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Do you like mesh hair?

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Mesh hair doesn’t sink into your shoulders
Mesh hair moves with you (Sort of..)


Mesh hair is NOT modifiable
Mesh hair has no movement (like flexi)

I can’t think of anything else to add to the list. Of the few mesh hairstyles that I’ve tried, I really think it is just “OK”. I kind of miss the flexi hair that swooshes around as you dance around in SL. Also, I don’t like that mesh hair seems like it’s ‘stuck’ to your body, can seem unnatural when you’re moving around in-world.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Ria Ledevre

    Hi! Firstly I love you blog 🙂 and secondly I’ve tried one mesh hair and I love it I’m just waiting on new styles I see the cons of it looking kind of unrealistic but I still like it cause I don’t really wear much flexi hair to start with! As you said though I would give it a “OK” also.

  2. Ryleigh Paige (Pakse)

    I’ve liked the mesh hair I’ve tried but as Ria said I’m waiting for more styles. Also mentioned is the no sinking into shoulders and movement. I’m still wondering if mesh/flexi is possible but I’m looking forward to seeing what can be done in mesh overall really.

  3. Ohna

    I am on the fence about it. It is cool that it doesn’t sink into your shoulders. I think I might like it, if most mesh styles were long.

  4. Mo

    No mod is not that big of a problem since mesh hair automatically adjusts the size to your head. Alice project makes hair made of 2 attachements: mesh + flexi bits. I love them.

    • Gogo

      That’s not really true though! I’ve tried on the Alice Project pony tail that didn’t fit me at all.

    • Tori

      Mesh doesn’t fit you, you fit it. Until they eventually change that you have to resize it to fit you (if it’s not rigged which kind of defeats the purpose of using mesh because the rigging is what makes you move with you) or resize yourself for it to fit. It’s the BIGGEST draw back of mesh thus far.

  5. Natali

    I voted yes. I really like the style from wasabi pills. In a way its not unlike some of the stiffer styles from Exile, only theres no stick out. Bonus! Mesh isnt here to take the place of all the other mediums. Sometimes it’s gonna be great and sometimes we might just be better off using the cube. But that’s why we have demos. I am all for options, and am looking forward to seeing what other creators can do with the medium.

  6. Cheyenne

    I havn’t tried any mesh hair styles yet. I’d love to try one out, do you or anyone else have any recs?

    By the way, I love you blog! Your my inspiration to starting my own blog. ^_^

  7. Anahata

    prim hair is finally starting to look absolutely lifelike, mesh seems to set the realism of hair back 4 years in my eyes. and it looks weird the way it sticks to your shoulders and bends like an elastic when you move. its just dull and lifeless. i will suffer with hair going into my chest until we get to the point where mesh hair looks as good as what im used to.

  8. Ayami Imako

    I think it highly depends on the style. For some its great, others.. not so much. I tried a bunch of the Alice Project hairs and most of them didn’t really do so hot for me. But I did end up buying one called Amiya that uses both mesh and flexy and I am quite fond of it. I think mesh is really good for super long styles because in the past the problem is they always repeatedly clipped through the body and looked kinda.. bleh.. for very long and very short (which don’t move much anyways) styles mesh I think is the way to go .. for mid length I think prim/sculpt still is the best choice.

  9. Maya Engineer

    They should perhaps create some hairs in small and large as they do with clothing. Hair is one of the best ways to use mesh. Sculpties have nothing that mesh doesn’t have. Not that mesh is needed for everything, like short styles. But for over the shoulder it is a huge improvement. Hair that was only for photos can be used on the dancefloor.

    Many popular hair shops including Truth and Exile use mainly sculpted hair with some flexi additions. The same can be done with mesh. Most of the hair featured on this blog won’t swing around as you move either and that doesn’t have anything to do with mesh.

  10. Aemeth

    I want the hair you’re wearing! What is it?

  11. Aemeth

    Oops I mean.. wrong entry 😀 I meant the one from the kittycat entry

  12. Abby Connor

    I think mesh + flexi prims could be a good way to go about it, and get rid of some of that “lifelessness.” I’ve actually stopped wearing longer hair because I don’t like the way it cuts through my avatar’s body when I move. Mesh hair seems to solve that problem, although fitting it to certain shapes may be an issue… long hair that is supposed to drape down the chest, for example, seems like it would need to be fitted for different bust sizes!

    As for it being non-modifiable, though, that is an unfortunate downside. Hopefully creators will make a lot of colors!

  13. Ai Velde

    When flexi was first released, it was crap. I think it’s the same with Mesh hair. Right now, it’s crap, but there are very talented creators trying to take the bull by the horns. And to release ‘OK’ mesh hair this early in the game is impressive to me. I didn’t expect the styles being released to look as nice as they do with Mesh being new to many of us. Many of us remember how crappy flexi hair was when it was first released, but it’s come a long way and evolved with the help of many talented creators. I feel Mesh hair will evolve the same way, as with all Mesh, and will end up being a viable, pretty option, though it don’t see it replacing sculpty/flexi hairstyles. It will just take time.

