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I love lipgloss


JesyLilo – LipGloss


I love tattoo makeup, but my favorite tattoos are lipstick and lipgloss. I can’t get enough of them, and I collect them from different brands so I have them in a bunch of different colors, and textures. These newest lip glosses JesyLilo are perfect for wearing over any skin, or pairing with another lipstick tattoos underneath to create an even more eye-popping look. Note that these lip glosses also includes blush on the same tattoo layer, and some people don’t like that but I love blush!


I’ve also been wearing these new Homicidal Lipstick tattoos from Pekka. This pack has 5 amazing lipstick colors that fits beautifully over my current favorite skin (Pink Fuel).  My only gripe is, I wish it didn’t have this mark on it….


I’m not sure what that is, but I would love these lipsticks without that thing ^!

Where are your favorite places to get lipstick/lipgloss and what skins do they work with?

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  1. Tori

    I don’t think it would look the same without the highlight. Might not look as glossy. I love the lipsticks, I ran and bought them. I have their Twin Fran make up. It’s pretty awesome and great for RP (smudged messed up make up and a clean version). These remind me of the free lippies that curio gave out a while ago but these fit my lips better. All in all <3 em.

    • Gogo

      Hey Tori! I like the glossy highlight, but the black marking underneath it is kind of “dark” like some weird lip tattoo sign.

  2. Vega

    I don’t buy anything from pekka since they came out with a “raped or clean” version of make-up. Very poor taste.

    • Gogo

      I personally don’t really care if someone wanted to role play brutality as long as it is all consensual IN SL and not breaking any SL ToS or RL laws. It may be in poor taste, but we have to remember that people who play SL are here because they want to, and one resident cannot force another resident to RP or wear things they do not like.

      • Kor

        I second that, Gogo!

      • Abby Connor

        Still, there are plenty of ways that product could have been advertised without straight-up calling it “RAPED.” It’s unfair to customers who are just there to shop for makeup to be blind-sided with potentially upsetting material. Obviously they’re not forced to buy it, but many people can be triggered by the word itself, by the combination of the girl in the image and the word, or just by the use of it in such an inappropriate context. I’ve never been to Pekka, but from what I understand, it’s not specifically a rape fetish store, so how would someone with triggers like that know to avoid it?

        Really, there’s just no reason why they couldn’t have called it the “messed up” version or something. A person who would be buying it for RP would buy it whether it was marked “raped” or not — it looks like messed up makeup either way. The only other reason I can think that they would label it like that would be for shock value, which is really just disgusting.

    • Tori

      I bought that make up, guess what? No one has ever said omg you got rape face make up on. They say I look like the joker (which is ok with me XD). So yea I seen this controversy and I still bought it anyway because I liked it. I don’t even RP rape. And guess what? Rape RP isn’t even about rape because it’s *drum roll* consensual. It’s about being free of societies sexual restraints on mostly women (if you like sex your a slut, especially if you sleep around and men are praised for doing the same thing). Being free to be a slut without being a slut. Honestly there’s a lot of gross stuff out there that I don’t like but unless it’s illegal (like actually raping or harming someone) then it’s to each is own. Funny people are still bitching about the make up but cum mouth lollipops and even her tats with the words “beat me” carved into the lips didn’t get as much flack. *shrugs* Don’t like, don’t buy it but honestly why even bitch about it? Your just giving it more attention and feeding it’s popularity.

      • Tori

        Also, I forgot what about stores that have graphically violent avi’s and make up layers? Like eyes ripped out, missing hearts, even visible spines cut out. Never hear “this is done in poor taste”…hmmm.

      • Abby Connor

        Sure, the makeup doesn’t look “raped.” It looks messed up. So there’s no reason why the creator should have called it “raped,” other than shock value.

        I’m glad that you are against the “slut” double standard. And rape RP is fine in private, or in designated dark RP settings. But the important thing about that kind of RP is that it is consensual, as you’ve said. People have to deliberately choose to engage in it. But what are the odds that the customer who happens upon this makeup is even looking for that kind of RP? What if they’re someone who has actually been raped, or maybe has a family member or friend who has been a victim?

