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Mmmesh! You’ve probably heard all the buzz about mesh clothing being amazing, which it is pretty awesome —  yay it bends and stretches! But with mesh comes “sizes” for clothing, and one or a few size does not fit all. Gogo is a thin avatar (at least I thought so) until mesh clothing arrived on the grid, and now I’m curvy or plus, and I barely fit those!

I’m wearing the Hucci Julesa dress in Model size (M) but not with my regular shape. The Curvy (which is the biggest size) had too big boobs, so I wore the Model size, and even with alpha layer worn, I had to take my body fat, body width, and breasts size down quite a bit. If my avatar appears thinner than usual here, it’s because I am!

While I’m excited about mesh, I wish it would really “hug” our avatar’s bodies. I don’t mind tweaking my shape at all, but I just don’t like being less curvy than my normal shape.


Have you guys noticed that in certain poses, the mesh clothing item ‘breaks’? Hmmmm. I wonder if that’s just me, or that’s something that happens with all mesh clothing.

Have you tried mesh clothing? Do you like it?

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Pure (ltbrow)
Pink Fuel – Elly Sheer Balm (Nude)
Truth – Vanessa (Swedish)
Hucci – Julesa Dress (Black)
G-Field – Flower Pumps “Eve”
RezIpsa Loc – Raven Nails
Kunglers Extra – Perolas Necklace & Earrings (black & silver)
ORTA – Blake clutch in steel

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  1. Don Mill

    Whatever it is… you look splendid in that dress.

  2. elysium

    I am dealing with a similar issue right now as I work, with the mesh “breaking” like that at some joints when the bend is really tight… a LOT of testing and tweaking has to go into these items and I think it’s going to take a lot of practice for even the best designers to get it perfect.

  3. Serene Fairey

    I’ve noticed these issues too. Mesh is new and I guess the designers will get better at fixing this stuff with practice. 🙂

  4. eboni khan

    The arm doesn’t have an alpha or a glitch layer since we only have one avatar arm. Taking your arm muscle down slightly should remove any glitching. That mesh has the same weights as an avatar. It only breaks where poses break the avatar mesh normally. And lots of poses break the arms. You look great in black!!!

    • Marianne Little

      I got a tip about adding invisi prims on just the elbow. I have so many mechanical arms that solve it with invisiprims. It’s the same issue always, when you want to wear an assymetrical design on the torso. If I want just one cyborg arm, I can’t use alpha layers.

      I heard a rumor that invisiprims will not work more? I hope this isn’t true, just for that reason.

      But I will use a sculpted arm cuff from another set of clothing that’s copy/mod, and texture it black and attach it to the underarm. That way I can keep my torso muscles up at a level that I prefer. I had to go down to 25 before the arm mesh was hidden, and the naked arm was really a bit too thin… 30 in muscles is much better for me.

      You designers should think about that, it’s such a simple idea?

  5. Shiori Carter

    Mesh will be great once designers understand that most of use do not have anorexic figure.

    I really think they need to give the ability to resize, or else mesh will be remembered for making everyone a clone, at least from the neck down.

    So far all the mesh clothing i have tried is definitely straight to the trash due to figure limitations, so i really hope something is figured out.

  6. Archan Allen

    I did not notice issues yet, but I guess I did not try many pieces yet to say. I’m a fashion addict, but also a designer, and this mesh experience is making me cry, because I feel like I will have to learn mesh creation and learn 3D software … It is a pain, and I feel very bad, obliged to make mesh in the near future.

  7. Noelle Fox

    I think it needs time, lots of trial and error. Some time ago, Pixel Mode released as a suscriber gift a lovely black mesh dress called Sara, it was delivered in basic sizes and then re delivered with more variety – the thing is we dont like to spend thaaaat much time on fitting clothes, so for me mesh nowadays is a pain in the butt, although the pros of it are quite convincing. Time, and all our feedback as customers will help.

  8. Marianne Little

    I think it’s the rigging that causes it to break. I also can’t think that mesh will adapt to all possible poses.
    Average – yeah that. I had that problem with the Slink boots. The average boots had a much better form than the curvy ones. You solved it by posing so the side is shown. If you look at the boots over the knees, they go out into a “vase” shape (wider at the top) that I don’t think was attractive at all. I would prefer that a larger size was added, but the average boot shape kept. My leg muscle was 45 and the average was made for 40. I had to take in shoulders width and torso muscles, so my shape shouldn’t look too top heavy. I am 6’1 prim height and the height in Firestorm… I really will not be thinner than I am now.
    A “problem” is that it’s so many who hates hips out there, so a larger size only gives you bigger boobs, and you still have boy hips. Boy hips… ewww. I suppose there will be brands that designs for different body shapes, instead of designers trying to include all possible sizes for their clothing.

