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Laqroki Mini Skin

Laqroki Mini

The much anticipated new Laqroki Mini skin is so pretty! These brows are more natural than skins in the past, which makes them hard to tame but they’re not impossible to work with. I think I’ve managed to tame them somewhat with my brow base. I’ve tried wearing this skin with Blonde hair, but it really wouldn’t do the skin justice. A warm shade of Brown is perfect for these brows, so I’m blogging it with Brown hair.

Since the face is more matted than previous Laqroki Glow skins, the brows tattoos will not work with these skins. The body looks to be the same as before, so you can still use your cleavage tattoo layers.

Laqroki Mini

Laqroki Mini

I just love how youthful and pretty this skin is! If it came with lighter brows and an updated (more matted) body, it was be perfect.

Laqroki Mini

*note: I am wearing the Laq skins with some blush and some black eyeliner tattoo.


What I’m Wearing:

Laqroki – Mini (Fair) 10
Maitreya – Lara II (Platinum)
LeLutka – Requiem Shirt/Apple
LeLutka – Caprica Jeans/base
LeLutka – Misha/Bisque

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  1. Chamomile Theas

    This skin really lends itself to a very natural girl next door look, probably not quite your comfort zone, Gogo, but you have made it fit you pretty nicely. It seems like Mallory is returning to poke around with a Phoebe-type feel again from the good ole Portrait days. I really like it, as I must say, I’ve found Laqroki skins increasingly bland just lately

  2. Violetta

    I just got this skin yesterday and I have to agree with you the face is so pretty!!(I wear mine with a natural shade of red hair). I also wish the body had been updated to a different look. It may just be time for Laq to move past the glow and onto something more natural.

    • Marianne Little

      I have to agree, I bought the skin just for the face. I have to admit I didn’t look at the body. Now I regret it just a little bit. πŸ˜€
      Ah well, a skin does not last so long before I buy a new one. But I won’t buy another skin pack with the old body, LAQ…

  3. Leila c

    The face on this skin is truly very pretty, But I find it very strange for someone like yourself who picks out flaws of alot of the smaller skin brands not to mention something quite obvious about this skin.
    The face does not match the tone of the body at all re color texture shine it’s a complete miss match and obvious lazy work on the creators side to just simply use glow body’s of the old skins and slap it on.

    Why would you not bring this fact up? and infact not even do a body pic.
    Because the reason being you don’t want to get on the bad side of this designer.
    But we follow your blog because your honest and point stuff out.

    • Gogo

      There are DEMOs, try it πŸ™‚

  4. Arica

    I really wasn’t all that impressed. The lips look so dry as if you could peel away the skin on them, it looks really unhealthy. I am no fan of wet lips, but that just looks as if someone hadn’t take care of their lips for days.

    The skincolour does not match the body, or at least it seems rather off. Not to mention that I can barely make out a difference between some of the make ups.

    The brows are sort of cool, yes. I wish she had cared to match the skintones better (tried it in different lightsettings, too) and wouldn’t have added those wierd, paper-dry lips.

  5. Aemeth

    I like this skin because it feels more hand-drawn to me. In fact, compared to Tres Blah’s new Indie skin, this feels like something of that nature but a more realistic version of it. They’re both great though.

    When it comes to the skins’ bodies, I only am concerned with the face and cleavage. I don’t use much else.

  6. Agneskate Martinek

    Well.. it is something new for Laq but i don’t like it. The lips are so not natural and Gogo? I think you will use older skin from laq.

    It is good that Laq try something new but please, it have to be realy for Laq.

  7. Lisanna

    I tried Mini yesterday and my, oh my, as pretty as it can be on the vendor and on other people, I ended having 2 dead squirrels slapped on my forehead. Blame my shape, of course, but lets say it was a huge turn off for me. This said, I’ve seen it on many people and if you have the right shape for it, the face is adorable! I’m kinda sad it doesn’t suits me cuz I love wild brows.


