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LeLutka – Hadley Skin

LeLutka - Hadley

LeLutka has just released a new skin! Again! While I didn’t like Flutter as much as LeLutka’s previous skins, I really really love Hadley. It’s very much how I like “Gogo” to look, and that is with full pouty lips, a youthful face, and a flawless skin complexion.

Hadley comes in 10 makeups, Light and Dark brows, Breast Enhancer on tattoo layer, 2 Hair Base (Sookie & Walnut color), and nail cover tattoo (to work with prim nails).

LeLutka - Hadley

LeLutka - Hadley

LeLutka – Hadley (in Alba skin tone) with Light Brows

LeLutka - Hadley

LeLutka – Hadley Light | Dark Brows

Be sure to join the LeLutka group in-world or touch/join the subscribeomatic for a free Hadley skin gift!

LeLutka - Hadley

Check out this sexy new Bandana top from elly! I love that there’s a sculpted attachment to enhance the realism, and not just a plain texture top.

What I’m Wearing:

Truth – Clementine (Beach)
elly – Bandana Top (Navy)
Mon Tissu – Lou Lou Denim (Dark)

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  1. Shuri

    This skin looks really really great, I especially like the lip(color)s, everything looks beautiful except for the dark eyebrows. They don’t look like hair, but simply drawn on, which they are ofcourse, but they shouldn’t look it.

  2. Tori

    :C I wonder what windlight you use. I tried on alba and OMG it looks soo orange and dark.

  3. Ivy

    Well, I normally love LeLutka’s faces but the last two.. Not at all! Especially not this one.

    While I usually prefer flawless faces, just like you, I find this one to be too tame and flat. The lips looks as if they’re drawn on as well as the eyebrows.

    I put on some make up and especially lips and it looked way better but still, it’s too “nothing” for me.

    • Elriva Engineer

      I feel pretty much the same way, it’s an ok skin and I’m greatful for the free gift which was a nice gesture but it’s one I’ll never wear. The lips look flat and the face is genearlly unremarkable.

    • Elriva Engineer

      Taking a closer look at the gift skins, it’s especially apparent on the darker tones. Wearing the mocha reminds me of the older style of skins. The eyeshadow is mostly just a gradient, the eyeliner is not perfect though I suppose it has a real life hand drawn on look. The eyebrows are pixelated (more obvious on brow shapes that aren’t thin.) All this is from inspecting in world. Of course Gogo looks great in her photos here as always. The mocha gift skin is starting to remind me of Moody’s the more I wear it.

      • Shuri

        i only tried the lightest tone and I wear a tattoo, so the horrible dark brows won’t stick out so much and this way I personally love the skin, because it’s fitting for fairies and more humanlooking dolls, but even if you hate it… to compare it with moody’s catastrophy is a bit mean don’t you think? xD

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