  9. Vianne

    What frustrates me is that your Av is rather thin (IMO) as it is, that you need to make her even thinner to fit into mesh just flat out pisses me off.
    Are meshers trying to create body image problems???

    I have an Av which is probably 1 dress size bigger than your typical one, Gogo, and she couldn’t remotely fit into ANY ‘large’ mesh dress from 3 stores. Very, very, annoyed!

  10. Irischka

    i never thought you are thin 🙂 but you are right..more curvy avatar will have problems with mesh. the designer have to provide 1. alpha layers and 2. more size options. JANE is a store with mesh clothing that has i think 4 sizes to choose from

  11. Ayami Imako

    Yep.. mesh is a typical LL deployment .. great idea, done badly. The funny thing is the technology is out there to make the meshes fit us, and its even been brought to LL’s attention but for now we are stuck with this kind of half arsed attempt. I won’t be buying any mesh clothing for the foreseeable future, though I have invested in a few mesh accessories. Boots from Slink, a few weapons, stuff like that. I LOVED that Hucci dress when it came out. She even sent out a free one in blue. But even with her multiple sizes (Which alot of mesh clothiers arn’t even offering) it just doesn’t fit right. I don’t see how its any better then prims/sculpties in that regard, and I’m not altering my shape or alpha masking myself.. I have no desire to give up the one thing in SL thats truly my own .. my shape.

  12. Starved MAGIC

    i only have the slink thigh boots in mesh…and i love them….i have a bigger avi and the middle size fit me good..

  13. naeyna

    As I wear a very very curvy and actually plus size avatar shape, mesh is going to suck for me if people are going to make clothing in sizes that only reflect the glamazon size of avatars in SL.. and I refuse to thin down my avatar just to wear anything made by it.

    I’ll happily learn to make my own clothing if I have to. Its bad enough being made to feel less than adequte in the RL by not being a size 0 or 2 I don’t need it in SL aswell :/

  14. Maya Southmoor

    There are quite a few issues still but its early days and the outfit still looks awesome!! 🙂

    I’m wondering would the issue still happen on a mesh avatar? Not that our shapes aren’t Mesh but currently to my knowledge the mesh items I’ve seen are rigged to the skeleton.

    just while on that mesh avatars are not able to change skins are they?

  15. Lee

    I am dying to try mesh after seeing a few pretty dresses (and of course those smokin Slink boots!) am not so keen on messing with my avi shape though, unless you can just make a *mesh* shape to use with all mesh clothing/boots that would work with all? if you are ‘curvy’ or ‘plus’ in mesh i dread to think what i’ll be with my hips! do they do a ‘Whoa mama’ size?

  16. Chanel Adored

    Im so not into Mesh, i refuse to buy any, and changing veiwers just to wear mesh is a whole new story! Why on earth did they bother to allow mesh, they could of spent all that time and energy on better graphics and lag issues.

    • Anahata

      i kind of agree. is mesh saving a whole bunch of prims or something? i have some prim shoes that look SO REAL its amazing compared to what we had a few years ago, how much better can mesh be for looks? is it supposed to make a top one peice instead of having to add prims? i dunno. 80% of the population look like they haven’t even discovered prims on the bottom of pants or on arms yet. they wear crap. i am not going to change my shape to some twig to fit things. i just quit smoking a few days ago so i feel like i may murder mesh at this point as i have to take out my anger on something that can’t have hurt feelings. lol.

  17. Nuria

    Hi all. In my opinion mesh is a great advance in SL and will be great to use for furniture, accessories, boots, complete or fantasy avatars, animals, and probably hair…but about clothes: not impossible but not so easy to fit as i thought. You just have to think about how many combinations of sizes may have our shape for chest, hip, butt, waist etc. (hundreds of possible combinations).
    Since mesh clothing is made rigged to a skeleton with specific measures and it’s no-modify in-world,the only way to fit PERFECTLY some kind of clothes (a very tight dress fo example) is to have a shape almost identical than the one used by the creator or provide the dress in a lot (i mean a lot) of sizes. Alpha layer is vital, but as well i checked myself that alpha layer may fit a bit different depending the shape. So, my opinion is that some kind of clothes will be needed in a lot of sizes, and even so, probably you will need modify a bit your shape for a perfect fit ( we know that we hate that…)
    Is simple, you just have to think what would happen if you buy a sculpted shirt or a dress no modify…Yes, mesh is rigged to the shape but can not expand in width. Anyway i’m talking about tight clothes. Some creators like Eboni are making wonderful things in mesh clothing:-)

