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Like Candy


Katat0nik‘s newest Ruff Haus dress comes in so many vibrant candy colors and is so adorable! The skirt is a sculpted one-piece attachment, so it’s not very AO or pose friendly (my butt shows through in many of the poses that I’ve tried). I guess it looks great for photos but aghhhhh….. I can’t wait for flexi sculpts and/or mesh!

I’m also wearing the new Kita Mary Jane shoes from Katat0nik, and they come in all colors to match the Ruff Haus dress.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Pure/nolash (ltbrow)
Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Juicy Gloss (Peach)
Truth – Danni (Champagne)
Kunglers Extra – Anemona (Ivory)
Katat0nik – Ruff Haus (Candy Green)
Katat0nik – Kita Mary Jane (B/W)

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  1. Tori

    Gah, I love Katat0nik. If your not in her group you should join. Her group gifts are so cute. She’s got this 4th of july bathing suit with a ice cream and this dress with ice cream cones on it. And super cute bikinis on the group only lucky boards (which I need to stalk already >.<).

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