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Red Lipstick

Fishy Strawberry

Fishy Strawberry released this adorable Tunic dress last week, so it’s still newish but I’m sure you’ve seen it all over the blogs. It’s so adorable, although it doesn’t really work with long prim hair (cos of the large sculpted collar). I ps’d my hair out a bit in the photo above, but it’ll work perfectly with an updo or shorter hairstyle. I’m also not wearing any pants, cos well.. you guys can’t see the back anyways! It is a lil’ short, so I would recommend wearing some leggings or pants if you’re in public, or not 😀

I’ve been bored with my texture and prim teeth, so I asked my Plurk pals for some recommendations, and a bunch of people said to check out the OpenMouth addon from PXL. I purchased this off Marketplace and spent about 30 minutes adjusting the prims and fitting it to my avatar’s mouth for a “natural” look. I’m still not sure if I’m wearing it right, but I like it on me.

The notecard that came with the OpenMouth addon said that it would look horrible from the side, so this can only be worn in photos and not in-world. Actually, all prim teeth and texture teeth should never be worn in-world imo, cos they all look terrible from the side.

Prim-texture Teeth


What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Pure (ltbrow)
Pekka – HOMICIDAL Lipstick (Fear) NEW!
Truth – Bronte (Swedish) w/ Hair Flower NEW!
Fishy Strawberry – Tunic (Deep Navy) NEW!
PXL – OpenMouth addon

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  1. Ayami Imako

    I like Lelutka’s alpha open mouth and prim teeth add on. It uses an alpha layer to ‘hide’ part of your lips and a set of prim teeth (comes with one with and one without shadows) to create a parted lips look. It looks natural from MOST angles and can be worn pretty much all the time without making you look like a donkey or a gold fish.

    • Gogo

      I have Lelutkas! I am just going for a different look. Your donkey analogy made me laugh so much, cos that is exactly what it is like LOL

  2. 'Kota Buck

    I think Slink’s teeth are still my favourites.

    • Nina Morgen

      Indeed, Slink’s Teeth are the best in sl. I always wearing them on my mouth 🙂

  3. Serene Fairey

    Well I eventually adjusted the PXL teeth for a better fit but it look a lot of tweaking. I played a lot with the invisible prim to get it just outside of my lip, at just the right angle, but I had to be fussy. I like the idea of an alpha layer better but I think the PXL teeth were made before the alphas were available. 🙂

    • Marianne Little

      I edited off the invisiprim from my PXL prim teeth, and use a set of free alpha layers from Symphony Skins with them instead. Dollarbie or free in store.

  4. oxosimplyxamandaoxo magic

    I wear the teeth from Tuli and I like a lot of people have all different teeth from various designers and I just love Tuli’s teeth. I am a teen in SL and I wear them everyday. They are 0L and come with about 7 different variations.

  5. Cristabel

    I’m sorry for asking but what shape is that? xo

  6. nephania Rubanis

    i love my pxl prim teeth! i like the look it gives my avatar and i really don’t mind if my mouth looks terrible from the side. For texture teeth i’d say that i wear Tuli’s Parted Lips mostly! Various teeth styles to choose from!

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