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Snow White

Pink Fuel

Dark hair is very sexy, and goes perfectly with this Chai skin tone from Pink Fuel & Cherry Red lipstick tattoo. I love this look, and I’ve also piled on some extra blush & black eyeliner tattoo, to create a more “grown up” look for this skin.


The new Maitreya Gold Flip-Flops arrived just in time for Summer! The sculpted foot is sooo cute, and very realistic. The Flip-Flops comes with a HUD to to tint skin tone & nail colors, is scripted to change colors, and also includes 3 different styles of anklets for both ankles. I like to wear just one anklet and one toe-ring, or no toe-ring at all, but I didn’t see the option to turn both off. The anklet is there as an accessory, but also, it helps to hide where the sculpted foot meets the leg. If your skin tone doesn’t match nearly perfectly, this area will be more visible.


I never photoshop my images to hide ankle seams, so I tried to get the tone to match as closely as possible. I followed the suggested skin tone #’s in the notecard, but it didn’t even come close, so I just made my own for this Pink Fuel skin.

Mon Tissu

Mon Tissu released a lot of casual pieces a few days ago, and I’ve been dying to blog them all but I didn’t get a chance to show you guys the outfit I was wearing yesterday. This is the new Gauzy Skirt, paired with the Cropped Tank Top.

Mon Tissu

The Cropped Tank Top comes with a texture shirt & a sculpted prim that flares out a bit, and they look great together. However, I did notice that the bottom of the shirt shows behind the prim, so I edited shirt length to be shorter, and I think it looks a lot nicer this way. I do this for a bunch of prim tops, if the designer does not provide a “short” version, to wear with the sculpted prim. Do you do this too? Do you think it looks better this way?

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (Chai) Pure/nolash (Dkbrow)
Pink Fuel – Elly (Chai) Glam Lipstick (Cherry)
Truth – Clementine (Espresso)
Addict – APPLE Ring/Red Silver
Mon Tissu – Oui Necklace (Silver)
Mon Tissu – Cropped Tank Top (Off White)
Mon Tissu – Gauzy Skirt (Egg Shell)
Maitreya Gold – Flip-Flops

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  1. Annie

    do you know the skin tone for Pink fuel Elly Honey? 😮

  2. sylvan

    I bought Sugar & Cocoa so I have no need of it but could you share the tinting numbers you used to match the foot textures to Chai? I bet others would find that awfully handy. 😀

  3. Alina Bovarro

    That cherry lipstick for the Elly skin is my absolute favorite! And yes, I do shorten shirts if the prim version is shorter. Sometimes it looks good when the shirt is longer than the prim shirt, but most of the time I end up shortening it!

    xo alina

  4. Melanie Hart

    I do that with shirts too, it annoys me so much when they stick out but if it’s a cute top I don’t mind fixing the length. It bothers me more when glitch pants for skirts do it though.

  5. Crys

    I dunno… I kinda thought wearing both is a little cute, kind of a layered look…

  6. oxosimplyxamandaoxo magic

    Anyone notice that this is the 1st time that Maitreya has done a shoe that features the whole foot? Meaning that most of the foot isn’t covered up by one of her amazing shoes? Do you think this means we may finally see prim feet from Maitreya in the near future?

  7. Vicky

    This is why i hate when designers turn their clothing layers to ‘no mod’. I avoid to buy their stuff whenever possible. So often i have to shorten shirts, glitch pants, sleeves, even collars, sometimes i have to throw a transparent texture into the lower part of ‘jacket layers’. The ability to mod stuff to ones liking is the fun of SL, not the plain simple ‘wearing it out of the box’.
    Soooo to all designers out there: SET YOUR CLOTHING LAYERS TO MOD, or we don’t love you anymore!!! lol
    Same of course for prim attachments (insert long rant about re-size scripts here). Aoharu used to be my fav brand, until she started to set EVERYTHING to no mod, since then i bought only 2 things, and regretted it)

    • Xaqueline

      *nods*…with my avi’s hips/booty/height almost every prim has to be modded to get the right fit (just like tailoring my RL clothes). to think if the glitch pants to this dress ( ) would have been set to mod, the whole thing might have been avoided.

  8. MsBonBon

    Gogo looks way too great!! Never seen her so strikingly beautiful before 🙂 And finally the Elly skin.. <3

  9. MiBlogger

    Hawaianas of Brasil ? (smiles) so glad , beautiful, incrible, love maitreya

  10. Anahata

    those flip flops are awesome!

    (off topic but does anyone know why when i click the link to the shop it shows the SL map and then when i want to click it to get to it in game it gives me a page that says “problem loading page” and i have to copy and paste the address into my game? i use phoenix and i checked off use as default for links… sorry)

  11. aislynne melnik

    I’ve just started following you blog and I’m loving it!

    Just as a side note, as I’m just getting into tattoo layers, where do you get most of your blush and eyeliner tattoos? I just love the polished look you pull off. Everything turns out so gorgeous! 🙂

  12. Addison Resident

    I bought the flip flops….and just LOVE them! I tried using the nc values for skin tone, and didn’t come close either. But was easy to make my own, and the match was almost perfect. Once I turned on the added feature to blue the line at ankle….perfect!

    As for the modding clothing layers…I completely agree. I have a shorter than normal av, so a lot of times, I find that when a clothing layer comes with a prim attachment, the clothing layer is always too long. If I can’t mod the clothing layer, then it just looks silly. Most times, I have to trash the whole outfit…which really sucks

  13. oOJuliaoo

    I was hoping you would share where the eyeliner is from . I have been looking for one for the longest time .

  14. Chalice Carling

    God I love Onyx. She blows my mind with her shoes and those thongs…THE BEST. Great post Gogo.

  15. Chance Raynier

    I was did not like the Pink Fuel skin until now. I have to say you put this together so well, I changed my mind immediately! I like the more grown up additions of eye-shadow and liner, that really perked this skin up from sweet to sassy. Equally white is difficult to pull off, and you did it stunningly.

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