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I use to love Cubic Effect, but about a year ago, I cleaned up my inventory and deleted the entire folder. They hadn’t release in awhile, and their sculpts never fit me properly without a lot of adjustments. I saw someone wearing this hot shirt in a photo, and I knew I had to get it!

Is this a shirt that you can wear around in-world, and expect it work with your AO? No. Is this a shirt that is good for photographing and re-creating a hot look? Yes.

The attachments are copy/mod, so I made a back-up copy, found my pose for the photo, and modded the attachments to fit my body and fit this pose. I also cheated a lil’, by wearing boobs alpha, and blending pics together in PS to create the image above.


Warning: I am not good with Photoshop, so when I tried to draw the shirt as best as I could where it was cutting through my arm. It doesn’t look good close-up, but it doesn’t look “off” at first glance either, so I kept it.

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Esme (Roots) Stefani
Cubic Effect – Shirt (White)
LaGyo – Hop Bird Headband (Silver)
Mon Tissu – Denim Lou Lou (Dark)
RezIpsa Loc – Minty Fresh Nails

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  1. nephania Rubanis

    It looks great drawn! Also you could use the liquify tool in Photoshop to smooth it!

  2. Kismet Dawes

    LOL I agree, I have that shirt and it’s good for photos and standing still. but itis a hot and looks great in the pic!

  3. Lisanna

    Gogo, what’s the skin you’re wearing? Is it Pink Fuel’s latest release? ty!

    • Gogo

      Yep! I had changed skin before I did the credits, so I didn’t write it today. I’ve been wearing Pink Fuel Elly since it released.

      • Lisanna

        Ty! 🙂

  4. Miah

    great pic as always and great drawing.also you can use Plastic in filters menu. so you can move the contour from outside to make the line ideal.will not cut in hand too <3 also good to use it if some pose makes corners on your body,you can make it better using plastic too.

  5. Marianne Little

    That skirt is so sexy! I totally love my white knit dress from Cubic Effect, and that’s wearable too.
    But tell me, you posted about alpha layers a while ago. That was to remove lashes and part of the skull. I got that part, and a few more packs.
    Have you found new alpha layers, that can take off various part of the boobs, or hips? I know that some brands include it, but I really don’t want to buy that expensive dress just to get the alpha layer.

    • Gogo

      I’m using Alpha from something I already have, but let me see if I can look for a pack on marketplace that has all sizes. Usually people give these away free (or they should!).

    • Marianne Little

      Shirt I meant, not skirt! Damned typo, lol.

  6. viv

    Hi there… this is completely off subject… LOL but I thought you would have some insight on how in the HELL…. can I get my shape to not have that gigantic GAP in my ass inworld!!! hahaha. I have bought LOADS of shapes… but still seem to have to alter everything and is not worth what I spent… please help!?

    • Gogo

      Did you try lowering your Hip Width? What’s yours at? I prefer something around 50-55 on the slider. Also, your “Knobbed knees” should be 50, so your legs are straight.

  7. viv

    hmm…. that could be the case… I have my hips pretty high since I like my hips to be pretty.. wide hahaha but thanks girl I appreciate it 😉

  8. Vicky

    But then you are saying that any clothing that uses prim attachments one cannot “wear around in-world, and expect it work with your AO”. Prim attachments enhance the silhouette of the av and need adjustment, even shape adjustments, and are always a compromise. Even AOs are not compatible with any shape, not even the default stand when you look at how the hand sinks into the hip on it. And Aoharu, with her ‘no mod’ policy, has way bigger issues than ce Cubic… yet you never mentioned it there.
    Exile and Truth long hair btw one also cannot “wear around in-world, and expect it work with your AO”. In fact following your argumentation whole SL is only “good for photographing and re-creating a hot look”. I really don’t understand you on this one.

    • Gogo

      I never said ALL prim attachments were impossible to wear in-world. Some prims (cuffs, collars, belts) works beautifully with most poses and AO, while skirts, sculpted tops, sculpted skirts, can be a nightmare. Hair is not usually a problem, although some styles that are too long or “windblown” styles, I wouldn’t wear when I’m running around in-world since I don’t like things disappearing into my body or smacking other people in the face. If you don’t “understand” why I said what I said about this Cubic Effect shirt, I guess you do not own it. It comes with 3 separate attachments, that are not connected, so when you move, the sleeves looks like they’re completely detached from the shirt. Some items are just not meant to be worn when you’re running around, that’s all.

  9. Anahata

    i have the shirt and i wear it around all the time (well i used to when i first got it). it’s heavily modified though, but i dont mind that the sleeves aren’t attached. i wear an ao that i have made especially for outfits where i dont want to bend or hold my arms up.

  10. Cajsa Lilliehook

    I love your work and highlighted it in my column for Shopping Cart Disco. The column is called What I Like. And What I Like is your picture.

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