meshes arent going to revolutionise SL, it will just make some things easier to make.

  24. Miss Kitty

    I picked the demo version of the Fae Wedges up, but was very hesitant to go back and purchase them. With the demo there is writing on top of the shoes so it made seeing if the skin tones matched or not. I do however think after reading the owner’s comments, this doesn’t sound like a store I want to do business with.

  25. Claire Soderstrom

    The whole thing is a nightmare, any shoe, any brand, any skin IS difficult to match, end of. Not a matter of being good at it or any other rubbish. PLUS, if people around you are not on the same windlight settings, it’s pointless. I’ve got the SLink feet and hands and the only reason I wear them is because their designer Siddean Munro spent aaaaaages with me, to match skin. Mwaaah Sid. Customer service is the only way to do it. I LOVE my feet, in fact, I stopped buying shoes now.

  26. Katy

    The shoes look wonderful. Personally I struggle with every color match hud out there but from what I see the usability of the hud isn’t the issue here. I won’t be shopping at PM after seeing the tone of the creator’s reaction.

    Just sayin.

  27. Clementine

    I just got a notecard in-world that PM is going to close after Shoe Fair. I truly hope that she’s not closing her entire store and sim because of some criticism…
    (There were other things said in the notecard that I could address, but I’m not going to.)

    • Anahata

      are you serious? do you think it’s because of this. omg, if so, what a drama queen. lol.

      of course she wouldn’t close but threaten to. as drama queens go.

      maybe it’s her ‘personal’ problems?

      • Clementine

        I really, truly, hope it’s not because of these blog posts. Criticism is criticism and every designer gets it at some point.

        The notecards give several details on her RL problems. Maybe it’s a combination of things (the current criticism that she seems to have taken so hard and her personal problems and the fact that she doesn’t have enough time to dedicate to doing all the customer service work alone, which she’s said repeatedly is the case)?

        I just really do hope that she’s not letting some criticism cause her so much grief that she’s going to get rid of a profitable and popular brand name she’s built up. We shall see!

      • Nuria Augapfel

        Lol, please really someone feels so important as to think that few bad reviews would make that Tya (or any serious designer) close a business ? She have stated clearly that has serious problems on RL….so please you should be more respectful when you have no idea about the facts instead call drama queen to someone who apparently things are not going well. Just saying

    • Blaise Glendevon

      That is the most epic of flounces, if this is true.

    • JeanGenie Jewell

      wow lucky, I never get any notecard from that subscribe thing.,..

  28. Vicky

    After playing with the HUD a bit I actually come to the conclusion that not the HUD is the problem, but the skin texture of the Fae Wedge. It is really hard to tint to get a satisfying result that also works on different day-time settings which never was a problem with N-core or Maitreya foot-textures for me. Also the RGBs I have to use to get a match with the Fae Wedge is in a completely different range than with other shoes. I am not a texture expert, but this points for me to a different saturation in the Fae Wedge foot-texture(s) than in other products.

  29. smudgeproof

    I have to agree that I found the HUD difficult to use and I am still unhappy with the shade of my feet. I wear a pale Glam Affair skin and the closest pale match was rather grey.

    I also cannot go paler in the shade I feel most matches the tone.

    I have used many shoe HUDs on SL and consider myself reasonably able to work a HUD, if a little impatiently.

    The PM shoes are absolutely lovely and I’m sure with a bit of focused tweaking I can get the shade right, but to be fair to Gogo and all those raising concerns, there really is a slightly irritating level of difficulty with this particular HUD. Not insuperable, just annoying.

    It won’t stop me buying more PM shoes (if PM is still open – see previous comment!), so I hope the creator doesn’t take all this as damning criticism. Just genuine and useful customer feedback.

  30. Elle Couerblanc

    I like PM shoes a lot but I don’t get why this became such a DRAMZZ over someone saying the hud was challenging. Was it really that bad of a statement?

  31. Dojiba

    I just got my first pair of Pixel Mode shoes the other day (Fae, from the Shoe Fair) and I love love love them! I wear Belleza’s Elle SK skin and found the values from the notecard offered from the HUD to be a perfect match for my skin, in any light. Lots of pretty polishes on the HUD, as well as some gorgeous French pedi nails.

  32. Chamomile Theas

    We all have times when something just hits a nerve. I admire Tya for at least thinking about why that has happened in this case, re-assessing and making some hard decisions in relation to her SL business. Nobody is perfect and we all go through periods when it is hard to keep a lid on our stress. We think we are doing OK, and then somthing snaps. And although I DO agree Gogo had a perfect right to say she found the HUD very tricky, it might be time to give Tya a break now

    • Aeva Nikolaidis

      I agree wholeheartedly. We all have bad days where the smallest thing jsut breaks the tenuous hold we have on our stress. No one knows what Tya is going thru in her RL, so lets all jsut let cooler heads prevail and give everyone a break.

