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Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy

Mmmmmmmm. Cotton Candy. This whole outfit is inspired by my yummy new Old Fashioned Cotton Candy Cart from CrackBerry. I knew I had to get this Cotton Candy cart for my sim, cos I love prim food, and I want visitors to feel welcomed when they walk around Juicy sims. I’ll be placing a few of these around the sims, so come and visitttt! Click the cart, it will give you Pink and Blue cotton candy.

Cotton Candy

I picked up this adorable Fleur Floral Blouse in Silk from vive9 at The Fashion Garet. So many good deals here, and I have no idea if they are limited or exclusives, so you should check them out! I’m pairing this top with a pair of Daisy Cutoffs shorts from Cracked Mirror. I love a nice pair of denim shorts, especially one that is short but still not too short that it shows crack or cheeks, if you know what I mean. This one is simply sexy, and pretty modest.

Illusory - Dessert Bunny (Banana Foster)

Look what I have….. Banana Foster Bunny! See my previous blog post, if you want a Dessert Bunny too.

What I’m Wearing:

Laqroki – Linnea (Fair) Dark Brows – 01
Truth – Kalia Streaked (Swedish)
vive9 – Fleur Floral Blouse (Cream)
Cracked Mirror – Daisy Cutoffs (blues)
LeLutka – Mischa (StandOut)
TFG – Anchor Necklace (Exclusive Item)

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  1. Cherry

    ohh i saw that blouse when i was there and loved it, but were afraid to buy it because the avi on the ad looks so different from my bodytype

    i better go back and get it now 😀 yay

  2. Marlen

    Hello Gogo,
    love your outfits! I am a long time reader but seldom writes commets cause your work is really great!
    I just started a blog and added your site – and i would be happy if you could have a look at my site!
    Thanks for all!

  3. Marlen

    upps – forgot the adress of my site …here it is:
    sunny greetings

  4. Lisanna

    There is so many nice things at TFG this week that I had to do two posts to fit them all, tho I didn’t get the top you’re wearing. Like Cherry, I was affraid it wouldn’t fit properly. I shall go back.

    And I almost fainted when I got the gatcha Confetti Fun bunny (the pink one!!) on the 1st try! So cute!

  5. Lisanna

    I’m wondering if the gatcha lagged on me or it’s normal to receive more than 1 bunny per play? I got 3!?

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