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Better or Worse?

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  1. Ohna

    This is an interesting poll. I feel like I couldn’t answer it, because it seems like the viewers are getting worse, but the experience is getting better for me?
    A not sure or in-between answer would have been best for me.

  2. Terri Zhangsun

    Why is it getting worse? Because they took away my F*#@*%^G shadows! I loved having shadows to take my pictures and now I can’t get them anymore with the last few updates! How dare they! Sure it lagged the hell out of my computer when I used them but I didn’t use them all the time just for pictures. Also, one of the last updates that they did, crashed my computer all the time! And I mean froze my computer and I had to turn it off and restart it from my surge protector and I have a gaming CPU. Honestly, I’m hardly in SL anymore because I am so disguisted with LL. Whew! That was alot of ranting!

  3. Delilas

    Lag has steadily gotten worse over the last year, and there is little to no response from LL about it.
    Our sim is a full sim…we pay the same rate as everyone else…but we are stuck on an older server where lag is incredibly noticeable. Even just sending or receiving notices while in the sim would cause a crash.
    It took 9 months of constant tickets to LL before they finally swapped our sim to a new server.
    Improvement? Absolutely. But there are still plenty of places to visit that are experiencing the same problems as LL continues to use outdated hardware to save $$.

  4. Shiori Carter

    hi 🙂

    For me, the newest viewer, every time i click on an inventory item there’s a little hang, its so frustrating i have to log into phoenix just to do inventory. So that has made it worse for me.

    Also, it seems the servers are taking longer to respond, especially around rezzing and attaching, and clothing layers.

    So all in all, i seem to be spending more time waiting as the upgrades progress.

    • LoLli

      YES! I switched to firestorm because of the inventory LAG on the latest update :/ everything seemed fine until that bump tho,, I still voted worse cus,, as often as I change laggy inventory can ruin my SL!

  5. Anahata

    i wish i could use a different viewer NOT like the new one (phoenix i really mean) and have multiple alpha & tat layers. i know it’s not gonna happen cuz of firestorm.

  6. Sansarya

    The viewer experience is about the same as always (on Phoenix. The regular viewer is still really crashy for me), but so many friends have left SL that it’s worse because there’s only so much shopping and freebie hunts you can do.

  7. Nedeko

    it gets better – but it still bothering me that they made the shadows so late available for mac users (ati cards!). we had to wait around 1 year longer. that was to long!

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