  33. Octavia Tiratzo

    I used the preset recommended for my League skin…not good at all. But then I had a brainstorm and tried it for the other League skin and it was fine. So apparently the preset numbers got switched. And this is a good thing, because matching it myself would have been a pain with this HUD.

    Thank you gogo for honestly reporting your experience.

    And yeah, I’d hesitate before giving any more L’s to the drama queen.

  34. Monica Querrien

    First of all, I love the Fae wedges.

    Are they easy to color match? Well, considering the fact that I love N-Core shoes and I can get my skin color matched in 2 minutes or so…not exactly.

    Do I think Tya got a bit too defensive over Gogo’s initial comment? Yes.

    But the way some of you have responded does not help at all. If you feel someone has acted in the wrong, you don’t respond in the same manner and expect it to be right. And from what I saw in the notecard regarding what is happening in her life right now, the opinions expressed in this blog are the least of her worries. I am sure some of you have gone through hard times…god forbid if someone were to harp on something you said that wasn’t the ideal response that you said out of frustration.

    Whatever happened to treat others the way you want to be treated?

  35. bellahyae enchanted

    i do not think she is a drama queen at all. from looking at what was said, it doesnt seem so, she just sounds hurt 🙁 and to be honest,
    does it seem fair for alot of people to pile-in-to one post and just push all of this anger towards her at once? it can be reealy hard to take so many people angry at you at the same time. i have had this happen in school and i can tell you, it really feels like the world is coming down on your shoulders. if she is temp- closeing her store over it, then i would say that that was good thinking. better to close now and regroup then to stick it out and feel more and more mistreated, angry and hurt until you just dont feel like you can come back again.
    and weather or not this blogger said that because of a hidden motive, this does happen very often in real life and sl.
    the best thing to do if you know you are not trying to hurt the person and really care about there product is to muster up all the kindness you can give..even if you havnt recieved very much of it in real life or sl (which i know can be hard to do). speaking about someone elses product now replacing there product isnt the best thing to say, and it only helps to make the person who is angry at you even angryer and more hurt. which is something i doubt anyone would want to do to someone.

  36. Pinky

    I think it just come down to what we use to with Huds. It’s just like sl viewers. We all have our fav. I love phonix but for the life in me can not work sl viewer 2. Pm shoes are fab and I like the HUD was easy fir me. I think it’s a shame this mught get a little out of hand. We all duffrent. Can y imagine how dull sl would be if we all the same. I belive gogo has the right to write what she wants. It’s why we all read her blog she’s honest on her opinions and I respect that. I don’t think she’s given pm a bad name or anything cos as soon as I saw the pics I ran down and got me the shoes. I think it’s all time now for group hug and cookies 🙂

  37. Nuria Augapfel

    Hi all, well as always i say apologies about my english. I’m a shoe maker and sincerely i felt SHAME to see how childish may be the behavior of some people. For those who have said “i will not buy never again from you Tya” or something similar, with so exaggerated defensive reaction…you are the only DRAMA queens girls! and sincerely i would not want any of these arrogant as a customers .Tya has not said absolutely nothing wrong, NO insult. She have said something very well known for many creators: some people find difficult the most simple things simply due lack of patience or knowledge, this not means that they are idiots but is common that they pay his frustation with the creator, even when the creator try to put all the tools on his hands to make the work easier. I have checked Tya HUD’s, i got the demo of her new Wedges ( stunning work!) and i got a perfect match in less than 2 minutes…i found the HUD very complete. Ok, Tya i don’t know you ( you and me just changed few words in a forum sometime ago) but this message is specially to you fondly: what a blogger says is just a personal opinion, and the value of their words is not more than that: a simple and subjective opinion. Personally i don’t care about criticism from bloggers not qualified at the technical / professional level as to make this criticism (and Gogo, i’m generally speaking). You know Tya what your true customers think about your products and customer service…i’m pretty sure that most of them are really pleased, and this is the only important thing. And of course, your Fae wedge has been a succes 🙂 I have seen a lot of blogs talking about them. Bloggers are as customers…some of them will love your products, some of them will find the HUD hard to use and some others not.
    By the way, let me say Gogo that i really love your blog, but if we are talking about customer service, like Electre mentioned very well would be great that you are more worried about yours…as i know many of your customers asked you for months (in your own blog) for your shapes demos, not sure if they are provided already.
    Just in case before someone intend to jump on me (lol) i provide myself customer service and i spend hours by day adjusting the skin of my customers…( yes even sleeping in my dreams i’m adjusting feet) so please if someone want attack me, take another point.
    P.S Many thanks for the compliments that i have read about my items, anyway waiting to see who will not buy my products anymore ^^

    • Etude

      Hiyas…!Nuria,thank you so much for this post…I couldn’t have said that better and that’s exactly what I would want to convey:) Just amazing how simple suggestions from Tya turned into drama…If some have such a hard time with this particular hud (or others),why not getting the pumps (so many gorgeous varieties all over SL) and they will always have that PERFECT match within seconds;) – anytime/anywhere/any skin…and if still not satisfied…what about pampering your RL feet with the pedicure (LOL),with which you can even match your desired mood:) Enjoy your lives everyone and be happy!

