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Sticky Kiss

Sticky Kiss

I was on a tattoo binge last week, and stumbled upon Sticky Kiss. Even though I don’t know where I’ll ever wear these, I just love how realistic they looked, and these would probably make for some fabulous action (falling off my bike type) photos!

I picked up two Bloody Knee tattoos, a stitches and a band-aid for the face. These are rather tame compared to some of the other stuff available from this brand. There’s also bloody noses, some bruises, and a couple of other things an RP’er might like.

Check out Sticky Kiss!

What I’m Wearing:

Sticky Kiss – Bloody Band-Aid
Sticky Kiss – Bloody Knee
Sticky Kiss – Butterfly Stitches
Sticky Kiss – Bloody Knee Light
UBU – PornStar Lo-Tops
Exile – Esme (Roots) Stefani

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  1. Sassy

    Very cool, it’s great to see bloggers doing a few things more for RPers!

    Is bad that I think you look pretty awesome all scratched up?

  2. Ziki Questi

    Sticky Kiss also has great customer service. A while ago I purchased their Bloody Knee, and to my surprise a few weeks later I received Bloody Knee Version 2, with, um, improved drips. 😉

  3. Ziki Questi

    @Sassy she does look pretty awesome all scratched up! (Although she always does anyway!) 🙂

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