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Skin & Shape Expo 2011

Hello fellow skin addicts! The Skin & Shape Expo is pretty exciting this year, although I was a lil’ disappointed when some designers pulled out at the last minute. There are still tons of amazing new skins, shapes, and makeups, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

I would normally do more thorough reviews by showing you all the makeups and some skin options, but this event is only 10 days so I want to try and show as many different skins as I can before it ends. Be sure to check out for Skin & Shape Expo coverage from other blogs, cos there are tons and tons of them right now.

Skin & Shape Expo

Glam Affair | Amacci

Skin & Shape Expo

Imagen | PXL

SLurls for all shops below! Some of the shops have pulled out, so if you see a blank space, move on to the next one!

Designers Participating:
[Pink Fuel] –
Idisyncrasy –
L.Fauna Skins –
Tres Blah –
Style by Kira –
LaVie –
Snow Rabbit –
Exodi –
Curio –
CheerNo –
*League* –
Maverick Design –
TULI skins –
Grixdale (rebranded from Tyranny) –
Egoisme –
Glam Affair –
Belleza –
Amacci –
[Slutcookie] –
Imagen –
Body by Eve –
Atomic –
*Leafy –
vive9 –
Hourglass Shapes –
Esk-Imo –
Rock Candy –
Savoir Faire Shapes –
Absolution –
Oceane’s Body Boutique –
Sophistishapes –
::: -=~ Glow ~=- ::: –
Zanzo –
cheLLe –
Ag cosmetics
Shape It Up! –
PEER Style –
!Imabee –
Adam n Eve –
~Moonlight Shapes~ –
Magic Avi Shapes –
Carpe diem –
Nuuna’s Skins –
Heartsick –
No~St /[NoT StAnDaRd] –
Ample Avi –
Cashmere –
LePetale –
Tacky Star –
Body Doubles –
M.O.C.K Cosmetics
Shapes by Mim –
Essences –
*BOOM* –
[ a.e.meth ] –
Zoobong –
Cheap Makeup –
Barbie Bitch –

You’re welcome 😀

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  1. Cherry

    i have to check out the Amacci skins, i am not to crazy about the lips because of the darkness in the corners, but the overall look is cute 😀

  2. Kissy Riptide

    Thank you!

  3. Genieva

    Look at you putting all those SLURLs up!! You rock!

  4. makino tsukushi

    Hello, I have the name of the shape you are in the pictures is because I find sublime …………
    thank you very much

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