Buy me, cat lovers!

Update: SOLD! Kool-Aid (that was his original name) has a happy new home with Miss Ziki Questi! I am so happy he’s with her, and not some random person cos I’ve been reading her blog for quite some years, and I’m thrilled to see him go to a fellow blogger.


For Sale! One sweet Pink KittyCats. I am selling him cos I’m waiting to get a girl cat, but someone else might give this kitty a good home!


You can find JuicyBomb at Juice Berry. My friend Khea Karas is selling him on my behalf, so check him out!


This cat has been cuddled by me! The only cat to ever get a cuddle 😛

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  1. That cat is adoooooorrable! I have to ask though… which hairstyle is that? 😀

  2. awwww a kitty petted by gogo… the poor thing is gonna need therapy maybe????

    JK… cute pics i HOPE you find your girl… and who wouldn’t want a cat that was YOURS????

  3. Talk about an impulse buy. I can see the headlines now, “Ziki Questi purchases Gogo’s kitty and lets him starve to death.” … Time to go find out how to take care of this little guy.

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