True Blue

True Blue

I am wearing the Julesa Dress from Hucci that I’ve blogged before, but I really wanted wear it again, to show off this dress in a colorful Blue Print cos it’s so pretty and looks amazing. I’ve also been dying to wear these Edna Pumps from Nardcotix, and finally, I’ve found something with the same shade of Blue!! <3

Truth Hair

Truth – Agnes 3 | Agnes | Agnes 2

Truth has 3 new hairstyles, and I must say, these remind me of Barbie’s hair. All of my Barbie dolls growing up have had long Platinum Blonde hair, with perfect style. Agnes 1, 2, and 3, are similar with some differences if you look carefully.

What I’m Wearing:

Hucci – Julesa Dress (Blue Print)
Nardcotix – Edna Platform Pumps (Blue)

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  1. Go Gooooooooooo
    I have looked until im nuts for this blue dress at Hucci. I signed on the mesh viewer and i see the dress in solid colors, but no blue print. Helppppppppppppp lol

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