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Alice Project – Mesh Hair

Alice Project (Mesh Hair)

Alice Project released a few mesh hairstyles a few days ago, and they looked really nice on the vendor images so I immediately went to try them on. I decided to pick up this Amiya hairstyle in Blonde and to me, it looks amazing, but from the picture you can’t tell if it’s mesh hair or regular sculpted prim hair. The difference is not noticeable in still images, but you’ll see that the hair does not ‘sink’ into the chest when shifting poses.

Alice Project (Mesh Hair)

Each hair color (I bought the Blonde pack) is scripted to change 5 different colors, and also a choice of Non-Tipped, Black Tips, Dark Tips, Light Tips, and White Tips.

Alice Project (Mesh Hair)

As of right now, you cannot mod, resize, stretch, or edit mesh hair in any way but you can tint the whole thing (yayyyy). When trying on any mesh hair demo, if it does not fit you perfectly, either resize your head to fit OR don’t buy it. When I clicked on my hair to try and edit, there was a box around it and… well it doesn’t edit. LOL!! This hair fits me perfectly, so I took the plunge and purchased it, but a few of the other ones didn’t fit quite so well.

Alice Project (Mesh Hair)

Here’s a few images I took of the area on this hairstyle that bends and stretches, so you guys can kind of see mesh hair ‘in action’.

Curious about mesh hair? Visit Alice Project! The newest hairstyles are right at the front.

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  1. Irischka

    I have that hair too.. its awesome!

  2. Jewel

    I got that hair to. Its nice, but I wish they had a nicer blonde colour in it

  3. Sama Yalin

    Got that hair in brown and I’m loving it! Can’t wait to see more mesh hair hitting the grid, because I love long hairstyles.

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