So Fluffy

Pygmy Puff

OMG! Look at these cuties! They’re Pygmy Puffs that you can purchase from Ohmai Emporium. Thanks to some amazing Plurk pals, I was able to get a bunch of colors that I wanted w/o gambling with the gacha machine. TY guys!! I won’t try to collect all the colors, but some people have… and I’m just a tiny bit jealous, cos they’re all so cute.

Truth Hair

Truth – Tasmine | Martina

Check out these two adorable Truth hairstyles! Tasmine and Martina comes with hair ties that are scripted to color-change.

What I’m Wearing:

Laqroki – Linnea (Fair) Light Brows – 01
cheLLe – Sheer Earthtones (Rose) (eyeshadow)
Edelweiss – Cecilia
ATypical – Strawberry Pocky

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  1. You know what’s so good with SL designerns? (Especially hair ones) – they give me inspiration for new RL hairstyles.
    I grow bored at my long hair and find it hard to come up with new fun ways to wear my hair but hey, in SL there’s so much creativity 😛

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