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Beach baby

Truth Hair

Truth – Zaria 2 | Zaria | Jordan

Guess what SL? My inventory is…. 50,406K today! I celebrated by taking photos on my beach, and didn’t crash once!

Also, I’ve been testing SL Beta 2.8.1 and it is crap. Don’t download it! I can’t believe the Lindens are changing how we make WL settings now. They’ve removed the sliders, and put in a color picker. It is not easier, and I don’t like it.

Ohhhhhh and, check out these two adorable new Truth hairstyles. I love the Zaria style with side-swept bangs, sooo wavy and stunning. Perfect for a beachy look.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Pure/nolash (ltbrow)
Pink Fuel – Elly (Glam Lipstick (Coral Splash)
d.Select – Bikini (Blue Stripes)

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  1. Bell Lectar

    Oooooh, so that’s why I haven’t been able to save a new windlight set for last months, because they were preparing to do *that*? -_-
    It’s fun to see how first they create SL which is so fun for it’s idea alone – and then year after year they are purposefully slowly killing it.
    This coulnd’t be not on purpose, could it?
    First they design this woooooomberful 2nd viewer and never fix it but only add more and more bugs for it, and now they’re also breaking the windlight?

    One good thing of this, could be the small hope they didn’t start to change the light for no reason.
    And their eventual aim is to finally make all SL objects and avatar body react to light in identifical way. Finally making prim attachments a truly flawless idea.
    If they did that, losing the windlight interface to a newly designed interface just as horrible to suit the 2nd viewer, I would consider a worthy sacrifice.

  2. Vianne

    Anyone else feel that Truth has just been producing identical hairdo’s for the last year?
    Zaria looks just like Denise from April, which in turn looks just like Billie-Joe from February, which in turn looks just like (etc etc, ad nauseum)

    I was a dedicated Truth buyer for 2 years, and now I never touch his stuff, its all too ‘big’ and makes me think ‘disney princess’. I miss the stuff from when he was just starting out, there was 2 plaits with a headband which I gasped and cried “that could be my real hair!”

    I know a lot of women want to increasingly barbie-ify their avatars, making them look ultra-beautiful, but the hairdo’s from the past year just make me think of ‘ariel from the little mermaid’ or ‘ Aurora from Sleeping Beauty’ or ‘Jasmine from Aladdin’ -those girls just had too much hair to contend with!
    That, or Jersey Shore idiot girls with their too-many extensions!

    • Lisanna

      I’m with you on that one Vianna. I used to be a huge fan of Truth and this past year my weekly purchase(ssss) dropped almost to none. I used to buy basically 80-90% of their releases and since February or March, I got 2 or 3 hairdo, which look similar to some in store I didn’t own. They all look the same and as you said, the poofiness gets old very quickly. I want breads close to the head and elaborated updos, or headband but the only thing we get is long, poofy, floaty hair with or without bangs.

      Not to mention some of the latest releases belong to the trailerpark. Their look is so outdated.

      But, I guess if it wasn’t selling much, Truth would rethink his product, right? So I guess it sells anyway. Good for him, and too bad for us. The good thing in this matter is I opened my eyes (and wallet) to other stores like and [e] which I like very much.

      • Lisanna

        I’m so LOL at myself, I want BRAIDS not BREADS!! That’s what you get for typing stuff while hungry!

      • Vianne

        I guess, if he’s got a winning formula it’ll do him good in the end, in an odd way, I’m glad Truth went grossly huge, because it led me to discover much smaller, but I’d say now, better designers!

    • Anahata

      i know what you mean. last year at this time i was a truth junkie, i haven’t bought a hair from there for months. i’ve discovered (and rediscovered) some other great hair places, some i never even see blogged (like action hair). i’m really crazy about roots right now.

  3. Penn

    The color picker in 2.8.1 is so much easier. I like it! 🙂 I mean haha yes sure at first I was like, wtf, but in under 5 minutes I was like… oh I got this. I suggest everyone go download it, expect it to be different, and have fun with the new toys. I do like the new color picker, its not harder, its just different. Once you get used to it, it IS faster to set your settings though 🙂

    Sorry YOU find it difficult LoL

    • Gogo

      I know how to tame Windlight settings, been doing it for years. I don’t find it difficult like “I cannot do it” but more like, I really liked that I could control the RGB by numbers — and make changes subtly, slowly.

      • xanna ziskey

        Just another reason to leave the SL viewer. I switched to Phoenix a few months ago, now on Firestorm, and all I hear are horror stories about the new V2. I am shocked and appalled to hear how they have changed the WL operations. I’m with you, Gogo, I spent a long time learning them and they work just fine. Geez, this crew of Lindens never heard “if it ain’t broke; don’t fix it.”

  4. Tori

    The new windlight setting was annoying at first because I was trying to figure out how to save my preset and it has day,sky, and I think water settings. Not sure if the day one is new or I just missed it? It finally let me set my preset so I was happy XD. I’m just reliefed that I got my prim grass back with the last two updates my grass wouldn’t render and sometimes my right prim eye would take ages to rez. And my graphics look right when I turn them up, before the sky and water looked like I had my graphics on low.

  5. Aula

    I actually don’t mind the color picker, but it did take me a few minutes to figure out how to *apply* the windlight setting. lol. I kept going to the “edit” menu and then saving, expecting the setting to be applied automatically because that’s what I’m used to. >.< I'm not really sure why they did it that way.

  6. Natali

    *sigh* I went back to the official viewer for a week after the beta came out. Even though my monitor is quite large I think that huge colour picker thing is a bit of a waste of space when I`m trying to look at the sky!? but I think I can bare it if I just stick to adjusting the numbers [red, blue hue, sat etc] using the arrows. Overall though it all seems like a lot of clicking especially when you want to run quickly through a bunch of presets. Hopefully it will get fine tuned like alot of the other wth?! bits of 2.0

  7. Prin

    Help. How do we switch back to previous viewerrrrrrrs? Mine installed automatically =( Can’t find preview versions to download…

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