  18. Hito

    Can mesh not be mod!? EVERYTHING I’ve bought so far has been “no modify”- and there are a few things that would fit me perfect if only I could stretch them just a bit. I know we can’t mod when it’s on but can’t we just rez it and then mod…? Even with me changing my shape there are still parts that are off- like with pants the alpha will be too high, or the legs too long- even with heels on. Or like with the free pants at slink the curvy version fits me perfect! perfect hips, butt, everything… however there is a patch of stomach sticking out! I love those pants but if only i could just stretch them to cover that patch or something.

    Anyway, I’m going to stop with the mesh clothes for now. I was wearing a mesh dress last night and was called a griefer because I was wearing a “mega prim”… Turns out they weren’t using a compatible viewer and saw my mesh dress as a huge prim! I was so embarrassed- the last thing I want to do is ruin someone else’s Second Life experience.

    • Chrystina Noel

      Mesh can be mod but it doesn’t matter in terms of rigged mesh clothing. Clothing that is rigged to the sl skeleton will snap back regardless of if you make it huge or tiny. Mesh that isn’t rigged can be resized but then it would be the same as wearing a sculpty, a static piece =/

  19. Minxie

    I do not plan to mess with mesh for a long while. My avie is *very* curvy for the SL standard and while I’ve finally gotten most sculpties to work I can’t even get the largest of meshes to even attempt to look decent. I *refuse* to mod me for clothes. They should be modded for me. 🙂

    • chillilly

      Amen to that.

  20. Ai Velde

    I don’t think I’ll buy much mesh clothing. Seems like a headache at this point in time. I do, however, think it’s excellent for boots as we saw with Slink, or dresses and skirts. But I’m more interested in mesh for decor and structuring. I think that’s where the most beautiful things will end up!

    • Ai Velde

      Oh, and inhuman things! Such as furry avatars or furry accessories. I’ve already seen a few non-human avatars made entirely with mesh and they are incredible!

  21. Eboni Khan

    Rigged meshes cannot be modified. They are rigged to the bones, the placement in the 3d program in relation to the avatar is the same in SL. Even if you rezzed a rigged mesh model, and stretched it, when you wear the model it will snap to the original location. There is nothing to modify on a rigged mesh. On a non rigged mesh you can stretch it like normal prims, but you have to watch the prim count which will increase as you make the item larger.

  22. Eboni Khan

    @ Chanel Adored Adding industry standard mesh support is part of a larger plan to lower lag, improve graphics and make Second Life more efficient long term. Meshes load faster and are less stress on computers than sculpts, which are a hack invented by a Linden to get meshes into Second Life before they could get to this point and fully have them. Mesh long term should all LL to cloud render SL to tablets and phones.

    • Marianne Little

      Yep… It could be possible to edit mesh, but LL took away that feature. It does not surpise me so much, LL does not understand the need to customize. They have used an avatar with only one arm template for how many years? *eyeroll* Two arms, so it was possible to wear an alpha or clothing layer for just one arm would have been great to have, but LL gets it? Nuuuu!
      If LL does not change anything, I am sure that designers will try to make the best out of it. I really like the thought of mesh coats and other clothing that does not need a tight fit. And long skirts, and pants… But system clothing won’t disappear, it will still have its place. I must say that this dress is really nice though 🙂

  23. Boo Eberhardt

    I’ve tried a couple of the mesh gifts and while i think the idea is great, it has a long way to go. I’m a performer in SL so a dress that moves with me rather than thru me is a dream come true, I’ve put a lot of time into my body shape, making one that is natural, curvy and proportionate. I opposed to changing it. I tried to make my body fat less in order to fit, but just didnt look like me anymore. Mesh needs to become mod if order for it to be the new way, because frankly, if i want clothes that don’t fit right…I’ll shop in RL lol

  24. Sabina Takakura

    I absolutely refuse to wear mesh.

    I spend my real life searching through racks to find the right size for me, I’ll be damned if I’m going to do the same in SL. You’d practically need a new shape with every outfit. Screw that. I like my avatar -exactly- the way it is. Curvy.

    • Elle Couerblanc

      I am so with you on this sister! Elle is a big booty girl and I am keeping her that way.

      • Sabina Takakura

        Big booty girls unite!

