cheLLe – Frosty Combo

cheLLe - Frosty Combo

✿ cheLLe ✿ Frosty Combo face makeup set is includes six face makeup tattoo with a combination of frosty eyeshadow and lipstain on the same tattoo layer. You can wear it over any skin or layer with other existing tattoo makeups.

Purchase this pack online!

cheLLe @ SL Marketplace or at cheLLe mainstore on Juicy

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  1. Hi Gogo,

    I love your blog and as far as I’m concerned you are the go-to fashion blog for SL. That said, do you have any inside scoop on which (if any) of the hair designers will be first to release mesh hair? Or which shoe designers for shoes? I’ve already splurged on “Jane’s” for some mesh jeans and a couple of mesh dresses and would be delighted if you could give us the skinny!

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