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Zooby Baby hairstyles

Zooby Baby

Aww my Zooby Baby is all grown up! These newest hairstyles are simply adorable, and a must have. Each hairstyle is available in Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, Curl or Straight, and comes with side bangs, center bangs, or no bangs. You can even turn the headband off, but I think it is cuter with it turned on. I just loooove my baby with side bangs and short pigtails. It’s never going off her head! Ever!

Zooby Baby hairstyles

New hair colors rock! It is so easy to change your baby’s hair color now, instead of being ‘stuck’ with the default color option. I think mine works well as a Blonde, but she could totally rock Strawberry Blonde or Dark Brown too.

Zooby Baby hair

What will Zooby think of next?

I know some people find these ‘creepy’ but I think they’re adorable, and flawlessly scripted. All of my friends that were hesitant about getting one, totally fell in love with their Zooby Baby once they got one! You don’t even need to role play family to have one of these (I don’t), I just love cute things. And mine is cute!

Visit Zooby Baby

Don’t forget to check out Lourdes’ Zooby Baby hair post! Her adorable baby, Lourna, is wearing the short curly pigtail style, and is sooo cute!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Pure (ltbrow)
Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Juicy Gloss (Natural)
Exile – Coy (Roots) Stefani mix
LaGyo – Hop Bird Headband (Silver)
BOOM – Ice Cream Tank (Strawberries and Cream)
my Zooby Baby is wearing all Zooby products
& sitting on the…
North West – Chaise Pigeon (Leafs)

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  1. Lourdes Denimore

    I may have to get the long pigtail style too.

  2. Dellirium

    WOW! These babies faces look like morph D:

  3. Leslie

    Hey there,
    Totally agree…very cute. The hair makes the difference for me…I didn’t care for them before the new hair. I gotta ask though…are the eyes different shapes? Is it supposed to be like that? When you look at it, the eye on the left (which would mean its the baby’s right eye) looks way bigger than the other. Can you change it, make em equal?

  4. Shiori Carter

    Those zoobies look great. Wait until they make a mesh version, you will have to put the olds one up for adoption 🙂

  5. Elriva Engineer

    I imagine mesh will make items like these babies look a lot better. They have done they best they could shaping a sculpty to get the head the details it has. But with mesh it will look SO much better. On the other hand they do seem to have only used a straight photo, more SL style smoothing like skin creators use would help a bit to make it look less like a stuffed baby. With that perfectly real baby face and glass eyes that’s the impression I get when I see it. Most skins that look that realistic on avatars don’t work well either. Anyways, besides my opinion on the faces 🙂 the hair is cute, and having the option to change hair colors is always nice instead of being stuck.

  6. Sedge Weyland

    By far the creepiest thing in SL.

    • Lisanna

      I’m with you on that one.

      • Shuri

        Im not sure whats creepier; adults acting like babies/little children with their avatars “sowwy mommie I haz made poopy in my pants” *shiver* (it creeps me out at normal shops and normalSIMs not at private quaters, IMs or RP-SIMs, thats what those are for) or these… ..but yes the hair is cute and if they are updated with the new mesh they’ll probably look less frogalien-with-humanskincolor-hair-and-glasseyes-like and more like babies(still the best primbabies I have ever seen) and after all it doesn’t make any difference if one has prim-humanbabies or other prim-animals like dogs/puppies, meeroos or whatever. That’s just a matter of preferences afterall, although offering different faceoptions in addition to the skin- and eyecoloroption would help the clonearmycreepyfactor alot.
        PS: the creepiest thing are definitly the talking(local chat) pregnantbelly-attachments ..nothing, NOTHING can top those in case of creepiness aaaaand they spam the local chat to death, especially if there is more, than one of them at once…

        • Sedge Weyland

          Spammy things in SL are loathed by all, really. I hate the preggo bellies, the gestures that pour 4-5 lines a pop into chat and play sound, the dogs and cats and dragons and babies and who knows what else that’s attached to someone saying it’s hungry over and over as its owner shops.

          I mean, I know it’s SL and we can do anything in it, but come on.

  7. Marianne Little

    They should customize eyes too. Wouldn’t that be great, if your baby had your eyes? 🙂

  8. Irischka Hotshot

    ok.. i dont like this baby thing in sl.. but now i think i need to have one!

  9. Leilani

    Other than being able to turn it on/off, is the headband customizable: colours, patterns? They should have headbands with sculpty flowers/butterflies etc 🙂

  10. Khea

    Uncanny Valley…exactly where these babies fall which makes them look so creepy.

  11. CherryLips*~

    Omg this babie look like a TETE A CLAQUE babies!!! hahahahahahha

    • Gogo

      I googled that, and OMG! those are quite scary.

    • Irischka Hotshot

      MUHAHA !

  12. Lashy

    One comment for the Zooby people, dilate the pupils of the eyes. Bigger pupils would take away the hard expression. Should be like 50-50 or more.

  13. Otekah Timaru / Otekah resident

    I think the hair should have a shine to it like children’s hair natural does

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