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Mmmmmm Slime flavored Bean 😛

I love Hot Pink lipstick, and the Slime colored bean looks really good with it, so I went with this flavor even though Slime is an icky flavor I hope to never taste.

I must say I love this Loose Pocket Tank (in Mint) from Beetlebones. This is the first mesh shirt that I’ve been able to wear the (S)mall size and it fits me perfectly (normally I have to wear Large). So yayyyy….. go Beetlebones, for having sizes that makes sense.

I’m pairing my shirt with some recently released Denim Capris from Zaara, and the Sloane Pumps in Teal from Mon Tissu.

What I’m Wearing:

Pink Fuel – Elly (Honey) Pure/nolash (ltbrow)
Elikatira – Garden (Blonde 05)
Beetlebones – Loose Pocket Tank Solid S (Mint)
Zaara – Denim Capris (White)
Mon Tissu – Sloane Pumps (Teal)
Ohmai Emporium – Every Flavored Bean (Slime)

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  1. good thing is that her stuff is mode … so even if its mesh one can rezz it and adjust it there and take it back to invent. more complicated as with sculpties, but at least something to make stuff fit.

    • This worked out great for the overalls from BB, I was able to rez them and detach the braces but I`m unable to resize them or anything else – I also have the BB mesh skirts – Am I missing something?

  2. OMG I think I’ll have to give into downloading a mesh viewer! xD That top is SOOOOOOO adorableeee! eek!! I haven’t had this reaction from pixel clothes in awhile xD ^.^

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