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cheLLe – Sheer Neon

cheLLe - Sheer Neon

✿ cheLLe ✿ Sheer Neon eyeshadows can be worn alone or layered to create different colors! Depending on how you mix and match these, you can create an even brighter look or a more muted look.

Purchase this pack online!

cheLLe @ SL Marketplace or at cheLLe mainstore on Juicy

cheLLe - Sheer Neon


Here is an example of some color combos that I mixed and matched:

1. Pink + Blue = Sky Blue
2. Green + Pink = Dusty Pink
3. Green + Purple = Blue Violet
4. Red + Pink = Shocking Pink

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  1. Violetta

    OOh wow those look fantastic!! Got to have now!! lol.

  2. Archan Allen

    Oh great job ! A must have according to me ! It looks awsome. The mixing idea is really interesting, to create other colors.

  3. Lisanna

    I shall say I love the glossy look on these!

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