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Zooby Monkey Avatar

Zooby Monkey Avatar

Meet Monkey Gogo! That’s me, as a bad ass monkey!

Zooby Monkey Avatar

Are you guys ready for this? This is not a breedable or a pet, it is the latest Monkey Avatar from Zooby! This Monkey Avatar is so well made and also very interactive.

my Zooby monkey

Do you remember these Zooby Trainapets Monkey that I blogged earlier this year? How adorable were these little guys?! Having owned & played with the Trainapets Monkey for several months now, I definitely think that the Monkey Avatar is a must have for Trainapets lover.

Zooby Monkey Avatar

This Monkey Avatar comes with a HUD that controls Monkey Moves (adorable animations), Monkey Meetup, Monkey Face (so many to choose from!), Monkey Sounds, and Monkey Stuff (works with props).

Zooby Monkey Avatar

The props are similar to the tricks from the Trainapets — if you have one, you’ll recognize some of these.

Shown in this post:

Zooby Capuchin Monkey Avatar
Zooby Spider Monkey Avatar


Zooby Monkey AV Cigarette
Zooby Monkey AV Bongos

Also available…

Zooby Monkey AV Dandelion
Zooby Monkey AV Drinks
Zooby Monkey AV Guitar
Zooby Monkey AV Headphones

All the props have built-in animations and sounds.

Zooby Monkey Avatar

Pic taken @ Las Arenas Rosadas, but the sim is so laggy, I crashed a billion times.

Check out this Youtube video to see these Monkey Avatars in action!

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  1. Chamomile Theas

    Cute, yes, but just possible the avatar scripting was also contributing to some of the crashiness?

    • Gogo

      Nah, it’s totally those “Las Islas” sims! They’re crashtastic, even if you were naked. I took all the photos (except the last one) at my home sim, and it was fine, never crashed once at home.

      • Archan Allen

        Las islas are really laggy yeah. Many textures, (bad)scripts, sculpts, prims to load. Those islands are so nice, it’s such a shame 🙁

        Hairy gogo’s lovely! Ahah ! Do you know if Zooby plans to make monkey avatars clothes and hairstyles (so original!) like their little funny monkeys ?

  2. Aeva Nikolaidis

    ok…I gotta say…that avie is just a wee bit scary, lol

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