        It’s fine to engage in rape RP on one’s own time, with a consenting partner. It’s not okay to flaunt it like that to the general public. Real rape is not a joke or something “cutesy.” Surely you can understand why someone would be upset to come across something like this unexpectedly?

        (Also, the “beat me” and “rape me” tattoos got flack in combination with the “raped” makeup, at least at the forum I frequent.)

        • Yoko

          I agree Abby. I know someone who has been raped. They didn’t really mind hearing the word if it was being used correctly, but it irked them if someone were to say, for example, “Man, I’m getting raped at this game!”. They don’t play Second Life, but if they did and stumbled either upon these comments or the actual item in-world, they would probably be pretty upset for a day or so. The creator really should have chosen a better name other than “Raped” for the messed up version of the makeup.

  3. Solandra

    i love my lipsticks from L.Fauna, nice and cheap, loovee it!!

  4. Minxie

    I find the first set of glosses to be a bit odd looking upon the highlight on the lip. It’s like a weird stripe down the lip on your first close up. I <3 me some makeup but that — eh. The lipsticks rock, though.

  5. Steph

    I love Sorry.Asias Lipgloss – adorable because it comes with the options of teeth included or no.

  6. Teresa Republic

    The best glossy lips I’ve seen aren’t tattoos unfortunately, they’re on the Kat skin from Apple May. If they came in a tattoo version I would die of happiness!

  7. Tatum Lisle

    To me, a key thing with the naming of the Pekka products mentioned here is the implication that there are two types of women in the world – those that are “clean” and those that get raped, and personally, I’m not about to give my L$ to any brand that would propagate such misogynistic nonsense, nor would I even indirectly condone it by promoting them (assuming an awareness of the situation).

    I do think it’s a little naive to say this is simply a matter of choice. In reality, a rape victim does not get a choice. The word rape by definition means “without consent”, so yes, we can RP sexual brutality or coercion (and in a consensual and appropriate setting, I’d say go for your life if that’s your thing), but there’s actually no such thing as consensual rape. In some cases there is no violent struggle, but the victim has made it clear the answer is NO. So, for my 2 cents worth, I believe that classifying (even by implication) women as either clean or raped/rapable is just plain irresponsible, because tragically there are still some for whom a woman fully in charge of her own sexuality and choosing what to do with it poses some kind of ego threat. It seems like Pekka may be willing to play a part in feeding such dangerous delusions (and incidentally, the Pekka main store is on a sim rated Moderate).

    • Starr

      Thank you, Abby and Tatum, for eloquently and conscientiously speaking up for an issue that few in SL see any value in any longer. While I don’t think there’s any legitimate argument that anyone could be ‘raped’ in Second Life, being a survivor of sexual exploitation (of whatever sort), and coming onto the grid only to be hijacked by reckless mockery of their trauma is extremely painful. These are people that suffer the consequences of their abuse for a lifetime. How easy is it to brush away the topic when we’re not in their shoes? I fully realize that some victims enjoy the fetish. I know the arguments. In my time as a psychiatric R.N. I unfortunately saw so many slit wrists, so many overdoses, multiple personalities, so very many addictions, and more destroyed lives than I’ll ever know, because someone was selfish and violent. The very least I can do is treat the victims, and their pain, with respect and dignity. I understand that no one is under any obligation to feel any compassion for anyone in that situation. I would just hope that they did, if for no one else’s sake, than their own. And yeah, the ‘over-sensitive rape victims’ should maybe just use the G-rated search, and the G-rated sims… just like she (or he) ‘shouldn’t have dressed so provocatively, or gone out to that club’. In case -that- was going to come up.

  8. ariadenise Bellic

    I beleive it looks like that to make it look lip glossy 🙂

  9. Isabelle Farleigh

    I am a newb at makeups really but the one I was recommended was [M.O.C.K.] She has really great stuff and I will not go a day with out wearing her makeup it fits me so well. She has demo of lip sizes and such. When joining the group she is constantly sending them new things either to try or she was just in a giving mood 😀 Take a look sometime 🙂

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