      PS. Btw,N-core rocks!…along with Pixel Mode,Maitreya,SLink,J’s,Kookie and others…Keep up the good work!Props to all designers in SL,thank you…

    • Elriva Engineer

      Yes she did say something wrong. Just read the post where all this started. Gogo made a nice post about how beautiful her shoes are and gave her opinion that the HUD was difficult. Gogo is not an amature with HUDS. Her opinion is valid and true, not just coming from ignorance. This is what Tya said in reply to that:

      “I just found out something here. Apparently you sent me a notecard for a Baby T upgrade? I never received it. I was out of SL for almost 6 months. So to attack my customer service due to my real obligations being more important is uncalled for in my eyes. If you still want your Baby T’s with the 2.0 then please feel free to drop me a notecard. I upgraded the Baby T’s because I wanted to, I didn’t have to nor was I obligated.

      If you feel the need to pick apart every product or release I have. Go ahead, if you are just that unhappy, then don’t buy from me.”

      She claimed Gogo made a post tearing apart her shoes. She didn’t even notice gogo said they were beautiful. She brought up drama about customer service that Gogo didn’t post about. She said “don’t buy from me if you don’t like it”. Well I say to her “Don’t make a product if you don’t want people to form opinions about it.”

      I would not buy shoes from a person that acts like this. Not because I am a drama queen as you say, but because shoes in SL are easy to come buy. There are way more wonderful shoes than I can possibly ever own. So why give money to someone who I think has a rotton personality? I might as well support someone whos shoes I like AND I feel is polite. If she was simply having a bad day she could come back and apologize for jumping on Gogo and overreacting. But as she hasn’t done that she must stand by her opinion that she was attacked.

      • Etude

        Hmm…is it the same Tya,who just gave such an amazing gift(s) to her loyal customers..? 😉 This is the BEST and most GENEROUS gift ever!Thanks!

        PS.I think Tya simply gave an advice and I totally agree with her;if you don’t like something – don’t buy it,especially if you knew how the HUD works before(from the previous releases)…I have it,love it and never had any problems:)

  38. JamieLynn

    LOLOL – you’re too cute !! it is true though, some huds ARE very challenging. But hey, sometimes challenging is fine if the shoe is worth it …

  39. Crys

    I also had an issue matching up the Fae PM heels, the HUD was a bit of a pain, but I also don’t ever expect every HUD to be easy. N-Core is probably my fave as most match right out of the box, but I know others like Maitreya can be a little time consuming.
    Just because I disliked the PM HUD doesn’t mean a thing…. the Fae wedges are my fave shoe right now. So as an above commenter said… shes not picking on the product, shes just giving an honest OPINION on how the color matching worked for HER on HER computer with HER graphics. Everyone is different. No need to be up in arms over it.

  40. Amara

    Well this was a shame to scroll though and read. This and the post that sparked it. Personally I prefer Maitreya and SLink Shoe HUDs but only because I’ve found them easiest to use as far as matching. I have PM shoes on an alt but truly it was more tedious to adjust. I actually bought some Maitreya shoes to replace them.

    But seeing how she reacted to a simple critique of the HUD, not the shoes, makes me question whether I’d ever consider shopping at her store again. There’s no harm in criticism, namely when it’s not deliberately trying to bash something for the sake of bashing; saying something negative from a legit review of them is just fine.

    Spending a few minutes adjusting shoes to suit your skin tone is tedious for some, but implying stupidity or lack of intelligence if some people can’t manage it with her shoe HUD screams uppity to me. No reason to bust a nerve over this, but Tya’s gone and given herself and her store some nasty publicity over nothing.

  41. Sarenity Luckless

    Well I have a LAQ Skin Milky tone and it seriously took me no more then 5 mins to color mine I didn’t find it hard at all so it really depends on your skin and your settings…I love the shoes and my match is perfect.

  42. lorraine

    hi i bought some shoes with hud today and i carnt change anything on the hud i tryed with older shoes and for some reason none of my shoe skin colour changers are working , any ideas? plz

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