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Surf’s up!


LeeZu released these amazing new Yve Pants that has a sculpted belt, and sculpted leg prims. I think these pants are nearly perfect, the leg prims & pants meets seamlessly, and they end right before the knee joint so it’s perfect for AOs & works with many different poses! I had to lower my hips saddle, and butt size just a tad to have a better fit, cos I wanted the belt to be snug around my avatar.

Although these are not board shorts, I paired it with a cute little bikini top from BOOM and and wore it to the beach! These are so many ways to style these pants, as they come in a variety of prints & solid colors.

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Bethany (Swedish)
BOOM – Infinity Pin Stripe Bikini (White)
LeeZu – Yve Pants (Vintage Blue)
Elate – Theia Sandals (Ivory)
What Next – Surf’s Up Pose Set (Surfboard)

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  1. Bell Lectar

    That’s pretty! 😀

  2. Lourdes Denimore

    “I had to lower my hips saddle, and butt size just a tad to have a better fit”
    I caught the hint there. LOL

  3. sherry

    Why all the avatar plastic surgery lol
    Why not edit the belt xD?

    • Gogo

      If you have these pants, you’ll know exactly why it was necessary. The shape of the belt is smaller at the top and flares out at the bottom. If i wanted it to fit the bottom, the top would be loose, so it was easier to pull the saddle in a bit, rather than not have a better fit.

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