  14. Foxy Emor

    I would say that as the Flexi Hairs came out; we dont like it.
    In other point of view in couple of months or a year Mesh Hair would be better

  15. dawnde lane

    Im hoping that mens hair can be made in mesh, as it doesnt need to move as much as woman like theres to move ie its short and doesnt need flex (in some cases) 🙂 i think someone could fill a massive hole in the sl market and finally make decent male hair

  16. Sisch

    So far, I tried one mesh hairstyle – very long hair – and while it is true that it doesn’t stick into you, to me it looks dead, and a bit clunky. I’m also not a fan of no-mod stuff, I’m not going to change my avatar for wearing mesh clothes or hair. I’d rather wear prim hair at the moment, especially as that seems to be getting better and better now, regarding textures and secondary attachment points. But I do think mesh hair will get much better given time and more designers working on it, just like mesh clothing will get better.

  17. Shuri

    I cant use the meshviewers so i didnt try any mesh hair, but there is LOTS of sculpthair around, that doesnt move anyway and only looks good in pictures or with almost static aos. I guess meshhair is atleast better than that.

  18. Aiyana

    hi! ive seen some of your posts on mesh hair and would you mind listing some of the stores where mesh hair is now available..or maybe theres a list of the stores working with mesh right now ’cause id really love to try the mesh hair. most of the hairstyles ive seen here look great so far and id like to get a taste 🙂

  19. Meka

    So, I’m not sure if it’s been said, but I did go to Alice Project and tried on some mesh hair, I wasn’t really oober impressed. It does disappear into your body, just like sculpts if you have an ao that moves a considerable amount. Also, I didn’t like how some areas were rigged, it made a pair of pigtails I tried on just move and stretch oddly.

  20. Abby

    I’m a kid av, so I voted No. I have a size zero head and need modable hairs. I need to be able to shrink it or to move a piece or two away from my ears. Mesh can’t be a part of my SL World unless I play on my adult av. Which I never do.

  21. Beryl Landar

    I’m glad I read this before I purchased. It looks so pretty in pictures, but I like more natural looking movement.

  22. Carol

    Yes and No…
    I came to sl in 2008 and I always loved the hair Analog Dog made, very flexi and natural and it was really hard to open my eyes to other brands… I only started buying at truth because Analog Dog didn’t do hair frequently, during a certain period of time. I first started buying medium style hair at truth and loved the double attachment option, plus those flexi parts. Prim hair I only buy updo or short. I really wanted a long, straight hairtyle I saw in lamb, but it is impossible to wear! In fact, all long hair of lamb are only for photography. When long mesh hair was released, I was happy, I tried it and liked a bit, because I finally can wear that hairstyle without it sinking in my avis body. But the rubber effect is a bit strange, plastic, but it’s not bad. It’s ok. So, mesh is good only for some styles.

  23. Ivy

    It’s nice mesh hair moves with you but the drawback is that it looks like clay and elastic combined and it lends a very unnatural feel to my avatar. The fact mesh cannot be altered is a massive drawback and negative for me personally, it seems to be extremely limited. Flexi hair looks more realistic to me, and I don’t mind it moving like natural hair as opposed to plastic elastic/mesh hair. The sinking into my body that flexi does is not a huge issue to me, on some longer hair I hardly notice it and sinking can be non existent at times; I feel eventually that problem with flexi would be solved entirely – eventually. Perhaps a mix of flexy/mesh hair would be good too for those who like mesh and some natural movement but again even that has its limits. Sadly I think mesh is a pain because you have to change your avatar size to accommodate it, sometimes it rezzes strangely etc. – and I’m sorry I just don’t have that much time to fuss with my avatar, once I have the avatar where I want it, I rather enjoy the rest of SL.

  24. Holly

    Totally agree. Haven’t found anything yet where the textures look half realistic – but I also have the same opinion of most mesh clothing. Emperors new clothes syndrome I think sometimes with mesh.

  25. Channah

    I don’t like mesh hair it looks static and elastic and not vibrant at all.
    I feel fortunate to have some old hairstyles still which are non mesh.
    If mesh was only used for long hair parts (as an extra optional attachment) so it doesn’t poke through our shoulders as it used to be I’m happy but somehow everything has to be mesh lately eventhough it is not even pretty as with hair.
    It seems designers lost there eyes for what is becoming and not and just make (rigged) mesh because it is new and forget to think about a good combination or what looks good.
    The colors of mesh hair seems to be flat as well I saw how Truth did the new haircolors and this was a big signal to never go there anymore.
    Also as Ivy said it should not be needed to change our appearance to accommodate mesh.
    I don’t like that with fashion but that’s something I can live with changing my headshape though I will not do for any hairdo.
    I think our body settings are what makes us unique in Second Life.

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