      • Marianne Little

        Lol, go to Pixel Dolls and try on their very, very beautifully textured mesh top. I am 6’1 prim height in SL, thin but with 10 body fat. Her smallest size of 4 was actually a bit big on me. The larger sizes will fit big booty like a dream. I can’t wait to see more mesh things from Pixel Dolls, it is the texturing that is really awesome in that brand.

  25. Tatum Lisle

    So much going around about mesh clothing and avatar sizing. I kind of wish the designers would just call their mesh sizes x, y and z or something similarly non value-laden.

    But you know what they say about black being slimming and it is certainly a very nice dress, so maybe just blame it on the optical illusion of wearing dark colours (and keep on pressing for fixes, as we all should since I’m convinced mesh has the potential to transform things for the better for we SL fashion lovers)

  26. Mairead Fitzgerald

    I love mesh! BUT.. and a big but… viability. I’ve always embraced SL’s newest technologies from new viewers to mesh enhancements, alas… this feeling is not shared grid wide. Until there is a universal browser, mesh will probably sit by the wayside.

    I enjoy wearing it, find most fits me quite well, but don’t care to be seen as a partial avatar visa vi the alpha layer required that most users will see instead of the mesh.

    Or have mesh enabled only parties so friends can wear and be seen! 🙂

  27. Sama Yalin

    On the whole I like mesh, but it has obvious flaws, as pointed out by many before me. For now I’m prepared to wait and see how this develops, but Linden Labs will have to expand the options of mesh to make it a true succes.

    I also wanted to add that people who think mesh will be a big thing in decor and stuff, might be very disappointed. The reason is Prim Equivalent (PE), that LL has invented. Basically they make this calculation to decide how many prims a mesh is worth. And the PE apparently goes through the roof rather quickly. Explained much better then I can, at the Heart Botanicals blog:

    • Joema Engineer

      That post is from July. It’s wrong now. You save prims converting to mesh.

  28. Dina Dynamite

    Would you walk into a RL shop and ask the designer to make a piece of clothing in your size because you are too large/too small and cant fit into it? No… they would laugh at you. While designers will always try to accommodate as shapes (more options means more customers to them), with the many hundreds of combinations, it is simple not possible to please everyone. There has to be some give and take by both designers and the consumer for mesh to be successful in Second Life.

    Overall mesh is very beneficial not just visually but also performance wise. A mesh is made of less than approximately 1/3 of tris, than an object of the same made with sculpty. Theoretically, this will improve SL immensely in terms of download times as the object’s polycount is much lower.

    Yes there are still many things to test and content creators are still learning. My hope will be that everyone will embrace mesh and give it a chance, instead of complaining, because they dont want to budge slightly from their “wonderful shape that has taken them X amount of years to develop” or take the time to update their viewers.

    In the end mesh WILL benefit the community and second life user experience as a whole in more ways than one…we all just need to give it a chance.

  29. Eversky Aeon

    There is a jira request for a parametric deformation feature for rigged mesh items, which would allow for some modification. Something worth checking out (and voting for, IMO):

  30. Snow Diavolo

    So the whole mesh thing got my curious and I downloaded the viewer to give it a try…I went looking for the dress from Hucci at the store and I just didn’t see it.

    Who else has put out mesh outfits? I want to give them a try and see how they fit on my semi curvy hips.

    Thanks- Snow

  31. KaylaVestion

    I spent quite a few years on another 3-d style chat world program (IMVU) and this is one of the biggest problems I have with mesh. (They don’t use anything else over there) All the avatars are the same size/height/weight/shape. They all have the same head/face etc. There is no individuality there, I sure hope mesh doesn’t kill it here on SL too. 🙁

  32. Kayla

    I have been on IMVU for 3 years and am thinking about coming to SL too. The avatars on IMVU are by default the same height, weight, head shape, etc. You can buy huge tall avatars or little midget ones or anything in between. There are thousands of different head shapes to choose from and hardly any of my friends look the same and the avatars that people have very from very skinny to just about overweight. I’ve seen it all. I’ve even seen anorexic avis. There is plenty of individuality on IMVU so yeah I just wanted to point that out. We use mesh over there too and it is really ugly when your clothes “break” but it doesn’t happen to me often. I hope to be coming over to SL soon because I love the idea of “inworld” and getting to actually walk around and shop with friends and stuff. Great blog too Gogo. It might be weird that I read it when I don’t even use SL but I’m really into fashion and virtual fashion too so this is right up my alley and the fashion is the main reason I will try to come over to SL lol.

  33. Lexis Beverly

    Is it just me or has this dress poofed from Hucci?? =(

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