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LeLutka – Flutter Skin

LeLutka - Flutter

LeLutka will be releasing the Flutter skins later today, and it comes with all new skin tones! There are 5 skin tones to choose from: Alba, Bisque, Bronzed, Ivory, and Mocha. Each skin tone includes Light and Dark brows, 12 makeups, Breast Enhancer on tattoo layer, 2 Hair Base (Sookie & Walnut color), and nail cover tattoo (to work with prim nails).

LeLutka - Flutter

LeLutka – Flutter Dark | Light Brows

LeLutka - Flutter

This new Flutter skin is pretty, but it’s not my favorite LeLutka skin to date. Unlike the previous Gem skin (which is perfect, btw), this skin has more highlights on the nose, and around the face, especially the upper cheeks. Depending on how bright your Windlight setting is, this might be too contrasted. My own Windlight setting is super bright, so I toned it down a bit for these pictures.

I have a preference for fuller and more defined lips, and on Flutter, the lips are definitely less defined and it’s probably better for people who like making thin lips as opposed to pouty lips. I’m used to LeLutka being a certain look (pouty, less mature) so this new look is a lil’ different and will take some getting used to!

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What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – SJ Hair (Bournville)
Trashy Girls in Style (TGIS) – LowCut Cami (Black)
Trashy Girls in Style (TGIS) – LowRise Hipsters (Black)

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  1. Shuri

    what’s with that expression xD. This skinface looks so peeved, they should think about renaming it to “Lemon” or “Sour” or “you piss me off”, something like that xD.

  2. Noemi

    i’ve tried the skin and i don’t like it. It looks PREEEEETTY old. maybe 35 till 45!!!! But nobody is perfect. I guess the next will be better again! 😀

    • Lisanna

      Maybe are they trying to target a new market? Not everyone wants to look 20ish in SL. I’m gonna try the skin but I think it will look too “old” on me as well.

  3. Blair

    The lips look a little bit flat IMHO 🙁 The skin looks nice otherwise though.

  4. Marianne Little

    I don’t like LeLutka skins so much, even if I love the clothes and hair. The lips here, I don’t like them but I will try a demo and see for myself. It is good for those who dislike full lips. 🙂

    • Anahata

      me too i love their clothes hair and shoes but the skins always look too painted and not soft enough for me. i just can’t explain it. i guess they remind me of skins from years ago, i have some skins that freak me out at how awesome they make my avi look. these just make me look like old school sl.

  5. Lara

    “they should think about renaming it to “Lemon” or “Sour” or “you piss me off”
    They actually did. It’s named after a SLer who resembles all these characteristics.

  6. Libby Farleigh

    I agree with Marianne, Lelutka hair and clothes are always a win but Gogo is the only person I’ve seen look pretty (IMO!) in a Lelutka skin outside of a heavily photoshopped ad. This one is just… goodness, even on Gogo it looks old (rather than mature/womanly, which I actually like in a skin) and just not nice at all. The elements separately look like they should work and be pretty but put together they just don’t.

    Fingers crossed one day Lelutka comes out with a skin I like as much as their clothes!

  7. soulprospector

    “maybe 35 till 45!!!!”


    Insulting post, btw. Some of us *are* between 35 and 45. Good of you to express your horror regarding us elderly folk.

    As for the skins, I was looking forward to trying them. I like thinner lips, but the skin looks somewhat “unfinished” to me. If you could by a single skin (forced to buy a fatpack if you want this skin), I might consider it, but my current financial situation doesn’t allow for that kind of frivolity.

    • Shuri

      i don’t think the post was meant to be insulting at all. It just depends on what you want your Avatar to look like in SL and even though there are many people playing SL, who are considerable over 30years old, there just aren’t that many people who want their Avatar to reflect their real age. I doubt that I would/will want mine to look 35 then (that is if i still play SL in 10 years :3). and apart from the face, which is especially bad this time (in my opinion) I allways found Lelutkas hands and feet to look dry and wrinkled and the cheekbones too defined.
      I do prefer tinner lips, that actually fit the lips of the SLshapemesh for a change (also from sideview, without exessive lighting needed please..<.<…) , but I also like them detailed and highquality (as apposed to pixelated at the rim and or blurry and or lacking in shading) and pretty looking and so far I never found those criteria in one skin.

      • Elle Couerblanc

        I think 35 year olds look pretty hot actually 😛

  8. LolitaWinter

    Tried it too but I do not like it at all,the face is not youthful at all and the lips are lol lets say not kissable haha 🙂

    I think ill stick up with Curio and Al Vulo

  9. Noemi

    I didnt want to insult. But i am 23 and i want that my avatar looks like this age.
    I guess many ppl saw it similar like the most of us. Because like you see, lelutka made a new face. A much younger this time :p

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