So, it has come to my attention that my site is blocked on some company and university WiFi networks, and that makes me sad you guys!! How can I fix this?  I’ve always tried to remain tasteful on this blog, even when I show some pixel nudity for skin or lingerie reviews.

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I’ve been dying to blog this Lazy Lingerie set from CandyDoll for quite some time. I love this casual style, it’s perfect for layering underneath tank tops and low-rise pants.

I may never wear “normal” hair colors again, this Bubblegum Weekends challenge is too much fun!

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – Gem/HUSH-Makeup2/LBrows
Truth – Astrid (Coolmint)
CandyDoll – Lazy Lingerie (Lila)
Gos – Pimp Your Pumps – Point Platform
TokiD – Side Headband (7)
Cherry Girl – Kitty Tattoo
FNKY – Cigarette II
Artilleri – Love Love Glasses (White)

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  1. The straps are bleeding out over the shoulders. I’m noticing that straight seams and more finished straps are no longer important to designers- is there a reason for this?

    • OH sadness!! You’re totally right, I was checking out how awesome the cleavage is on this bra, I didn’t even notice the straps, tbh! Woopsie.

  2. Hi, I tried to find the “Kitty Tattoo” but can not find it anywhere. you could help me giving me the place where it is please. I would greatly appreciate it.

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