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Bubble Trouble

Bubble Trouble

I can’t believe it’s the weekends again! For my Bubblegum Weekends post this week, I thought I would introduce you guys to Raw House. I can’t believe I took so long to try this hair brand, cos it’s adorable and the Hot and Cold color packs are perfect for Bubblegum Weekends post!

These three new Raw House hairstyles are especially adorable:

Raw House

Raw House – Lauren | Lightning | Kannibal

Bubble Trouble

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Pure/nolash (ltbrow)
Raw House – Kannibal (Hot 06)
Koketka – MSK mini top dark blue
mon tissu – Shorts (Ginger) Plain Distressed
actchio – realm of gods tattoo
RezIpsa Loc – Honeysuckle Pink (Nails)
SLink – Sheila Thongs V2 (Pink Flowers)

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  1. Jay

    Sweet pics!!

  2. Good Resident


    I’ve been following your blog for some time. I noticed, however, that you only blog certain brands and seem to follow more than lead.

    Raw House isn’t a new brand. Most of us have known about it for ages. A true fashion blogger would have known about it long before now.

    I wish your blog wasn’t so pretentious. Creativity and humility go a long way. Your outfits lack personality and flair of lesser known fashion bloggers, and this is why your blog gets called the Wal-Mart blog.

    I really have watched this blog grow from the beginning. I wish you still posted the way you used to and sought out more designers.

    • Gogo

      I never said Raw House is new or new to me, I’ve known about them for quite some time (I believe Jay is on my Flickr contact) but I don’t immediately run out and blog every brand that is in SL.

      I actually do not mind if people consider my blog the “Wal-mart blog” if people want something more exclusive… or perhaps “better quality blogging” they’re free to read the Mom and Pops blog 🙂

    • Toko

      This comment made me lolz because it was so ridiculously snobbish. And whoa there, what the heck is wrong with Walmart? The smiley discounts are pretty awesome. Don’t be so stuck up.

      Creativity is subjective, just like beauty is. Simple outfits can be just as beautiful as the ones with flair. Don’t criticize and judge Gogo for the way she dresses because they don’t meet your “high-quality” standards. She wears what she wants because in the end its her style, blog, and SL.

    • Jay

      This is one of the most ignorant things I’ve heard lol. Raw House is not totally new but it HAS only been around since December/January, and I’ll be the first to admit that my sculpts were definitely not up to par back then to be shown as nicely on as clean of pics as gogo’s. As a designer, I appreciate a blog exactly like this one where the products that are being reviewed (isnt that the whole point of a blog??) are shown clearly and in theme with the rest of the outfit.

      There is a reason this style of blogging is more popular than “creative” bloggers who stand under a tree wearing mismatched freebies with shadows on and filter rape the shit out of the picture to the point where the hair only looks like a solid black palm tree. Sure your fangirls are impressed by your use of Kirsten viewer and filter overload, but no one else is… just saying.

      • Good Resident

        Having an opinion? Crucified.

        -Rolls Eyes- You know the whole world isn’t made of gumdrops and rainbows. I didn’t insult her blog. I said her blog gets called the Wal-Mart blog because it does lack creativity. There’s nothing new to see here. Truth.

        And Jay, no one wants filter rape, and of course you appreciate this post, ITS ALL ABOUT YOU! “Just saying” lol

        It’s not the end of the world if someone criticizes someone else. Criticism helps just like blind adoration.

        • Toko

          No one ever said you can’t state your opinion. It’s just the way you stated your criticism that was so snobbishly rude sounding. You could have said, “Hey Gogo, could you please feature more unique designers instead of well-know brands?” Or even better, “It’d be great to see you add some more prims and layers to your outfits to show more of your creative side.” Complaining and arrogant sounding criticism isn’t the best way to say how you feel…a little politeness will get your voice heard a lot better.

        • Jay

          No need to get dramatic. Don’t I have the right to give an opinion too? Or does the fact that this post involves my hair discredit my opinion? No big deal if we disagree but it’s kind of sad to act victimized by trying to make your empty insults sound noble, labelled as constructive criticism. If nothing is new here to you, why not try one of the trillion other blogs around? But you won’t because even the haters shop at walmart ;P

    • Lashy

      It takes some …skill… to call something pretentious while exposing the hypocrisy of the statement back at yourself.

      Given your assumptions on my friend’s creativity, humility, and personality, you obviously don’t know her. She’s one of the most genuine and down-to-earth people I know. Take your fashion blogging bible beating elsewhere. Gogo’s blog has always been personal and hers to formulate however she wants. Who are you to tell her how to do it? And how are your standards the right way anyway? You don’t even have the conviction to sign a name that people can identify you with.

      If your precious bloggers aren’t getting read, maybe the problem is THEIR tone/style/personality and not another person’s blog? You seem capable of some logical thinking, so how bout you swallow some of that humble pie you’re force feeding and stop projecting your hangups on other people?

      The internet will mask you only for so long. Good Resident, good luck on whatever you need to work on yourself.

  3. Natali

    Read a fair few blogs.. never heard of this brand (sorry to Jay up there :/).. or it was never presented as to stand out and make me seek it out before today. Gosh, those *other* bloggers, the *real* fashionistas must be slacking! When you insult the blog you insult the readers and followers. All us Walmart blog readers.
    I`m ever so sorry you didn`t leave your name and a link to your own blog or one of the true fashion blogs so that us little lost sheep over here can right our fashionista ways post haste!

  4. Shane Giordano

    *high fives to all the responses to Fail resident, not so sure on the good part…Good people don’t behave so snobbishly and stuck up!

    Gogo ~ You are an awesome blogger, I have loved reading your blog and has inspired me to want to start my own. People like “Good Resident” make me scared to do it tho. Not sure I would be able to handle the mean spirited bullshit =(

  5. Tatiana

    LOVEEE that tat but sadly could not find it at the store :/ Also curious, since I am new to your blog, what shape do you use, it looks fab with your skin!

  6. Dellirium

    WOW! Good resident you said all… and Jay, I know you LOVE bloggers, all your love is shown in the “Blogger Policy” session of your site 😉
    And of course you love the post Jay, it’s about your “amazing” products, it doesn’t matter the photos are with shadows, filters, etc… and people, stop being so ass-lickers and let’s play Mario o/

  7. Raquella Warrhol

    I don’t care how long it took you to find Jay, as long as you finally found him.

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