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Dessert Bunny

Dessert Bunny

The Illusory gatcha Dessert Bunnies are adorable!! It is $50L per play, and I just know I have zero luck with gachas so I made my friends play them for me 😀 WHO HAS A  CONTEFFI FUN BUNNY? Me!!!! I rarely ever play gacha machines anymore, cos I know that it will never give me a Pink anything. Ever. But when people who don’t even like Pink play it? They get it on the first try.


I’m fawning over the latest SLink Lulu Stilettos. It’s so gorgeous, and has killer stiletto heels. The HUD has been update with a sleeker look, and as always, skin color matching is oh so easy.

How cute is the Bon Bon dress from Magic Nook? I am wearing it without an undershirt, but you can totally layer something underneath this sculpted chest piece. My This adorable  Teasure Meet Hoots bag is from undefined lilies. It is scripted to change parts of the owl and bag strap with different colors or textures.

What I’m Wearing:

Milana – Lynn (Roots)
Magic Nook – Bon Bon Dress (White)
SLink – Lulu Stilettos (White)
undefined lilies – Treasure Meets Hoot (05)
LaGyo – Studs Headband (colorchange)
Illusory – Dessert Bunny (Confetti Fun)

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  1. May

    Omg, I think I died and went to heel heaven! Those heels are so sinfully fierce. Cant wait to flaunt my ava in these. Amazing find Gogo! 3cheers

  2. Chamomile Theas

    Siddean makes just THE BEST feet. It’s all in the detail. Go Aussie!

  3. SW

    Hi gogo!! which hair, skin and eyes are u wearing hope u can help thx <3

  4. Meeka

    Ehh, I thought the dress was really cute and went to buy it. It’s HUGE, and you can’t shrink it unless I guess you take it apart and shrink parts of it. The bottom all being one big sculpted prim makes it look sorta clunky, at least on me. I’ve liked everything else I’ve gotten on your blog, but the dress was a bit disappointing….

  5. Lindsay

    OMG That looks Priceless! Love it!

  6. Lisanna

    I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t like the shoes…? This said I don’t like the style but I can appreciate the work, they are amazingly well done!

  7. Petit

    Hi gogo! Nice post.
    Of which store are the eyes?

  8. Raine

    Awesome look hun, even if it is super But I saw those Dessert bunneh’s and zomg! I had to have one, luckily I got my fave right off the hop..mmm..chocolate. Anyways I gave you a shout out on my blog for showing the bunneh’s! YAY!

  9. JamieLynnPotter

    OMGGGGG I got a RARE strawberry cream Bunny!!! adorable!!

  10. Calael

    You can buy hair here removed

    • Gogo

      LOL! This is NOT that hair. I already credited the hair, and it is from MILANA. Please stop trying to post your marketplace link to my site, it is not the hair I am wearing in this post.

  11. aislynne melnik

    Beautiful Gogo … simply gorgeous. The whole look … make up, lashes, accessories. The spoon coming outta your mouth is just “perfect”. I’m jealous! 🙂

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