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My SL screenshot


My goal when I blog products here is to present them as honestly as possible, so I was more than happy to show Hamlet screenshots of my SL!

I’ve been saying for years that rarely ever Photoshop images for this blog. Long time readers can usually tell if a filter has been applied (I do love playing around with Picnik), but most of my pictures are straight from SL with just cropping applied. Check out the full article on NWN and also see my PC specs, if you’re interested!

How to Take & Publish a Gorgeous SL Fashion Screenshot


Before: Cropped image from SL | After: Slight contrast added with Picnik

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  1. Shane Giordano

    I love that you don’t over process your pics, when I see something I want, I know thats what I will get in the store when I go shop. what windlight setting do you use? Your images are never too bright like some are on other blogs.

  2. Anahata

    when it comes to fashion & hair reviews i prefer the simple shots with no overprocessing to the artistic ones, which i can definitely appreciate on a creative level. but if i want to get a dress, or shoes, etc. i want to see them look like they are going to in second life. so thank you for that.

    i still don’t change my light settings (after years.. !), although i downloaded the phoenix preset ones and am kinda sorta coming around to having lighting around me that is uniform and not so shadowy. i do miss daytime/nightime though.

  3. Alina Bovarro

    I wish I could get shadows to work on my computer! Whenever I want to blog something I have to create my own shadows and such – maybe I will invest in a new graphics card and save myself some work, LOL.

    xo Alina

  4. Kat Terrawyng

    I am just getting into reading SL fashion blogs and I really LOVE yours! Can you tell me where you got your eyelashes? I’m sure you had to do a lot of editing but I just love how detailed and perfect they are? I look forward to continuing to follow your blog! Good luck!!

  5. Kat Terrawyng

    LOL… just found your lashes blog. That’ll work! 🙂

  6. Juliana

    How did u turned ur SL skin in pink?

  7. Torley

    Gogo, I’m currently re-reading this post because it made me smile the other day. You have such a distinctive, airy, shimmery, clean (AHHH ADJECTIVES) style with your photos, and I appreciate what you can do close to raw. I’m a big believer in advocating for SL’s “as you see it” visuals to continue approaching what inspires us elsewhere, whether that’s post-processing of sorts or real-world phenomena like shadows.

    Keep on rockin’ tha camera.

  8. Promise Fallen

    I love your blog, I read many, but I would have to say that yours is my favorite. You always keep me up to date, and I always trust your pictures. With this said.. I use Phoenix, but I downloaded the Starlight Skins for sl because, where I make skins I would love to be able to show the natural beauty like you do in your pictures. Can the Starlight skins be used with Phoenix or Firestorm? And If so.. how do you get them on there. <3 Thanks so much!

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