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Juicy; Sofia Shape

Juicy - Sofia Shape

“Can I buy your shape?”

So many people asked me about my shape when I change skins, especially one as gorgeous as this new Pink Fuel face. I’ve decided to create one that’s similar to my own, it is petite but curvy in all the right places. As you can see, the face is super adorable, so if you’re in the market for a new look, come check out Sofia! I named her after a character on my current favorite TV show 🙂

Purchase this shape at Juicy in-world or on Marketplace.

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  1. Isabelle Requiem

    Ugh I wish my shapes were as cute as yours! 😀

  2. Jennifer Corbeau

    This looks similar to ur “Darling” shape too, which is my fav.

  3. Don Mill

    I want to see how it will look on Don…

  4. Herli

    Hi gogo, could you add my blog?
    sorry dont know where to comment. & you have a beautiful shape!!!

  5. Mairead Fitzgerald

    I wish Juicy provided demos.

    • macey mandala

      I wish there were demos too 🙁

    • Noemi

      me toooooooo!

  6. Delila

    I love your shapes…but I’ve only ever bought two because I can’t bring myself to buy something without trying it on first.

  7. Natasha

    I love this shape! I bought it for my alt. 🙂

  8. Odella Resident

    Also went to purchase this shape, I didn’t because there was no demo for it. If a shape is a bit more expensive, I neeeeeeeed to demo it first because I use a Curio skin, which I rarely see on Juicy’s blog.

  9. eve

    I love it, and bought it, just a few mods, cause i like tall ones, and this one looks like my little sissy 🙂
    But great work, im going to get the skin too.
    Do you recomend the pink fuel from styling card, or laq ?

    • Gogo

      hi Eve! I think it will work best with Pink Fuel skin, but if you want to wear Laqroki, it would look fine too. I tested it on the Linnea skin, and it is adorable.

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