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Curio - Candy

I fall in and out of love with skin brands, depending on how much I like the faces. Around December of last year, I fell out of love with Curio. It has been 8 months since my last review of Curio skins, and in those 8 months nothing really lured me back until Gala Phoenix released these new Candy skins, and they are oh so delicious.

Curio - Candy

Gala Phoenix is the queen of sweet young faces, and her range of makeups is stellar. I love that for a mere $3,000L, all skin tones, makeups and options are included.

As a long time fan of Gala Phoenix and her gorgeous skins, I am so happy that Candy is closer to what I use to love about Curio skins back in 2008/2009. I think that Candy’s face is slightly lighter than the body (but not as bad as on the previous skins). I can totally live with this, cos the face is so so sweet, but it may be more noticeable on darker skin tones. Check out the demos before you buy, of course.

Do you like Candy? Visit Curio!

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Coy (Roots) Stefani mix (TDR Blue Exclusive)
BOOM – Juicy Girl Tank (BOOM freebie @ Juicy sim) out now!
BOOM – Feel Free Shorts (Pure)

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  1. Lisanna

    I am with you on this one. I was a huge fan of Curio (spent 18 months wearing the Breeze fatpack… wow) up to last year when I got enough and all new releases were absolutely not interesting to me. But when I saw the Candy line yesterday I had to try and I really, really liked it.

    Still unsure if I’ll purchase it or not but it’s the first Curio skin I like in a long, long time.

    • Lisanna

      Oh Gogo, did you really say for 3000L we now get all skintones?
      Wow. It was not the case back when I got my Breeze pack.

  2. Alicia Chenaux

    For at least the past year or so, the fatpack does include EVERY skintone. It almost doesn’t make sense not to fatpack Curio skins!

    • Lisanna

      WOW ty for the info Alicia 🙂

  3. Dellirium

    WOW “but not as bad as on the previous skins”…
    I don’t think that the previous skins were so bad as you said… I have pout, airhead, summer and the oooooooold Breeze, and I’m really satisfied with them U.U

    Yes Lisanna, I have Breeze too, acorn pack… but the fact that all skins comes in all tones is not interesting for me because I only use acorn dark :)) The other tones are only extra things that will be forgotten in my inventory and I only wear them when I want something funny… U.U

    • Anahata

      i went to try out the candy skins, and bought summer!

    • Lisanna

      I still love Breeze but I got it in Acorn back a while ago and since I switched to redhead, it’s too dark for me. I wish I had all skin colors, Petal suits me better. I wonder if I will repurchase this pack or switch to another one, I tried Airhead and I love it even MORE than Candy.

      Major spending ahead.

  4. Ninna Dazy

    I like new Curio skin line, it’s nice and girly. I wonder what do you think about Zoul Creations skins. It would be interesting to see post about them. I bought some, and they look nice on my avatar, even face is a bit older then with other skins, as Curio is.

  5. gidge


  6. Shuri

    am I the only one who would give a virtual foot for Jasmine 2?
    Candy is ok. I really like the lips allthough (for my taste) they look a bit too puffed up combined with those pouty cheeks, but Jasmine is special. I so wish wish wish wish for a 2nd Jasmine or a similar (asian)face…every new release i wish it’s another Jasmine…and it’s not T_T

  7. Skye

    Only “slighty” haha. That’s a whole lotta lightness. I’m wondering if the skin is just freckled and if there’s a tattoo for the face. I haven’t had a Curio in a while. I’m a freckled redhead so they were always the best for that hehe. I’ll have to check it out inworld though to see if I can handle the lightness of the face or not with my settings.

  8. Hito

    The face is cute- but it looks like a young face on an older body. The neck looks wrinkled… or to me it does anyway.

  9. Bell Lectar

    The lightness of the face was one of the reasons I fell out of love with Curio’s.
    When you can actually see the line under the chin and on the forehead, where the face lightness stops and the normal color begins, I think you can count that for a seam.
    And it’s not good when you take a closeup of your hand on your face, their colors are so different they don’t look like they belong to one person.
    Besides, majority of SL users use the midday setting, and in that one Curio’s paler tones have such strong face to body color difference it’s like a mask, or a geisha/mime make-up. And I want to look inworld good too, not just in pics.
    Which is a shame, as in my eyes, there is no other skin that have a body shading even close to how beautiful Curio’s is.
    I wonder why they do the face bleach. Is this some sort of a facelight simulation?

  10. Elle Couerblanc

    I like the skins but I think they are still a bit too reddish for me to be in love with them. Love the lips though.

  11. Ningyou

    I feel the same about Curio skins. The faces, make ups and body shading are to die for; however, the facial highlights are too severe for every day wear. It looks great in pictures taken in the absolute best lighting conditions but it falls flat under any other possible lighting.

    As a person that has avatars of different ethnic backgrounds I have to say that Curio’s definition of dark baffles me. With each release it becomes more so apparent that the darker shades are just a color wash. The faces do not match the bodies at all in terms of color depth or shading, it looks like someone smacked you in the face with a giant pouf filled with baby powder.

    Something that skin makers need to learn is that in photography if your pictures highlights are too strong or don’t exist that the picture ends up on the cutting room floor. For the light skinned it makes their skin look “thirsty” and dry. For the darker tones it looks almost greasy.

    Seeing skin tones that run more of a color gambit (and leave the lighting to the user, not make them apart of the skin) would be nice.

  12. Mitzy Burns

    I am Gutted!

    On first try of the demos these skins are fabulous. What a range. Lovely make-up choices and the mouth has finally been honed down to a usable and kissable shape. Body looks great too… from a distance, and I was so excited…So cute and perky and yummy… I could go on…

    However, as some of the comments above have pointed out, our ultimate quest for the perfect skin just doesnt happen here. The darker and paler faces seem to survive the bleach out, but for me it’s petal or nothing and there really is too much difference between face and body unless you constantaly face the sun, in which case it just about works. (not an easy task believe me especially when trying to chat someone up!) There is a massive difference between face and body and, well, it fails I’m afraid. And no one has mentioned the crude nose line. Again face the sun and you cant see it but it really is a bit ragged. I hasten to add that I am one of those unpopular and old fashioned gals in SL who still wears a face light (groan) albeit a very low key one and it still didn’t help.

    Like I say, I am gutted as I kind of fell in love and thought this could have been the prettiest skin I have seen in ages!!! NEXT!

  13. Mitzy Burns

    PS.. I feel really mean now! I know that a lot of work went into these skins and I have to say that for Gogo we all go a bit gaga when it comes to a review. Whilst I stand by my critique, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you pick the right shade, this skin really is lovely. You just have to make it work for you. (mitzy eating humble pie now…)

    • Lashy

      I appreciate all the comments from Gogo and the readers. The dialog for praise and critique for this skin review is very balanced. No need to feel bad. I walk away from this feeling informed. 🙂

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