    “The face does not match the tone of the body at all re color texture shine it’s a complete miss match and obvious lazy work on the creators side to just simply use glow body’s of the old skins and slap it on.”

    Leila is totally right. The face is way too matte if compared to the rest of the body which is identical to the ones used in the Glow collection. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing LAQ as I usually love their work plus my fav skins come from there (Vilda and Mima… can’t live without them!) but it’s too obvious not to be mentionned : face and body don’t match. At all.

  8. sweetdeb kips

    I was so disappointed when I tried on a demo. No amount of tattoo eyeshadow and blush will help this face, the poor girl needs a pair of tweezers!

  9. Marianne Little

    Hehe, I like the Mini face, the eyebrows and lips too. I don’t think the lips look dry at all. Change is good for me! It’s not possible to please all. It took years, literally, before I bought a Curio skin. I loved it on all other faces, but when I tried a demo I felt “blah”. Now I love the Pout skins.

  10. lili

    The skin for me is a downgrade. First off the lips omg can u say exfoliate and lip balm or something plz. and the eyebrows wooo to much for me to handle, this doesn’t even give me the desire to try on a demo. Gogo grl ur brave to put it on, cause u look like u haven’t taking care of yourself or u were lost in a desert lol. I’ll save u ! I have water and tweezers. And I’m even amazed I’d c u in it, since your always so flawless. This is my sincere opinion. I’m not trying to hate on no one! Unless laq was going for a look of the women that don’t take care of themselves irl, well they got it.

  11. Kayla

    I tried the demo of this skin and HATE it. I use to love LAQ skins, but it seems all of the glow skins look more or less the same, especially the body.
    This Mini skin in particular doesn’t impress me at all. The face is pretty cute aside from the eyebrows and lips, but what’s with the body? Like others said, it just doesn’t match at all. The face is a nice matte, but the rest of the body is the same as the rest of the glow skins, which quite frankly is getting boring in my opinion. I think it’s time for LAQ to come up with something new in the body department. Get rid of the shiny glow, improve the breasts and *ahem* private area.

  12. Nedeko

    at the first moment as i saw the skin preview at flickr from the creator i said: no go. this brows are ugly. even if i tried it – it didn’t got me – until i forgot my proud and started to edit my eyebrow shape, to made it thinner. and HEY! the result turns out into a very sweet beautiful skin. after wearing the demo 3 hours – I decided to buy it. Even if the price with near 2k is hurting… but in the view that the pack has more as one make-up, it’s to acceptable. I do looking forward to use it for my own blog posts. Pretty skin!

  13. Eurydice Barzane

    I’ve been thinking about this blog post for several days, so I took your advice to Leila and tried the Mini demos.
    The brows are a matter of taste. I don’t particularly like them, but I don’t hate them either. I used my default Laq brow setting, and modded it until my avatar looked less frowny. I also modded my lips in an attempt to make them look less dry and pinched.

    The skin itself is tolerable in the lighter tones, despite the face having a heavy handed ‘dusted with Johnsons Baby Powder’ appearance, but in every tone from Peach onward the difference between the matte face and glow body becomes both terribly obvious and obviously terrible.

    You seem to be a fan of Laqroki skins, and you usually look truly lovely in them. I own over a dozen different Laq skins and quite a few going back to RAC. I like them too, and I’m familiar with the usual quality of the work.
    This skin, however, is a disaster, and Leila’s criticism seems justified. Throwing a new matte face onto the old glow body is incredibly sloppy, and I imagine that if this frankenskin had come from anyone other than Laqroki you’d have given it a much less generous review.

    • Gogo

      You’re right, I’m a fan of LAQ going on 4+ years. I did mention that the face is more matted than the body, and of course there are demos so people can always grab them and try for themselves if they want to decide if it’s too matted or not. I know of at least one other skin brands where the face is totally matted and/or does not match the body at all, and yet it’s pretty popular. I think that SL residents do not mind this so much, as long as IN THEIR EYES, the “face is cute”.

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