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Let’s talk freckles! I’m not a huge fan of wearing lots of freckles in SL, but I do have quite a few in my inventory. I thought I would show you guys a lil’ bit of what’s available, if you like to wear freckles on your skin. Many skin designers have freckles drawn on the skin itself (or they include a freckles layer) — if your favorite skin doesn’t come with freckles, or too little/too much, you can wear as many of these freckles layers as you want to create a new mix.


What I’m Wearing:

1. Clean face (No Freckles)
2. chelle – Freckles Light
3. Tuli – Freckles Light
4. PXL – FullBody Freckles
5. Tres Blah – Freckles
6. Bella Di Notte – Freckles so subtle!

Some of these freckles tattoos are sold as part of a skin package, or as individual tattoo layers.

Where are your favorite places to get tattoo freckles?

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  1. Sileny Noel

    Love these choices! In addition to these great choices I would recommend people check out Miss Shippe’s Studio by Lillian Shippe, Idiosyncrasy by Ashia Tomsen (the freckle layers come with the skin fat packs only I *think*), Esk-Imo by Ziekling Bunnyhug, Mango, Mango! by Sileny Noel *cough* and Malvada Mujer by Faina Cortes as well.

    There are tons more great stores but I can’t even think this late at night. Thanks for posting this, I found some ones to check out. 😀

  2. Lauren Minuet

    I usually wear a freckle layer tattoo that was in a included in a skin from YourSkin & YourShape for The Dressing Room. They’re subtle while still being noticeable and work with most of the skins I wear.

  3. Shiori Carter

    boo 🙂
    My favorite freckles are from Mynerva 🙂
    I like the Tuli ones, i have had Tuli skins since before the big bang 🙂

  4. Mina Bergiere

    You might want to check Mynerva too, they have a very nice pack of freckles. ^^

  5. Vixxie Vultee

    my absolute favorites for freckles is l.fauna.. their serious freckles and extra freckles tattoos are awesome ❤ i use them all the time!

  6. Prosperitus Nakamura

    One author called Judy Blume wrote once a story about Freckle Juice, more freckles with each drink … disastrous results. So be carefull with those freckle layers. But sure is that when freckled good they add beauty to your skin. Gogo would be great to switch links from our blogs, yours is allready on. The blog is , my new project and the follow up from I Love Olive Hair :)) thx a lot.

  7. Alexxandra Sorbet

    I sent out freckles for free to my group like a week back. :d They were very appreciated. Seems like many people loves freckles.

  8. Shauna Lynagh

    I like very much the freckles from Mynerva too, and Boom has a Touched by Summer Cheek enhancements that is like some very soft freckles but only in the face.

  9. Servanya Gerstort

    I agree with Vixxie Vultee; the L.Fauna Serious Freckles are fantastic. They come in six shades: Pale1, Pale2, Tan1, Tan2, Dark1, and Dark2. I wear Pale1 with my milk/fair/light skin tones and they’re very subtle, but look great!

    I also love Esk-Imo’s freckles; the Blush/Freckles pack is adorably done. I switched to L.Fauna when I discovered them only because I wanted more than cheeks/nose alone.

  10. Beatrix

    I love the Tres Blah freckles. I also have a freckle layer from YS&YS (that came with a skin pack) that’s really nice and looks good on other skins.

  11. Nissa Nightfire

    I usually wear Stellar’s freckles if my skin doesn’t already have some included… and sometimes even I’ll add Stellar’s freckles on top if the skin’s are very subtle~

  12. Roenik Newell

    Thank you kindly for this article. I was able to find the freckles that suit me 🙂

  13. Jinger

    I have a skin from L. Fauna that has the Freckle option on the skin. I get many Comments on how realistic my skin is 🙂

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