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Zooby Mesh Cat Avatar

Zooby Mesh Cat Avatar

Zooby has just released their very first Mesh Avatar, and it is a cute lil’ cat! Each mesh cat avatar comes with a HUD to control eye colors, sounds, and movements. I wasn’t expecting this cat to be so realistic, but when I wore the avatar and the HUD, my avatar transformed into the most realistic cat I’ve seen in SL. The mesh sculpts combined with movements really made it come alive.

Zooby Mesh Cat Avatar

I’m particularly fond of this White Mesh Cat — but you can also get Ginger and Black color. The Black cat would be so perfect for upcoming Halloween, and it’s such a cutie!

Zooby Mesh Cat Avatar

The HUD lets you choose between 8 different movements — Nap, Clean, Walk, Run, Eat, Play, Sit, and Jump.

Since this is a cat avatar that you wear, you won’t be able to rez this or cuddle it yourself. This cat avatar is perfect for role-playing a cat or being someone else’s cat.

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Zooby’s Mesh White Avatar Cat
Zooby’s Mesh Black Avatar Cat
Zooby’s Mesh Ginger Avatar Cat

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  1. tenly

    omygosh I want to be the orange kitty!

  2. Lilo Blogger

    Omg looks so….alive

  3. Lili B.

    Being someone else’s cat sounds fun. :p The only thing that’s missing is for the HUD to interact with other avatars so they can pet you or pick you up and hug you. I had thought from watching the video that it could interact with other avatars, but it didn’t. I am enjoying just pouncing around, though.

  4. Eve

    the Linden cat avatar in the library is sooo ugly now lol

    i ❤ cat :p

  5. sofii

    yes cat cat

  6. sofii

    my cat biutiful

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