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Filthy – Candy Skin

Does a store build matter? Absolutely. I don’t really mind if a store is built badly (or no build at all), as long as the vendors can be seen clearly. This was not the case when I went to Filthy Skins a few weeks ago; the store was so blindingly bright and all the interior textures were tinted Blue, so I couldn’t see anything! I ran from the store as fast as I could after grabbing demos and didn’t think about these skins until last night.

After trying on several faces, I settled on this Candy skin. I think it’s lovely, and very “me” except for the Pale tone (worn below) is not really my idea of Pale, but more like a warm Sunkissed tone. Despite being too tan, I still wanted this, and I will try to make it work with Blonde hair, but I must warn you I look a bit like Snooky’s Blonde sister 😀

Check out Candy in Pale Tone:

Filthy - Candy Skin

Filthy - Candy Skin

I love this face! And it’s perfect for Dark Brown hair, but maybe even OK on Blondes.

Filthy - Candy Skin

Do you guys think the skin is more suited for Brunette or Blonde hair?

I’m really glad I gave Filthy Skins another look, cos I think I may have found a new favorite skin store.


Kyoot released the new Last Thread Tanks this weekend and they’re so pretty! I think the cleavage is so sexy, and the loose thread at the bottom of the tank is just a great touch. Howeverrrrr….. the side seams really bugs me! I know Saeya Nyanda can do better seams than this, cos it just feels incomplete to me, to not align it, and also not add side-shading to create a more “finished” look.

I’ve posted an example of what I think is great seams on a striped top from Ingenue. I love how Betty Doyle lined her textures up nearly perfectly, and also added shading along the seams.

For most of us who take photos staring straight ahead, the side seam is rarely ever seen, but what happens when you DO notice it? Designers who take more care into creating nice seams really sets themselves apart from designers who do not.

What I’m Wearing:

Hair: Elikatira – Other, Again & Maitreya – Lara II
Filthy – Candy (Pale)
Kyoot – Last Thread Tank (Spring)
Ingenue – Trixie Halter (Blossom)
BOOM – Feel Free Shorts (Pure)
Magic Nook – Neon Candy Ring

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  1. CandyDoll

    the top from kyoot is so awesome, i bet she will do a update 😀 shes a Awesome designer 🙂

    • Jolene

      yeah i think in the notecare that got released she said she was rushed and didnt really like the ultimate outcome. Hopefully and update will come out cause i love that top.

      and i think the skin works for brunette and maybe a not so white blonde hair colour.

  2. Andie Lavender

    Well I must say I’m a BIG LOVER of Filthy skins, and yes I’ve never tried it with blonde hair because I always use black tones but it looks cool too.

  3. Anahata

    seriously, i thought that it was supposed to not match on purpose. i’m a chaotic person though, and that design appeals to me.

  4. Chamomile Theas

    I’ve been across to Filthy to try skins a couple of times after seeing them looking great on the blogs and I love the cute soft chin and nose, but there’s just too much blush on them for my taste. Looks awesomely pouty on you though Gogo. Enjoy!

  5. Marianne Little

    I think the platinum hair that you usually wear is a bit too bright for that skin. But a darker blonde, like Idontbleach from LeLutka would look good. Just my 2 cents.

  6. Ever

    Saeya did say in her group notice, “So, so, sorry guys. I started my 50L item wanting to try something new, but half way through I realized I’d need more time… annnd… ended up missing it all together.
    These weren’t what I intended originally, not even close…”

    No the tops are not perfect but they are cute and only 50L 🙂

    • Anahata

      aww poor saeya. first life happens sometimes… i know that feeling of making something on a deadline and everything going wrong …!

  7. Lashy

    I think it can work on a lighter hair colour but not the typical shade you go for. Cuz in the pic above, the light blonde really does make the tan stick out so much. Mix it up with different shades of blondes, like a strawberry blonde or even try the bubblegum shades. It’s cute.

  8. Kayla

    I really like the Filthy skin, but for some reason I find the neck looks kinda weird. Like, the veins or whatever are too bulgy and high up.
    Other than that, great skins.

  9. jewel

    I like them both, but think it looks really good with the brunette hair, I’m like you I mostly wear blonde in sl 🙂

  10. Bell Lectar

    What hair color works best for what skin color goes like this:
    yellow to orange golden-ish, peachy skin colors work best for blondes
    reddish to orange-ish and bronze-like go for redheads
    pinkish to almost blue-ish works best for mousy and grayish hair
    and blueish to brownish goes for black hair

    I think this skin will look amazing with red hair.

  11. kelly

    Aww, I was so bummed when I saw this. I LOVE the spring stripe colors on that Kyoot top but I can’t deal with seams like that. 🙁 I picked up the freebie blue one that doesn’t have stripes though, and it’s gorgeous.

    • Elriva Engineer

      Yeah it’s too bad, the seams ruin a lovely top.

      Perhaps if she didn’t have time to finish it she should have stuck to solid colors like the free blue one and saved the stripes for a later release. Even though it’s cheap I would be annoyed if I got a top I didn’t want to use. (Unless the sides were shown clearly on the vendor of course.) I’d rather wait for a regular release and pay fullprice than pay 50L on a top that’s only good for photos. I’m not complaining personally though, I didn’t buy it myself.

  12. Isabelle Requiem

    I am usually pretty picky about things like lining up seams but if its free or cheap I can look past it! I have the free one and its now one of my favorite tops – wearing it right now! Also, off topic, but is there some place I can find some info on renting a spot in your sim? (For the future maybe, I’m not sure I’m ready financially at the moment)

    As for the hair color on that skin.. I definitely like the dark brown but that lighter brown looks very pretty too. If you must go blond, the ultra light blond does work pretty nicely 🙂

    Your pictures are gorgeous! I’m about to upgrade my graphics card and I have no clue what to get. I’m currently using a GT 220 and my pictures are suffering!

  13. Leilani

    I really like Filthy skins and belong to the update group but I can only wear the pale tones.
    The med and dark tones are super pink/red instead of flesh toned which is really weird :/ I find the painted on eyebrows look really bad next to my LAQ and Curio skins. I usually wear an eyebrow tat on that skin. I think there are areas that could really be improved with Filthy skins before I actually buy any more.

  14. Va Va Voom

    The skins remind me of Dutch Touch way too much.

  15. Noemi

    Cute outfit from the front loll would need to walk around arms down . Skin is cute , i do not see the resemblance with dutch touch at all tought .
    *Scratches head really hard * lol the whole outfit and colors mix is very pretty <33

    • Anahata

      yeah i use dutch touch a lot, so i went to check these skins out and they don’t look as good as dutch touch does on me, too orange and the skin isn’t as luminescent. if that makes any sense.

  16. oOJuliaoo

    The Skins are pretty Nice . The eyebrows could be better . I just can NOT stand that on EVERY skin I have gotten from Flithty there’s a big white blotch on the right hand pinky as if the pinky nail just spread all over the tip of the finger. I am surprised Gogo didn’t notice that. It just absolutely drives me insane. I could deal with the eyebrows but the pinky white blur just ruins it for me . It’s more noticeable on the fair skin tones than the others.

  17. Monica Querrien

    I like Filthy skins – currently my favorite is a special edition tan skin from The Fashion Garret. I like the tone because you don’t see it every day. Just think about it – if they had a tone that was more of the “norm”, wouldn’t you just say oh they are just trying to be like *insert well known skin designer here*? Someone already did that, I think.

    And yes, I wonder why the white blur on the pinky finger is there. When I wear nail polish though it is less noticeable.

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