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Truth; Truth District

A quick break from Hair Fair coverage, to bring you even more hair coverage! Sorry guys, I am swimming in new hair releases, so this is what you’ll be getting for quite a few days. Also, I fail at my own blog challenge and forgot that it’s the weekends! And you know what that means, it’s Bubblegum Weekends again! I’ll try to do that for my next post.

Truth Hair

Truth – Becky (free gift) | Darcey | Darcey 2
Truth – Pandora | Summer | Jean

Regrettably, Truth Hawks has chosen not to participate in Hair Fair (for the 2nd year in a row, aw!) but has 5 new adorable hairstyles at Truth main store, and an additional freebie at the satellite store on new Truth District mall sim.

Join the Truth District Update Group and check notices for more info. I’m a total free hair whore, so of course I fought the lag to get this but omfg, the group chat was annoying. The only reason I never stay in groups that has chat enabled is cos I cannot deal with all the constant group chatter! If there’s a question, it’s probably answered in notices, please do not ask over and over and over where to find x items! *pulls hair out* Oh yeah, I totally had to leave that group. ‘Til the next group gift, of course.. 😛

Truth Hair

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Pure/nolash (ltbrow)
Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Juicy Gloss (Lingerie Pink)
Donna Flora – SeaHorse (necklace & earrings)
G-Field – Lace Top (Lucy) Ivory
Mon Tissu – Gauzy Skirt (Egg Shell)
LeLutka – Mischa (Tan)

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  1. Deckland McCullough

    Same reason I hate joining groups but such cute hair! Do you think this is a strategic move by Truth? Sure funny releasing at the same time.

  2. Sophia Harlow

    Oh, tricky girl! Just hope you get in there before we slap pay for the next group gift <3

    Chat will be turned off tonight, or tomorrow at the latest.

    • Marianne Little

      Oh, thank god that you turn off group chat. I hope I’m back from my vacation in time to get this nice freebie. Some viewers, but not many enough, have the ability to turn off group chat. To the best of my knowledge, these viewers is viewer1 based so it’s either sacrifice layering, or endure endless chitchat. Most ppl in SL are lazy. It’s the same questions over and over again, or demands for a TP.

  3. Sophia Harlow

    No, it was not a strategic move… I actually planned the opening date without realizing what else was going on this weekend.

  4. Mairead Fitzgerald

    I looked hi and lo for that necklace at her main shop and the one on Juicy sim to no avail. Is it out yet?

    And please turn of that TD chat. It’s a wonder anyone gives anything away anymore, the avarice is rampant.

  5. Vianne

    Bit of a suggestion/request, Gogo,
    could you shoot/take pics of white/extremely pale blonde hair on a darker background? I simply can’t see where some of the hairdo’s end ! 🙁

    Thanks a trillion, hehe!

    • Gogo

      Good idea! I keep forgetting that it’s hard to see Blonde on White background, but I was trying to match my outfit…. LOL

      • Starr Luna

        Thank you thank you thank you. =) Your pics are always so gorgeous, but I have a hard time making out the hair too!

  6. Alexxandra Sorbet

    I bought that skin cuz it looked so gorgeous on you! XD
    I don’t think your blog is good for my wallet. 😡 I should use it to upload textures instead! <3

  7. Elle Couerblanc

    I love this outfit Lady. So adorable!!

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