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Laqroki – Alva

Laqroki - Alva

Meet Alva! This is the newest face from Laqroki skins, and it is just stunning. I am loving the new prices for skin packs ($990L) cos it’s so cheap, and well, I don’t really need all the extra makeups for any skin as long as there’s a great bare face.

Laqroki - Alva

Each skin tone comes with 5 lipsticks  with bare eye makeup.

I purchased the new Alva brows tattoos cos I love Black brows for this skin. The default Alva skin has Brown brows option, which are nice too, but for $175L you get Red, Blonde, and Black Brows tattoo in your tone choice.

Your old Laqroki brows tattoos won’t work with this new skin, so please upgrade! The old brows were made for Laqroki’s Glow skins range, and yes, it is different. My friend tried to wear her old brows with the new Alva skin, and being a good friend I just couldn’t let that happen! Friends do not let friends wear brows tattoos that don’t quite match.

Laqroki - Alva

Laqroki Alva (Fair) 01 | plus cheLLe – (eyeshadow) Sheer Neon (Green) | plus [PF] Elly <Chai> – Glam Lipstick – (Coral Splash)

Tattoo makeups is a great way to create more looks for this skin! I’ve added cheLLe – (eyeshadow) Sheer Neon (Green) and [PF] Elly <Chai> – Glam Lipstick – (Coral Splash) to create a whole new look.

What I’m Wearing:

Elikatira – Breeze (Blonde 05)
d.Select – Sexy tennis dress (Cream Rose)
Laqroki – Alva (Fair) 01

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  1. Skye

    Odd that this is the same weirdness as the previous Curio skin. I’m talking about the fact that the face is sooo light. And I love LAQ lol. Hmm please don’t say this is a growing trend haha.

    • Veronike D

      I add that many others brand skins have the different match color between face and that a must? or they use the same psd? LOL

  2. Jilsun

    did breeze get released yet?

  3. Leeuna

    Love it ! <3 really pretty on you , how are you doing to wear several tattoos ?

    • Layne

      Depending on your viewer you can select add instead of wear and be able to wear a few at a time. I think its 3 or 4 at time.

  4. Xaqueline

    Alva is really a gorgeous skin. my favorite feature is the mouth corners and how they are ever-so-slightly tucked into the cheeks. thanks for mentioning which brow color she comes with! now i need to get me them new brows, too. gracias señorita Gogo!

  5. Marianne Little

    Is the body updated yet, or is it the old Glow skins body?

  6. Tori

    LAQ needs to update their body and stop putting out similar faces (this one’s lips are pretty different then the last skins so props for that though) with the old body. I won’t buy until they finally do and offer paler skins that don’t get dead (the pale-est none dead looking skin has a serious orange-ness :/). LAQ has nice faces but the body needs to be updated.

    • Tori

      Don’t look dead*

  7. Elriva Engineer

    There is something about the lipstick I don’t like. I only see it in the dark colored lips the natural lips look fine. Maybe because there isn’t much shading on the bottom edge of the bottom lip. It looks like flat color. I think the skin looks so much better either natural lips or the pink fuel lipstick. I agree 990 is a much better price for a skin pack. What I don’t understand is why they don’t update their old prices. It’s really weird to see the older a skin is, the more it costs. Why are the oldest skins still 1400 each?

  8. SweetDeb Kips

    I bought the new eyebrows too but the old ones work just fine… 🙂

  9. Kay

    I too wish Laq would update their body and go for some different faces. I find most of the skins there look too much alike, and I think the private areas could use a lot of work. The nipples are just too flat, and I’m not fond of the vagina either.

  10. Ziki Questi

    I have to echo some of the other statements here. I bought the Peach 5-pack. The face is lovely, really carefully done, but I was profoundly disappointed to see how far off the skin tone on the face was from that on the body. (You can see the difference pretty clearly on your photos — it just looks weird to me.) The body looks as if it hasn’t been upgraded in ages (and all Laq skins seem to look identical from the neck down!). So, while the face is fab, I can’t see wearing this skin around without a turtleneck. 😉

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