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Soren Jaakobs

Soren Jaakobs

Just in case I’m the only blog you read, mesh happened.

It has been blogged by a bunch of people so read about it on their blog.

If you don’t want to read through a bunch of info, let me just tell you what it is:

Mesh is just sculpts that can bend, stretch, and is more flexible than regular sculpties. Some of you may be able to see it, and some of you won’t. If you can’t render mesh properly, you’ll probably see a blob (your SL will suck a lot).

Mesh won’t fit everyone perfectly, so you’ll need to wear an alpha layer to make parts of your body invisible, or not buy the item at all if it doesn’t fit right. If you’re not impressed with the current mesh offerings right now, just know that it will get better as more designers release mesh goodies. That’s pretty much it, and since I’m not really knowledgeable about Mesh, don’t take my word for it, go try something!

Soren Jaakobs

Soren Jaakobs released these new Shuan’s Boonie Hat (they’re mesh!) — and they were a b***h to fit over prim hair. I think these will work better if you manage to find a nice boy cut or if you’re just wearing hair base. I cheated a bit in the picture above by Photoshopping the hair out. Ha!

What I’m Wearing:

Laqroki – Linnea (Fair) Light Brows – 01
Milana – Lena
Soren Jaakobs – Shuan’s Boonie Hat (Camo Commando)
BOOM – My Milkshake tied tank (Army)

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  1. Ziki Questi

    It will be interesting to see where things to with mesh clothing (and I was wondering when you were going to take the plunge), but it seems that a key issue is: if the clothing doesn’t fit, you can’t resize the clothes, but rather have to resize your avatar. I think that’s going to be a deal breaker for most people, but time will tell.

  2. Jennifer Corbeau

    Do you still haveta go to a MESH viewing sim to see it properly? Or does it work grid wide now? I have LL beta viewer *the newest..

    Its exciting how much MESH is gonna rock the fashion world in SL.
    Those using the 1.23 viewer still tho won’t. lmao

    Great post!! ~Jen

  3. Joema Engineer

    Woohoo I was waiting for you to show off a mesh item. Great explanation too. People like to make a big deal about it not fitting their shape or showing up in their viewer but your paragraph is all people need to know.

    • Skye

      I totally agree with you I thought I was going to hear so much whining haha. I’m glad she showed it off though because seriously…it can only get better! It’s a total new plaything and I think it’s fantastic hehe. Those hats look bananas. I haven’t been inworld to check any of mesh with school going on but lovely to see it :-).

      • Anahata

        “People like to make a big deal about it not fitting their shape or showing up in their viewer but your paragraph is all people need to know.”

        she did have to photoshop the hair though. i think mesh will find it’s niche in certain items but not with everything. it will be great for landowners who want to keep their prims down on decor etc. it looks great for furniture and little things. clothes and hair etc will take a while longer to catch on..

  4. Vaughan Vendetta

    Hey everyone, and thanks for the blog Gogo. 🙂

    If anyone has some better information here, feel free to correct…

    @ Ziki –

    If mesh is NOT rigged to the SL avatar (And is instead a standalone object in-world) then it CAN be resized and retextured like a normal prim if set to Mod. (These hats are fully resizeable.)

    However, once a mesh is rigged to an avatar (Such as a dress or jacket) it loses the ability to be scaled with the edit tools.

    @ Jennifer –

    You will need a mesh-enabled viewer to see any items uploaded as a mesh. As the weeks roll on, more and more viewers will be mesh-enabled including Firestorm. Just a matter of time!

    Mesh on…


    • Marianne Little

      I love designers who sell modify stuff. I like mesh too, Kirstens viewer works well with it. I hope Firestorm will catch up soon.

  5. dawnde lane

    i think people should head over to the “JANE” store and try out thier clothing (alll have demos) sit walk crouch and you will be amased at how mesh works,
    also which i find fun is going from really skinny to fat and seeing how the mesh changes! yes i get bored

    another store with a few mesh pieces is hucci, who has given out 2 free mesh items 🙂 in the subscribo

  6. Marianne Little

    I’m good at editing hair, so I should try that hat. What’s worse is that I don’t understand why it’s no modify. It should not need to be rigged? Head sizes in SL can vary from 35 and up to 60-70, that’s the sizes I have used on my avatars. I think the hat looks sliiiiiiiiightly too small on you, Gogo. Would it be impossible with a resizer in mesh? Even a resizer is better than nothing at all.

    • Gogo

      hi Marianne! This hat is mod! I’ve just never been good at wearing hats in SL, and I didn’t want to stretch the hat too much. I think that it’s already the perfect size, if only SL hairstyles were flatter on top. I usually stick to wearing hair that already has a hat attached.

      • Marianne Little

        Thanks! Yay for mod! My head is bigger than average females, so that was good to know.

  7. Alana Onyett

    This to me just about says it all. It’s way to early to go mesh crazy. It will be awhile, months at least, before the kinks get worked out. Besides, V3 is still beta, and Firestorm is too.

    • Marianne Little

      Kirstens viewer works well with mesh. I got several Jane skirts, as some other mentioned. I can not imagine wearing system skirts again. Some prim skirts was really well made, but the mesh maxi skirts look so much better. I am not mesh crazy yet… lol…. I think not? But I like the separates I got. I am not so crazy over the whole outfits, I need stuff I can mix’n match.

  8. Ziki Questi

    Ah, thanks for the clarification, Vaughan! Good to know. 🙂

  9. Darkley Aeon

    You should try booN for hat hairs, theres loads thats what I wear with hats so no editing 🙂

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