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Candy Sucker

When I’m bored, I like to search for random things to buy on Marketplace. It’s much faster than hopping from shop to shop in-world, and is a great way to discover new-to-me brands.

Today I typed in rainbow tattoo and found this awesome Candy Sucker tattoo from (sorry guys, I’m removing their credit).

Candy Sucker

This tattoo is not subtle at all. It is colorful, and demands your attention. I looked like a candy store attacked me, and I love it!

Candy Sucker

This tattoo comes with 5 transparencies and one black and white (tintable) version. I think it’s very cool the creator included different levels of transparency, cos ‘faded’ is more realistic.

I wish it didn’t come with so many words, though! I also wanted to be able to wear just one or two of them individually, without having to wear the entire thing. The back, arms, and legs tattoos are ones I would totally wear by themselves, without all the other stuff.

Candy Sucker

If you guys come across any more colorful tattoos with candy, flowers, pretty and cute things, can you leave a comment with the store name or Marketplace link so I can take a look? I love cute tattoos!

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Pure (Ltbrow)
Elikatira – Changes (Blonde 05)
BOOM – Malibukini (lt Pink)
Maitreya Gold – Flip-Flop
Store Name Removed – Candy Sucker tattoo

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  1. Dream Resistance

    Arawra has some MLP tattoos, and Katatonik has really cute Sweet Poison sleeves.

    • Gogo

      Thanks Vixxie!! <3

  2. Skye

    Yep Vixxie is right Para is fantastic for colorful fun tattoos. I’m not inworld atm or else I’d give a couple other tattoo shops to check out for yeah. Hehe, I actually really like this tattoo on you. You’ve tried it before a couple of times and it was interesting to see Gogo with one but odd to me. This though…purrfect!

  3. Lourdes

    I still say it needs Glitter!!!

  4. Prin

    These illustrations belong to other (RL) artists = some are from acrilycana, and other random artists – mostly deviantart. Please, do not support this kind of stuff… it looks pretty but the person selling these is doing something against the law, copyright infringement, not to mention unfair since the artists had to spend time and effort to create illustrations to be copied and pasted just for profit…

    • Gogo

      Oh, I’m shattered! I spent good $ on this 🙁

    • Jolene

      There is TONS of stuff that is from deviantART being sold on SL. It’s kinda sad.

  5. Alura

    You guys should inform the artsist on D.A.! A lot of artists on that site (including me) use the copyright laws offered when uploading work rather than upload the image with a HUGE D.A. logo watermark

  6. Crux

    I found a gacha machine at M.O.a.R (on the Pink Moon sim) that dispenses cupcake tattoos that go on your tummy for 25l. Thought of you right away and this post. Btw, you don’t know me but I’m acting like you do because I’ve been reading your posts for about a year now. Juicy Bomb is my fave SL fashion blog!

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